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Du Bois
Unit 19 is about teaching special groups. Specials groups are composed of beginners, children and business people. Each group have different reasons why they are taking English lessons. For example
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From this lesson I learned a bit about how to make a lesson more focused in regards to language skills being taught and practice. This will be helpful in creating lesson plans that focus not only on s
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The 4th unit is dedicated to the grammar topic "Present tenses". It contains general grammar rules and information about the usages of the tenses. In addition, the unit reports on the typical students
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This unit taught me about conditionals and reported speech and how to go about teaching them. Conditionals are sentences containing if or when which refer to past, present and future possibilities. Th
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V1 vs V2 Video 1 The teacher started the lesson with a discussion instead of an Engage activity. The teacher repeated the questions many times until the students understood. The students were confus
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Unit 1 gave me a good insight into the English Language teaching realm. I have come to learn the attributes of a good teacher and his/her roles in the classroom. The roles are quite a bunch and each r
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The two videos in Unit 10 reveal the difference a teacher's mood and attitude can make in conducting a class. In the first video, the teacher made no effort to engage with students, and displayed impa
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In this unit we can look at different ways of evaluating students' levels. There are a number of ways to assess a student's language level:tutorials, evaluation by the students, test. Tutorials can t
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Writing a plan helps the teacher keep on target and serves as a record of tasks. It is important to keep it simple, without scripting, maintain structure, but allow it flexibility. To prepare for the
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There are a wide range of tools that teachers can use to hold their students' attention and effectively teach their lessons. An important thing to consider when incorporating technology into a lesson
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Selecting vocabulary and grammar structures is important to ensure that not only the learning content is sufficient to a class but also students understand and perceive what they learn in an effective
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Elk Creek
Unit 20 is about how to approach the class on their first meeting. Also, teachers must take note of the problem situations and come up with a solution to avoid the problems. It discussed the reasons
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Elm Creek
Tenses Presents simple Form Affirmative: Subject+base form ( s-es) I go/it goes Negative: subject+do/does +not+base form I do not go/He does not go Question: Do/Does+subject+base form+? Do you go
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Unit 2 explains the parts of speech including nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds,pronouns, and prepositions. The sections on each part of speech cover usage, types, order and form.
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I found unit 9 Lesson Planning very manageable and easy to understand. The unit was actually quite interesting as I could visualise the classroom environment and imagine how I would apply some of the
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A short and sweet unit on the appropriate selection of vocabulary and delivery of grammatical structures in line with the ESA methodology. Each stage of the ESA process is given careful attention and
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A brief overview of this unit covers essential basic Grammar that is commonly taught in EFL, it covers the vast majority of grammatical issues faced as an English teacher of foreign students. it also
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The past tense in English is used to describe actions that have already happened. For the past simple tense, "-ed" is typically added to the base form of the verb, however there are various irregular
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There are many factors to take into account when managing a classroom. You have to think of the best way to set up a classroom (either in rows, circles or separate tables) and you have to think about
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This unit goes more into detail than any English grammar class I can remember taking in the past. As a native speaker I inherently know all of these tenses, but before this unit it would have been a v
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This unit mainly introduces the following things: 1. Qualities of a good teacher such as being patient, entertaining, be knowledgable with the subject, etc. 2. Different roles a teacher could play d
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In this unit, I learnt some basic problems and their solutions that is commonly found in an ESl class. This is of high value to to a starting teaching because of the high level of challenges in this f
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This unit covered types of materials that teachers can use to aid their class, including authentic materials like magazines, recordings and other documents and created materials like worksheets and co
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Evaluations are numerous and can help teachers identify a students proficiency level, areas of learning to stress, motivation for learning, and to prepare materials before, during, or after classes. S
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In this unit, I have learnt that what ever the level of the class, there are four things students need to do when learning a new language that is to be expose to it, understand its meaning, how it is
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This unit reflects everything that we know about grammar, it was like I went back five years ago when I was at school learning all of this but slowly through the years and now all of those years was j
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This uni shows two videos of the same lesson being taught twice in very different ways. The first lesson did not work out well mainly due to teacher's teaching methods, attitude etc, whereas the seco
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Falls City
The most common EFL methodologies are: 1.Grammar-translation. The basic principle of this system is learning about a language through finding equivalent in the students’ language and the foreign la
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Unit 19 covers methods and suggestions for teaching special groups. The text covers ways to work with individuals alone; with children; with business in English students and with multilingual students
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Having gone through this unit,I'm able learn and equally refresh my memory on the different parts of speech and how these could be used in a sentence. I equally noticed the complexities involved in so
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This unit has been the most interesting to me so far. I came into this worried about how difficult creating lesson plans would be, and learning such solid methods for creating lessons complete with nu
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This unit was on the different types of assessments a teacher can use throughout a school year, or lesson. There were three main types I learned about, tutorials, evaluations and tests. Within the tes
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Unit 12 was all about teaching the productive skills of speaking and writing. As with earlier units in this course, began by presenting the importance and purpose of this topic. It went on to differ
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Fort Calhoun
The unit covered the varying qualities found in impactful teachers. With this unit I was able to understand the various roles a teacher may fulfill within a classroom setting at different times. I was
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There are many elements to consider in managing a classroom. Eye contact shows confidence and helps maintain discipline, but should be used at appropriate times. A teacher's voice can grab attention w
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In this leson I learned about different types of students who might attend lessons and what might make them motivated to learn English. I also learned how some of these students might have low motivat
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This unit mainly discussed how to teach a new language, including vocabulary, grammar, and functions. We teaching vocabulary, we need to know how to select vocabulary, what students need to know abou
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There are four types of present tense: Present simple, present perfect, present continuous, and present perfect continuous. Present simple uses the base verb. With present perfect the verb usually end
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This section was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be when I first started. I found myself second guessing my answers numerous times. I watched several different videos on the subject an
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This unit allowed me to understand the meaning of receptive skills and how important these skills are. There are two reasons for reading and listening: for a purpose and for entertainment. I also lear
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I really enjoyed unit 19 teaching special groups. As I went through the unit I could visualise myself in a classroom environment and the possible steps I would take in different respective situations.
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This is a very interesting Unit because gave me Knowledge concerning the different methodologies used to teach english and which methodology is the best. I have concluded that sometimes all depends o
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The unit talks about the teacher's world of creativity. But, unfortunately, we are rapidly shifting towards the smart phones, tablets and computers. The technology has been very useful when it comes t
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In this unit , i have learnt about books and materials to be used in class. materials can be divided into two groups which authentic materials and created materials. Authentic materials are more usefu
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Modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice are difficult to teach students. One effective way to ensure your students learn them is by incorporating them into your conversations with students so that th
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In unit 1 I learned: what qualities make a good teacher and learner, the roles of a teacher, the different cultural considerations to take into account when creating rapport with learners, the differe
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This unit taught about several things to consider when teaching new English learners. I was particularly interested in learning about how to teach children who are beginners. These lessons need to be
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There are many moving parts within a sentence structure. Nouns use people, places, things, and states of being as tangible or intangible subjects. They can be countable (child), which use articles a/a
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Course material is important for an ESL classroom, however, course books can be limiting. These books may be designed in a way that doesn't fit the needs and levels of the students in a teacher's clas
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An overview of this unit elaborates on conditionals which are sentences containing"if" and "when" which refer to past, present and future possibilities. the five main conditionals treated in this unit
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