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Equipment and teaching aids are very important resources for teaching.They compliment the act of teaching.For example playing fun videos to students especially kids will help them understand what is b
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Unit 9 observes the study material that a teacher can employ to deliver language lessons effectively. While the most interesting way of bringing the language into practice is via the study of authenti
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Triangle Lake
In this unit, I was able to understand ways to rearrange a classroom. For example, orderly rows, separate tables, circles, horseshoes. I can relate these seating arrangements to my own personal experi
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I learned that every sentence can be broken down into parts of speech; each word has its meaning, use, category, and is part of the structure of a sentence. It is not easy to thoroughly understand Eng
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Unit 4: Vocabulary, grammar and functions This Unit presented me with an overview of how to introduce new Vocabulary to our students, as an ESL instructor is very important to decide what new words
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receptive skills includes reading and listening they are as important as each other. listening makes more problems than reading for learners because it has a flow of information, a special speed and a
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I have learnt that there are multipal points that make a good teacher. It can effect a learner on a positive and negative base. I need to be able to assess the classroom ,who will I be teaching?(age g
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The teacher is not very good in either of the lesson. Students are a bit more engaged by the second lesson but there is no scaffolding or consideration of students level of English. Yes he does some g
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Unit 7 focuses on teaching receptive skills. Receptive skills are the ability to read and listen, and the two general reasons why we perform these tasks are to fulfill a specific purpose or for enter
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Twin Rocks
A brief overview of the content of this unit: Grammatical rules in sentence construction such as verbs, pronouns, adjectives, gerund, superlatives, etc. Although confusing but it is important to unde
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Tygh Valley
Equipment and teaching aid is a very important topic.Equipment such as computers,photocopiers,Overhead projectors and Interactive Whiteboards have become necessary educational tools. Most learning ins
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The importance of teaching material is really big, as I changed many books during learning English, in order to find more suitable one to get more benefit. And this class has more relaxed effect than
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This unit is about teaching new language, vocabulary, grammar and functions. There are four things that students need to do with a new language, be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand h
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Well;Future tenses are a bit confusing at first as they can convey much information. Thanks to this review teachers can grasp more effectively this important topic. I liked the lay out the unit propos
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A good, and not too confusing review of the essential grammar points and usage needed for students using English as their second language. Even for native speakers like myself, it tends to be confusi
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In this unit we were able to study about different theories , methods and techniques involved in the teaching process. When teaching we should consider that there is not just one way of doing things
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Union Creek
This module talks about receptive skills which are reading and listening. These skills are equally important and should be taught carefully to maximize student learning. There are different ways to re
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A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE "UNIT 3' CONTENT AND LESSON LEARNT BY ME. This unit content titled “CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT" and it covers the following outlined components of the classroom m
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This unit tells me: What is a good teacher? Good knowledge of the subject, kind,patient,professional,student-focused,proper body language,good relationships with students. The role of the teacher in
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Valley Falls
This unit discusses the different factors that influence the management of a class. It is a topic that I have been looking forward to studying as I recently started teaching a bigger group of students
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Valley Junction
The two classes shown in the videos illustrate perfectly how a propper class should be carried out. In the first class we see it is clear all the mistakes the teacher makes, being at some points a bit
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During this unit we considered and rewied parts of speech. The are nouns, verbs and adjectives. These are most common parts of the sentence. Also we use articles - indefinite and definite.Verbs divide
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Classroom Management I have really enjoyed this unit in terms that provides very effective tools to organize and manage the class in a relaxed way and maintaining discipline and therefore of a great v
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Vanport City
Have had a good reminder about ESA. The Arrow ESA and also Boomerang have taught me how to arrange my lessons. Most ?mportantly have learnt about lesson planning. However much I have teaching experien
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I enjoyed this lesson because I think it touches on the importance of what to teach and why it is important to teach those aspects of the English language. Additionally, this unit teaches what not to
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As the name suggests, this form of tense is used for sentences with a future sense. There are various ways of referring to the future in English, below are types. 1) Simple Future Tense: It can be us
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This unit is about conditionals and reported speech, the five main conditionals are: Zero conditional (refers to actions and facts that are irrefutable), first conditional (talks about a real situatio
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Unit 12 was about Teaching productive skills: Speaking and writing, it was a unit filled with handy information on how to: control activities, guide activities and how to create communication. The uni
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In this last unit, I learned about the different approaches to evaluating students. How tests are applied for student and their categories. Placement test to place students into the right class, prog
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This unit taught me all about the past tenses. I learned about simple past, past perfect, past continuous, and past perfect continuous. I think these tenses will be easier to teach than the present te
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knowing the right methods to teach the different essential skills that comprehend learning a language, is vital, this unit has been really helpful and has given many important tips to be followed then
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I have learnt how to apply the word ‘tense’ which i hae eradicated means ‘time.’ Something happens in the past, present and future. it gives me a wider and broader perspective of these concept
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This overview of the Past Tenses bring us very effective tips to explain differences among them. We studied Past Simple as actions ended at a definite time ,Past Continuous for interrupted actions in
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Two productive skills, which are very important in a real life. Communication between people is very complex and ever changing thing. But there are generalisations that we can make which have particul
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I really like the fact that the very first unit of this course highlights the importance of knowing how to communicate with people of other cultures. As someone with an interest in communication and
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What I learnt in this unit is to identify the differences between the Present and Past tenses. Through the exercises I was able to form a bigger picture as to how Past tenses are formed and how to ide
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In my experience teaching this grammar, I have found students getting confused with the concept of the present continuous and its use for future plans, they often use the simple future to talk about p
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I have learnt about the ratio how usually the native speakers use the tenses, as a Non-native, I was always avoiding from using the Present Perfect Continuous simultaneously I will force more Present
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To speak well an individual must have a solid understanding of verb tenses. These can certainly be learned through drilling. However, they also can be learned and picked up upon by practicing English-
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In this unit we worked on the receptive skills, these are reading and listening, they help in the process of getting information that later on we are going to produce by speaking and writing (producti
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Throughout my teaching experience I have always wondered about the use of material in class. I haven't been able to find a book that has the perfect match to the course I am delivering. I personally l
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In this two presentation video, sharply sensible the way how a teacher should do his job. I would like to be a good memory for my students afterall they learned well on my lessons... Till today I bea
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Warm Springs
Unit 20, the final unit, takes a look at troubleshooting. Challenges -- such as large groups, reluctant students or mixed levels -- can sometimes present themselves in a lesson or course and Unit 20
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In the course of this unit, the four types of present tenses were defined and described: present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. The structure that each typ
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The content of this unit not only taught the main concepts of what a noun, verb, adverb, adjective, gerunds, etc., but the more in depth, broken down pieces of them that I was not taught in school. Fo
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Lesson Planning,although sometimes neglected, is "the resource" which lets teachers set the most convenient conditions to run a class as smooth ,nurturing and fun as possible. We should bear in mind
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This unit reminded me about my own class experiences when I was a high school student. It helped me to reflect upon and analyse the methods used by the teachers as to how effective they were in helpin
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Unit 9 stablishes the importance of planning a lesson. It is always a good idea because it helps you think logically on the stages we'll use in order to get the information through the students. It is
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During this unit, it was explained why and how planning a class. A class plan is a useful tool for teachers, since it contains the different aspects that must be taken into account before starting the
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Plannin our lessons is something vital in order to achieve the learning objetives we set for our students as well as the ones for us as techers. Planning and its benefits such as acting as a record an
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