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This unit was very helpful on a number of subjects: The very basic needs of teaching and learning. A lot of these tools are common sense but it's always helpful to remind ourselves of these helpful
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To be a good teacher you need to care about your learners, by caring is making sure you have string knowldg avout the subject and chhos ethe best learning method to deliver the class. A good teacher n
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Port Orford
This unit has taught me, what are my roles as a teacher, and when to use them, how to approach a student, a good learner’s qualifications, learners’ levels. ?n order to be a good teacher, you hav
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As the first initial class will always be the most difficult for teacher and student alike, understanding of the process from the first day and how to proceed will set the atmosphere for the rest of t
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I would not mind facing most of these kinds of encounters with those problems about the huge classes, and mixed level of students, I would not even start to work on a place with those circumstances. B
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Powell Butte
Hi, so I guess I’ve done this unit and I wanna say that was interesting. Really spended a lot of time thinking about information that I’m going to learn. The most awkward moment for me were questi
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This unit discussed the use of authentic and created materials. Authentic materials such as programs, brochures, magazines, songs, poems or videos. They are more interesting than coursebook, allows
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Prairie City
Unit 1 has taught me that a teacher has many roles and must know when to use them in a classroom. The role largely depends on the age of the students, the type of activity and goals for the class to a
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As a professional in education I have rediscovered issues I had forgotten, at the same time I have been able to strengthen others which wich might have become weaker as time has passed, such as becomi
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Unit 1 describes the different responsibilities that are taken on by learners and teachers. A good teacher is someone who constantly focuses on the needs of the learners and is able adapt his or her
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Having a method of assessing students is very important in language learning. One good standard of measuring student's progress is using the progress or achievement test. With this, the teacher would
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Unit 4 was more of a challenge for me, as I found it to be a lot of information to process. It reinforces the idea that you can speak a language, but that doesn’t mean you can explain it. Or at le
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Nowadays there are hundreds of coursebooks as well lesson materials published globally. This brings to the school and teacher plentiful options for the class. Base on teaching experience, I personally
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Tenses can be very tricky specially for a non native English learner. This unit teaches the easiest way for teacher to explain past simple its regular and irregular form, past perfect,past perfect con
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It was interesting to read about this unit on lesson planning and how important it is for providing a smooth running lesson. Although I was familiar with the basics of a lesson plan ie objectives, eng
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This unit is about teaching pronunciation and phonology, an effective teacher considers the teaching of pronunciation as an integral part of the course. Phonology is the study, science and analysis of
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The information provided in Unit 3 was very interesting. We learned about the various methodologies as well as the ESA format that is used in teaching. There a a variety of different ESA models, all w
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The different types of tests was well explained in this unit which will help me when I have to conduct my own tests in order to get the necessary information on students progress. I think that teacher
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Raleigh Hills
This unit was an overview of how we use grammar to talk/write about the future in English. It included the usages of the future tenses, and it also touched on how other tenses -- such as Present Simpl
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Teachers can be able to prevent disciplinary problems from happening if they are consistent and fair in dealing with students, They should respect the students the same way they want to be respected.
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As someone who loves learning new languages, even if only to get by with a few words when passing through a new country, I recognize the importance of being aware of the factors that determine how eas
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I really liked the second video, the teacher was very prepared for the lesson. Although I find it hard sometimes to get ready for the lessons, it made me think about how important it is, and how's it
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Unit 5 emphasizes the application of the ESA structure to lesson planning. I strongly believe that a well organized lesson plan is crucial to maintaining the respect and rapport of students. If the st
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This first unit helped me to refresh some knowledge that I don't usually use and had taken for granted. And also helped to become aware of very important aspects regarding the students, which I find,
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This unit is about lesson planning, the writing of lesson plans has a number of important functions: An aid to planning, a working document, and a record. What should be included in a lesson plan? So
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course books and other materials it is usually up to the teacher and school system to use which types of materials for the students. some systems prefer to just use books, some created materials and s
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Rice Hill
Just as grammar, methodology has taught me how to be a good teacher. How to tackle boredom in class and how to talk less but be more effective to the students. I know know most of the tactics to make
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For as long as people have been learning and teaching language, there will be always debate as to witch methods and techniques are better. What I understand after learn this Unit, that the teacher sho
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A teacher's attitude and rapport with the class is a critical factor in the overall success of the class. In the first video the teacher was uncaring and a bit harsh. He assumed a level of knowledge t
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This unit has taught me a few new lessons and brought me back to my elementary and middle school days. You never think about how much a teacher puts in and gives of their time until you are to fill th
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I have to say, while I understand in the theory the difference between skimming and scanning the two concepts on a literal/action level seem very similar. I am also a little unsure about how these two
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In reading this unit, I was able to learn a lot about the various methodologies for teaching a foreign language, from grammar-translation to PPP. Their uses depend on the class’ language level as we
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I think I have finally grasped the the grammatical rules for understanding and explaing the different tenses of the future, and how to teach them to my students. Perhaps this lesson was less confusin
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Unit 2 – Theories, methods, and techniques This Unit provided me with a significant amount of essential knowledge. I learned about Methodologies used for non-English speakers’ students, how we cou
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Unit 4 discusses tips and techniques for teaching new vocabulary, new grammatical structures, and new language functions. When teaching new vocabulary, it is important to use an ESA style lesson to e
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This unit was great.Although some parts were repetitive, other were completely new to me.I knew about the history of teaching methodology and this unit made a review for me but I was completely unawar
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Working through this unit it felt like a more concise version of all the methodologies and techniques teachers can use for their lesson plans by making it more particular for vocabulary, grammar and l
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This unit enlightened me on the vast range of learners one will encounter teaching English. Adult learners will be highly motivated but anxious, self-conscious, and comparing their native language wi
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Grammar is one of my personal struggles, even in my first language, so this unit was a bit overwhelming. Revisiting the general concepts and definitions about nouns, adjectives, pronouns, conjunctions
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To begin with, I should say that conditional sentences is the part of English grammar that confuses me as well, that's why conditional sentences should always be refreshed both in form and usage. It w
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Rock Creek
In this first section I have learned much more about the various roles as a teacher and how each one is very important to the success of the class. A teacher must not only love teaching, but be able t
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Rock Point
This unit was an overview of what makes for a successful ESL teacher, and also what can help ensure learning success for the students. The unit also highlighted the in-class relationship between teach
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Rockaway Beach
Unit 14 gave a quick overview of the pros and cons of using course books. It also touched on how supplementary materials can be used to support lessons and courses that basically follow a course book
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Rocky Point
Classroom management is s a cornerstone for setting up an effective and engaging learning environment. Not only, does the throughly selected layout of the classroom dictate the interactions amongst th
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Rogue River
This unit has been extremely useful for providing new ESL teachers an excellent opportunity to watch the two lessons, analyse them and reflect not only on the teaching/learning procedure in the sugges
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Grammar skills is important specially to English teaching and Before you can explain to others what the parts of speech are, it is good to have a better understanding of this subject. This unit refr
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Rose Lodge
I consistently find the tenses difficult beyond the basic past, present, and future. This unit was easier than the others in that the examples and explanations made more sense to be and seemed to foll
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Teachers should have an interested in a wide variety of topics and be willing to listen others interests, even if they don't find it interesting. The importance of not forcing your own interests on st
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Round Prairie
Grammar is one of the foundations that allow us to clearly communicate. Therefore, a sufficient understanding of English grammar is essential to being an effective teacher. There are several parts of
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The teachers and learners unit is about considering what qualities a good teacher and a good learner have. To be a good teacher, it is necessary to have a combination of certain qualities and to play
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