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I learned a variety of assessments, and their advantages for use in the classroom. I have never seen the use of tutorials practiced in the last ten minutes of each week's lesson. It appears to be in
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Unit 4 teaches how to make selection of vocabulary that the students can absorb post the study of factors driving a teacher's choice of words. It teaches how to incorporate those words in lessons and
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During a lesson a teacher will employ a number of roles depending on the outcomes required from the lesson. A good teacher will know when and how to switch between roles to achieve this. The desired q
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This was a very useful chapter, Though it did not share as much information as other chapters it was useful to finally understand the differences in the types of tests there are. The only wish I had w
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This unit gave me a general image of being teacher, and how responsible is it. Basically, it explained me that, personalities are very different, because of culture, personal background, age level, an
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In this lesson i learned about the four past tenses. Past simple, Past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. Again, like in present tenses lesson I learned about thing I know how to do
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Oak Grove
Pretty easy unit but I guess I made some stupid mistake ( as always ) because of my lack of attention. In the conclusion I still cannot realize why I need to write a review of every finished unit? I'm
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Oak Hills
The lesson provided a good basic overview of types of learners and their motivations; qualities of a good teacher; and the categories or ranges of a students abilities. I liked the section on differen
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I found the two videos interesting and totally different one from another. We can really see the differeces in both lessons and, what is more, we are able to see the mistakes the teacher makes, in ter
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In fifth grade I was taught parts of speech and we tested on 5 sentences each day. I always found it easy and engaging. However, I never learned what a Gerund is! I was always wondering what the ex
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In Unit 11 we covered receptive skills: reading and listening, which can be divided in 2 categories: for a purpose and for entertainment. When we read or listen something what we understand will be do
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Unit 3 establishes a reference manual for teachers to conduct their behavior when dealing with a class and teaches how to observe students individually and impartially, deal with their problems, help
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It is a very clear and well done unit. I have refreshed my knowledge about lesson planning. It is always of an upmost importance to be updated on this topic, it is a must to bear in mind that we hvae
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Function-based lessons that teach the student how to situationally apply newly acquired language is with boomerang or patchwork esa structures. Students can usually understand more language than they
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This unit was informative in explaining the two productive skills and how to effectively teach them. The two skills are speaking in writing. Both have their own unique challenges and difficulties. Som
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This unit gives us a lot of useful ESA methods to teach new language. It goes without saying that new words play an important role to the students, but some of us do not really have good way of teachi
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I had encountered a wide range of information about criteria, for choosing the appropriate grammar, vocabulary and function to teach on the equivalent level with different technics. I had also practic
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In the previous classes I learnt what to teach, and how to teach. And this unit gave me explanation about whom to teach. Students can vary because of their age, level and purposes. As I understand a g
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Its very much easy teaching kids to adults.Kids trust their teacher and sees him or her as one who knows everything and so with that trust built therefore if as their teacher you have to add fun,get t
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Oregon City
It was a useful introductory unit for understanding of the teachers' roles in class. It is crucial for a good teacher to be motivating, resilient, loving to teach and being equipped with effective cla
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Very refreshing unit about the typical conflicts one can encounter when teaching tenses. Being not very fond of grammar,students tend to neglect it. As I mentioned in previous units ,I like to teach
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The Future Tenses This unit is particularly interesting because of the complexity of the future tenses when dealing as teachers and students trying to get to their definitions and when to use them acc
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I would only present this lesson to advanced students who have a strong knowledge of basic vocabulary before presenting modals, phrasal verbs, etc. The examples given in the phrasal exercises are goo
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In this lesson, I learned about productive skills. Specifically speaking and writing. One thing that I found interesting about teaching this is that It is really important for the student to be speaki
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This unit on lesson planning has been the application of previous lessons. It is necessary to prepare for success of student learning and other teacher's use if needed on one's absence. It is practi
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Otter Rock
In the first video , the teacher just entered the classroom and started off by teaching directly and not engaging with the students first by asking their names which would have created a good rapport
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Planning Lessons Should we plan a lesson?, this is indeed a very interesting question and I agree that it is very important to be flexible to the needs of the students in the classroom as well, but he
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Pacific City
For me, it was a really challenging unit especially on the ’stress’ section. It required a lot of external sources and great understanding on syllables and the flow of the sentence. I found that t
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This unit was very helpful for me because in addition to explaining the different teaching methods, it has provided very useful tools and examples that can be implemented in classes. The lesson allowe
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Beside to learn what to teach in the classroom, it is also important to learn how to do it. This unit by giving many tools, explaining their use, analyzing their advantages and disadvantages helped me
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This unit provides an overview on the important aspects of class management. It explains important key point to keep a nice and healthy learning environment. Teacher must ensure that students feel com
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This unit when over course books the pros and cons of using created and authentic materials. The unit went over how there is much debate in which is best to use but it is the teachers job to use their
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Payette Junction
When I started reading all the information about different methodologies I started seeing myself teaching English, but at the same time I felt I was being filtered in every method and a little voice t
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This topic gave me lots of different ideas to approach every stages of teaching as well as how to plan my lessons according to the ability of my students. I also found out that during each stage, we s
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Unit 8 was another great future verb tenses review, and of course it did help me to remember what I’d once learned in grammar classes. It also reminded me that as far as usage goes, what is taught
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This two Video lessons unit helps me to gather knowledge about the practical implementation of ESA. There is far difference between the teacher of video 1 and 2. We can observe the difference of teach
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We would advise you to select answers manually rather than using the up/down arrow or tab buttons, to decrease the possibility of highlighting answers unintentionally. Please make sure that you are a
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During this unit we had an overview of the different roles of learners and teachers. I have the opportunity to teach languages in Sweden, and it was interesting to remember simple principles and conce
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Vocabulary and language building is part of English language. As a good teacher, one need to know how to use a very good ESA -Engage, Study and Activate to help students to learn vocabulary. The langu
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Pilot Rock
I enjoyed this section and liked the idea of varying up content so that all members of the class find a topic of interest. I do feel creating a rapport with the students is important in gauging there
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This unit provided a holistic look at the student-teacher relationship and the variety of factors at play within the classroom. I learned how to parse and define the different approaches/roles a teach
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Pine Grove
Well, in unit one I have learned many different important things of the teacher and of the student. For example a teacher must be kind and patient, but a student should have a desire to learn or a wil
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I found this unit the most difficult out of all the units thus far. The science behind the phonology of English is interesting but it will require teachers to constantly practise this skill as it wil
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Pistol River
unit eleven shows the importance of developing these two receptive skills which are essential during communication. These skills are not easy to develop in my opinion, specially reading as it has to d
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At my current position, we have a similar understanding of language levels within English learners. However we have condensed beginner to low-intermediate together and generally do not interact with
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In this unit, different techniques to develop a class were explained. More specifically, different elements to manage a class and to deal with students were described. The unit presented some basic d
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Pleasant Hill
This module is all about teaching special groups. Types of classes, teaching individual students, handling beginners, teaching children and business English are well-outlined in this unit. Business En
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Pleasant Valley
Effective teachers are student-centered. This means that teachers foster positive relationships with their students and know their strengths and deficits. Being student-centered allows students to fee
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Unit 13 deals with teaching Pronunciation and Phonology. This involves Intonation , stress, phonemic alphabet, phonemic symbols, Articulation, techniques to pronounce individual sounds and when to tea
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