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I liked seeing a visual demonstration of what might happen in two scenarios. Clearly the second lesson was clearer and more engaging for the students and I found it helpful to witness what a teacher
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Three Rivers
This Unit has has given me a good opportunity to understand the theories, methods and techniques regarding ELT/TEFL/TESOL. In particular, the main various methodologies around EFL teaching and the imp
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Unit three was very informative it touched on a broad range of subjects such as teaching methods, theories and techniques used in teaching english as a foreign language. I especially enjoyed the metho
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In this unit I learned about the different teaching methods and techniques. I found the E section on ESA the most interesting as I learned many different ways of engaging students prior to the activit
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This unit was laid out in a very logical and helpful manner. I especially liked the example of the lesson plan, and how it was laid out and the example sheets of different activities for the students.
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This unit treats the system and the structure of the past tense. It looks at the foorms, usages, common mistakes and errors, sample activate teaching ideas of the past simple, past continuous,past per
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Todd Mission
Watching these two videos gave me the exact understanding of how the good lesson should be done and what kind of mistakes and errors should be avoided. In the firs lesson the attitude of teacher was n
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I believe that this unit dealt with important factors of teaching a foreign language. Indeed, the teacher must be ablo to assume a particular role depending on the activity, students' needs, etc. It i
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Tom Bean
The content of this unit is focused on teaching receptive skills and the importances of reading AND listening. I have been given a better understanding for using predictive skills, skimming and scanni
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As a teacher, I would need to be able to classify and distinguish the different levels of students. In every level, students can be further categorised into more specific level types which could affec
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This unit encapsulates the hard-knock lesson I learned in my first year of English teaching: Don’t tie yourself to the course materials. Starting the year prepared to adapt, supplement, replace and
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This unit provides an extensive list of equipment & teaching aids and the most common/practical uses for each in the classroom. The list of textbooks and websites provided really made me aware of just
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I learned the framework on how to teach a class of any degree of fluency and how to best suit the level of fluency. I learned that it is important to encourage self correction and peer correction with
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Obviously lesson planning is critical as an aid to planning and as use as a working document.It's also a valuable record that teachers can use, modify and improve in the future if need be.It's critica
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Unit 9 discusses lesson planning and the importance for a teacher to implement a lesson plan. A lesson plan aids in organization for the teacher. It acts as a source of records and keeps the teacher o
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The final unit of grammar instruction covered modal auxiliary verbs, the active and passive voice, relative clauses, as well as phrasal verbs. I learned about the basic rules for modals, as well as ho
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Trophy Club
Unit 5 discusses classroom management. A teacher must know when to be firm, and when to leave the students alone. The teacher must be flexible and change his/her role according to the activity and sit
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There are a wide range of ages and types of students that learn English as a second or foreign language. They have different needs and will also learn differently. Beginners need a lot more guidance,
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Within Unit 15, tests and evaluations are discussed. Tests provide the teacher with insight into many different aspects of a student. Tests can be used in the prior to the class starting and throughou
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In this unit I learnt about present tenses. That there are four different aspects of the present tense. This being the present simple, the present continuous, the present perfect and the present perfe
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Unit 18 covered Modals, Phrasal verbs and nouns. The unit explained the basic rules of modal auxiliary verbs which I mostly already understood but then the unit also went into the correct usage of th
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In this chapter, i learnt that intonation plays an important role besides pronunciation. Intonation of certain word such as 'Yes' will have different meaning when a listener listen to it. Intonation b
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From this unit I learned that there are particular qualities that both good students and teachers have. I also learned that there are many types of teaching roles that are each useful in their own rig
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The comparative videos provide the viewer an opportunity to take notes of classroom do's and don'ts. For example, in the first video the new vocabulary of "necessary", "acceptable" and "possible" were
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While studying this unit, I cleared up a misconception that I had about what “past participle” refers to. I thought it was merely the “d” or “ed” added to the base form of the verb. Now I
