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I have learned the different types of past tense verbs and their appropriate usage. Knowing the difference is very important in speaking coherently and being able to be understood by other English spe
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Surely, lesson planing can or should change according to the level of students topic. But this class taught me how ESA can be implied to the class, and how it can be be divided according to the time o
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Aside from the content, I believe classroom management is the most important thing to have down in a classroom. If there is no established structure to the classroom, there are no expectations. When t
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After reading through this unit, I feel I have learned a lot. I was unaware of the ranges of different learning. I also learned there are different ways to to teach in order accommodate the specific s
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This unit I learned about lesson planning and how to use it. The main point is that lesson planning is an extremely helpful tool to the teacher but must not be overused, as overuse can cause inflexibi
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Mount Hood
The unit of Parts of Speech is a simple yet confusing topic as it contains some unwritten rules and some parts may be in contradiction with the students native language, for example, the past tense fe
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Mount Vernon
This unit discusses lesson planning. It discuss some very good reasons to make a lesson plan such as a way of keeping records of what you have covered as a teacher and allowing a teacher to instruct a
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Mountain Air Park
Unit 14 is about lesson ,courses and materials .As an online teacher for 6 years now ,having course books are my oxygen to give life to my class.Its showing organized class flow and saves my time
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Mountain View
A brief overview of the content of this unit: This unit is about the characteristics if a good teacher and good students; the different roles that a teacher plays in class; and what informs the chara
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This unit covered coursebooks and unit materials. This really opened my eyes to the fact that there is not just one right way to teach. Some teachers use a textbook religiously and others rarely use t
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Mt. Angel
For me, unit 13 was the most challenging unit so far in the course. The unit covers the teaching of pronunciation and phonology. It included work on intonation, word stress and the phonemic symbols. I
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I have learned that teaching English as a second language is a very important endeavor because of the cultural significance it has on not only students, but also teachers. A student choosing to learn
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This unit has taught me that teachers can play many roles in the classroom. These roles are instrumental in the teaching and learning process, and a good teacher knows when to utilize each role. Teac
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This unit was informative in explaining the different types of available teaching material, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. I've learned the difference between authentic and creat
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As we can understand from the name, a past tense verb is used to indicate an action, event or condition that has happened in the past. Each tense has four aspects that talks about the completion of th
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Myrtle Creek
In my opinion, speaking and writing are the most challenging tasks for ESL students. In some cultures, speaking in front of the audience is not considered an effective way of teaching, therefore some
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Myrtle Point
Unit fourteen covers the topic of Coursebooks and lesson material. In this unit we are presented with the different material we may use in our classes, whether it is a coursebook or our own material.
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This unit covers examination strategies and the recognized certificates of ESL around the world. It describes the functions of different test types and the frequency in which to use them. In my experi
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Beside repeating English knowledge, it is also important how to be a teacher. This unit clarified a lot of things how to manage and control class. It mostly explained, while teacher is important for c
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Navy Heights
Evaluating and testing learners is very important in the journey of learning English. Firstly, a learner is subjected to a placement test which determines his level of language. Usually, during the st
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Neahkahnie Beach
I liked this lesson and learning about the various theories and methods of teaching. The section on correcting and how to do it appropriately was insightful and provided a solid framework for approach
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This unit goes over the basic definitions of teachers and learners. I learned what makes a good teacher, i.e. being good at error correction and establishing rapport. There are many different roles th
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Nedonna Beach
Unit 8 deals with the future tenses. The future tense has more than 4 aspects. Not only the future simple, future continuous, future perfect and future perfect continuous are used to talk about future
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This unit covers the productive skills; speaking and writing. The most important element of this unit is the separation of fluency and accuracy. For speaking exercises, it is important to emphasize ac
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i've loved this lesson since the beginning. I've been going through my past and my lessons in school to remember how all this hints and theories worked for me. I think that, due to my personality i wo
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In this unit, I learned a lot about teaching methods. A lesson can be basically divided into three parts: engage, study and activation. Each part has specific implementation content, and each part has
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Nesika Beach
This unit was quite challenging to understand the differences between the uses of the different present forms, mainly present perfect and present perfect continuous. I feel I am still grasping the con
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I have learnt from this first unit the importance of my own personality and my motivations to become a good teacher. Students will learn faster and better if the person teaching them is kind, interest
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Managin classes presents the biggest challenge for myself, althought it is interesting and pretty much feels organic in paper I know it will take time for me to embrace all of this methods, I can tell
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New Bridge
This unit was very beneficial. I must admit I will need to revisit to often to fully understand all the rules of past simple, past continious , past perfect and past perfect continuous. Present tense
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New Era
This unit covers the qualities, roles, and responsibilities of both the teacher and the student. Though i'm familiar with most of the information in this chapter, i was especially intrigued with the l
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New Hope
As I was reading the different roles of a teacher I realized that I hadn´t done a bad job as a teacher. However, I think is very important to keep all those roles checked out every now and then in ca
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New Pine Creek
This unit talked a lot about discipline and the importance of establishing rapport amongst one's students. Personally, when I was a language student, I always despised group/partner work, finding that
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New Princeton
This unit discussed phonetics and phonology. A very large amount of material was introduced. Intonation, articulate, accent in words were all discussed. The international phonemic alphabet was taught
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Planning a sequence of lessons is more or less the same as planning for a single lesson, but there are a number of special issues to consider: -Flexibility: must be flexible in our approach and not ju
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I have learned to appreciate course books a little more. I hesitate to use them because it does seem boring, but there is purpose. When used correctly, they are a great tool. Course books are not mean
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Newport Heights
I found this section useful and felt it provided some valid information that has direct use in the classroom. I agree word origin is not found in most dictionaries but it is in the good ones like the
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This unit was informative in showing the different types of tests and the reasons behind them. I've learned about how to access students' language levels. I can have tutorials, students' evaluation, a
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I learned the three major key in teaching writing. Handwriting, spelling and punctuation. Of course when it comes to learning, there will always be room for improvement and constructive critique. I al
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This unit went over the receptive skills of reading and listening. It talked about the different motives you can have for these. And it talked about the different ways we read and listen. I learned th
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this unit gives a broad yet concise overview of expectations from both teachers and learners regarding learning English as a second language. Perhaps there is a bit too much detail in the roles teac
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In this unit I discovered the importance of making learning a new language an enjoyable experience. I also learned that it is important to implement many different stages in the learning process in or
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Mistakes are choices that end up as wrong. On the other hand, errors are usually in line with the right choices, but a slight diversion occurs which causes a wrong result. For instance: if you have tw
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North Albany
the present tenses are always complicated to master by learners of an L2, that is why this unit is so important for teachers to learn by heart, so we can explain and create activities which allow us t
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North Beach
There are four basic skills in any language and although teachers tend to focus on one particular skill at a time, they still bring others in to create an integrated skills lesson. This is mainly beca
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North Bend
Unit 15 is an introduction to student evaluation and testing. It highlighted the reasons testing may be used within an EFL course, and the unit touched on the types of external exams that are availabl
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North Howell
In this unit I learned a lot about the roles of teachers, the stages of learning another language, the factors that can influence a students learning, and what makes a good learner. While their are ma
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North Plains
This unit concentrates on teaching and understanding receptive skills. It divides listening and reading into one category, and speaking and writing into another. It defines the first as receptive and
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North Powder
This unit presents an excelleny opportunity for Present Tenses revision. I found it quite helpful in terms of introduction of the new terminology for the "old" concepts, particularly, the explanation
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In this Unit, I learned different parts of speech. I first learned that a sentence must have a subject, verb, and object. After I learned about nouns and their main types, the plurals, the countable n
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