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This unit finalizes the English tense system with the future tense which has the most complex English language areas. I studied the most seven common future tenses. The future simple, the future conti
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As a native English speaker, it has been a long time since I have given such thought to the intricacies of verb tense usage and how it affects sentence structure and word choice. I really needed to p
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Walnut Springs
Unit 7 on 'teaching new language' gave me a good insight to how go about teaching vocabulary, grammar and functions (VGF as I might call them here in shorthand) using the ESA model. It was especially
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Warren City
I believe the following quote from Unit 7 exquisitely summarizes the unit’s learning objective. “…there are four things that students need to do with new language; be exposed to it, understand
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Unit 5 was all about how to manage a classroom in the most beneficial way for your students. This unit taught me what not to do when it comes to how to treat students as well as teaching me how to bui
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Unit 3 covers methodology, mistakes, and feedback. First, the unit goes through the types of methodologies. Many people have differing opinions about which methodology is best. A good method to use, e
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The Engage-Study-Activate technique is really the best way to teach English, but may need to change up the lesson so that the students will not predicate the class flow. So you may Engage then do an
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In this unit ,we mainly talked about pronunciation,and I learned how to deal with the STRESS,RHYTHEM and INTONATION.Intonation carries the message in a sentence,and it is particularly important in que
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This topic focused on what materials should be used in a lesson and how coursebooks should be used. I feel like this unit has taught me the difference between created materials and authentic material,
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From third Unit I've found out about different teaching methods, their advantages and disadvantages as well as more appropriate methodologies in certain situations. I've learned about Jeremy Harmer's
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The first unit of the course was a description of what makes a good teacher and learner, the differing types/knowledge levels of learners, the challenges/benefits that each learner type/group poses, a
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This unit taught me that there are five main conditionals. Zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals. Each of them with their own forms and specific usages. For example, the first conditional
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I have learned what is present tense with some usages, how to teach present tense with some activate stage teaching ideas and what the typical student's errors are. There are 4 kinds of present tense
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UNIT 5 discusses various techniques, “do’s” and “don’ts” of classroom management. The importance of allowing the students talk time -time to experiment, practice and correct each other- is
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This unit based on evaluation and testing discussed the importance of testing our students' knowledge of English. Before reading this unit, I never thought of a tutorial as a means of evaluating an in
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This last unit is about different problems that a teacher can be faced with. The first lesson could be a problem, how to break the ice? Using a questionnaire, survey or doing a game as "pass the ball
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This unit gives a clear idea on all the different contexts and class types teachers my encounter. As a teacher, I believe all courses have their pros and cons, and it is important to be ready. But I a
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West Columbia
In this unit I learned that teachers tend to overlook pronunciation because it can be intimidating to both the teacher and the student. I learned that phonology is the study, science, analysis, and cl
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West Lake Hills
Unit 4 talks about present tenses and its four parts which are present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. I learned that in each part it has different usages.
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West Mountain
The idea of tests and assignments as a student is dreadful, but as a teacher, there are many options of what to teach and how to evaluate the students. Making small tests in between activities to eval
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West Orange
I believe a better title for Unit 20 instead of “Troubleshooting” would be “First Day Strategies” (or “Survival” for those of a pessimistic nature)! It was refreshing for me to learn that
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West Tawakoni
This unit focused on course books and lesson materials that teacher should and should not use in the classroom. Some of the disadvantages for using course book lessons all the time in the classroom is
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West University Place
Unit XI talks about receptive skills - reading and listening. In this lesson I learned about the importance of reading and listening. On how to built the students confidence with receptive skills, jus
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This unit talks about future tenses. The future simple which is used for spontaneous decisions, prediction, future facts or promises and threats. "The going to " tense is similar to the future simple
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There are different ways for evaluating students levels and progress. The most productive way to assess all this is test , as its important to give students tests at different stages of the course to
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Weston Lakes
This unit has helped me lock down key points to understand when teaching the future tenses. Very similar to present tenses, this unit has helped me gain knowledge in good and effective ways to teach t
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Westover Hills
From my perspective, I have been able to review grammar and parts of speech in the English language. The parts presented for learning in this Unit 2 are many. First, these include types of nouns such
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Westworth Village
I learnt some very important concepts in this Unit. For example, although I understand Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing constitute four key skills or components in any language, I was hardly e
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This unit is all about course book and lesson materials to be used by teachers of the English language. With regards to books and materials, there are authenic(just about anything a native speaker wou
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In this unit I learned about two of the four basic skills of language: reading and listening. All four are equally important. I believe that listening to a new language is something that many students
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White Deer
In this unit I've learned the future tenses and it is intense. get it? Lol, sorry about that moving on... "going to future" is a new one cause this is my first time learning of it and its pretty simpl
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White Oak
This unit talked about the difference between types of course materials that can be used to teach English during an ESL lesson; That is, namely, the difference between authentic and course materials.
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White Settlement
Speaking and writing are important productive skills in learning a language. They are important in teaching accuracy and fluency. It is important to not only teach the two skills but also to give the
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From this unit they told about grammar especially nouns,adjectives,articles, type of verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, and prepositions or conjunctions. And from this unit I learned more details abou
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In this section it was actually very nice hearing that what I have been doing in classrooms has been correct. Especially the part about desk arrangement as I often put students in a horseshoe shape wh
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In this unit, I learnt so many techniques how to start a lesson and how to engage my students in the class. It is very helpful to know some games or activity that will catch their attention and they d
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Unit Five was an introduction to the practice of classroom management. It covered personal tips for the teacher – like using voice, gesture, and eye contact – for the best impact. It also focuse
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The Unit explains different types of Future tenses along with similar connotation present tenses. The overall unit includes Form, Usage, common errors and teaching ideas for each type. 1. Future simpl
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I learned that your attitude can heavily affect the energy of your students. If you are dull and do not give them credit for the things they do right then they might be demotivated and reluctant to pa
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Wichita Falls
Evaluating students is important to both the students and the teachers. It is important in indicating to the teachers what level the students are on, what they have retained, what they know or don’t
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I learned that this unit is extremely difficult to understand so as a teacher, it is imperative that one understands the differences of the Tense System. I learned that with some parts of this unit th
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Present Tenses English has twelve verb tenses. There are three times: past, present, and future. Each of these times has four aspects: simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. -Present Si
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Willow Park
This unit has helped me dig deeper into the different teaching techniques that I have available to me as well as given me a better understanding of what each one is, how its used, what kind of student
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Wills Point
tenses can be very confusing, i feel i have better understanding of the tenses, with some extra research i had done i feel more confident in understanding how each tense is used and why it is used tha
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I have put words to what I knew before, which is unconsciously how hard or easy it is to teach English to students of different levels. I found validation in some things I do, such as thinking of appr
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From Unit 9 I've learned the importance of making English plan, especially for teachers with no or small experience in teaching, what information should be (though it's not a strict must-have rule) pr
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Course books offer a balanced program that cover all four skills equally and are obviously a valuable tool for teachers. Many good course books also provide activities to engage students, study then p
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The third unit of this course revolves around the teaching theory, methodologies, concepts, and lesson structures. The unit begins by discussing various teaching theories such as Grammar-Translation b
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From this lesson I learned about materials can be divided into 2 groups:authentic materials and created materials.When students used authentic material,they will gain confidence and interesting and mo
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This unit introduces how to go about teaching the extensive area of pronunciation - intonation, rhythm and stress. As a native speaker, the comparison between the alphabetic and phonemic spelling real
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