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When teaching vocabulary and grammar it is important to have in mind different aspects: content, level, relevance. It is easy to overcharge students to tond on words they may not need at this stage or
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This unit covers the modal and phrasal verbs as well as the passive voice. The modal verbs alone provide many opportunities for ELLs to learn and practice the subtleties of the English language (for e
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Union Grove
the different stages of tests make sense to me, it will give you as a teacher a sense of how well each student is coping and what they are retaining in your class, it will help you as a teacher see wh
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Union Hill
Yet another great unit that provided me with a really good understanding of importance using appropriate course books and lesson materials. I found learning about the differentiation between authentic
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Union Ridge
For this unit, I learned the importance of a lesson plan and the components for each one. Teachers plan their lessons in order to have some idea of what the class will look like. Each lesson plan, esp
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Union Valley
This was a hard one. We've been taught these things a while ago and I've been trusting my language ear to tell me how things are meant to be written down. Reading books definitely makes it easier to t
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Universal City
So often, native English speakers take grammar rules for granted. We speak properly because it "sounds" or "feels" correct. This unit takes the time to break down the present tense and refreshes my
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University Park
The evaluation is big process of teaching and assessing your student`s knowledge. Only teacher will decide what kind of evaluation methods to choose. But in the begining of the course you have to do d
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This unit explains the 4 different grammatical variations used to describe present/ongoing actions. As a native speaker the use of such language is something you never consciously think about, so it w
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Although a foreign student who just began learning English does not fully adapted the intonation; if the student already memorized and familiar with the dictionary pronunciation, then it is a matter o
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Valley Mills
Emerging technology has given rise to opportunities that take teaching beyond the usual traditional chalk-board setting. These teaching equipment can be used to gain more attention from the students,
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Valley View
This unit described the equipment and teaching aids that can be used in the classroom. While the discussion on using a white/blackboard, overhead projector, visual aids, etc was useful, some of the in
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I found this unit quite useful in giving ideas for how technology can be utilized in a classroom. Many of the ideas and different types of technology that can be used, and the ways they can be used ha
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Van Alstyne
This was the final grammar unit and discussed modals, phrasal verbs, relative clauses, and passive voice. Modals are used to express obligation, possibility/probability, permission/prohibition, abilit
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Van Horn
This Past Tenses Unit reinforced my existing knowledge of the system and structure of past tenses. As a result of studying this Unit, I have been able to refresh my understanding the usages of the va
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Unit 6 focused on the following different past tenses: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. The past simple consists of regular verbs with "ed" or "d" attached to t
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The Unit has brief about all forms of Present Tense. Simple Present - mainly used for stating habits, Routines, instructions etc. Present Continuous - mainly used Actions happening around the same tim
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The next lesson in the series is about tenses in English language. It is dedicated to the future tenses. It is considered that this is one of the most complex areas in English. So it is most extensive
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Once again, tenses are complicated! I think the most confusing thing is how to differentiate between the types. It was good think about again all the different exceptions as well, so as to be able t
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This unit I learned many things such as different teachers, class management, important of eye contact,using gestures during class time and teaching in the classroom instead of talking ,grouping stude
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Virginia City
In this unit, I learned the different theories, styles, and methods of teaching. Each way of teaching has its own strengths, weaknesses, as well as which student level it is most suitable for. An impo
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Von Ormy
This unit focuses on the productive skills of speaking and writing. I learned that in the TEFL world, the skill of writing is most neglected. I also learned about the difference between accuracy and f
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This unit was about two video lessons. The first one was about what teachers should avoid in order to accomplish a good lesson. It showed that the teacher’s attitude has a great impact on how the st
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This unit used two content examples (vocabulary & grammatical structures) to help demonstrate how the Engage, Study, and Activate phases would adapt to the different needs of the content. While there
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Wake Village
This Unit on the Lesson Planning was indeed extremely pertinent to me to effectively delivering a lesson or a series of lessons. I have learnt what the key functions of lesson planning are, and how a
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