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I loved this unit because I found it to be incredibly practical. It provided an example lesson plan and helped to provide a structure for how to enact and follow through on a lesson for students. It p
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I liked this unit a lot because I think that it addressed all the little things that affect classroom dynamics and teacher-student interactions. I learned that is okay to allow students the freedom to
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I hadn't heard of "functions" as a category of language before, but it makes sense. Grammar and vocabulary are the foundation, then functions act as how English is really used. For example: What's the
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As I was reading this chapter/unit about different kinds of teaching methods I couldn't help comparing these to the ones being used by previous teachers I've had. I can see that these are in fact wide
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King City
This unit was a challenge, again to understand the uses of each of the tenses. I fee I have a very good grasp on how to form each of the Past tenses, but their uses can become cloudy for me. I will ha
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Kings Valley
Unit seven introduces a very interesting topic for all teachers, as it shows how to teach a language in order for students to learn and understand it in a clear way. How to teach vocabulary and also g
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Great overview of Modals,Phrasal verbs and Passive voice;We have checked the main applications of these concepts as well as tips to better teach them. As far as modals are concerned,they are used bef
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I think this was an excellent Grammar summary . I personally like grammar despite the fact it has been stigmatized and considered boring and sometimes rote learning in the lesson environment. Proper
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I haven’t been a student for many years, so this unit seemed to have a lot of take in. I was worried it would be too much! However, as with previous units, I believe that it helped me to better un
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In this lesson I learned about the grammar of future tenses. I learned to my surprise, that there were seven main tenses and that two of them were the same as present tenses. It was unbelievable that
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Being organized is very important before starting a lesson. Writing a lesson plan has a number of important functions: an aid to planning, a working document and serve as a tracking record. A lesson p
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Klamath Agency
This was a difficult lesson in many respects. I think, as mentioned in the lesson guide, native English speakers just have a feel for the language without strictly defining what we are doing in our mi
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Klamath Falls
This module covers lesson planning. It enumerates the reasons why we need to have a lesson plan and how it should be written. It shows an example of a comprehensive lesson plan, which includes informa
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This unit is about modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. The modals auxiliary verbs, are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb, they can be used to express a number of different
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The future is another tense which in my opinion is common for students to use explaining their dreams and goals some create many variations for they compare the english form to their own languages' th
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La Grande
Unit thirteen covers the topic of pronunciation and phonology, being the later in my opinion something we do not teach regularly in a class, specially phonology, however the unsderstanding of this top
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La Pine
This unit covers the future tenses. The future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous are covered first. The "be going" plus infinitive form as well as the present simple
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A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF UNIT 10 CONTENT AND THINGS I HAVE LEARNT FROM THIS UNIT This unit titled “EVALUATION AND TESTING” covers the different varieties or means of assessing, evaluating
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Ladd Hill
This unit involved 4 sections about the present tense. Each section covered one type of present tense each. They are the present simple, present perfect, present continuous and present perfect continu
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This unit was about the final step of a teaching process, or evaluation and testing. This step should also be conducted objectively and carefully; because it reveals the fruitfulness of all teachers
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Lake Creek
I think the tenses will be very difficult to communicate to those who speak a language with only a single or few tenses. I get very confused on the various tenses myself and I am a native English spea
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Lake Oswego
This unit appears to be a useful reminder of some grammaticals features that are taken for granted by native speakers but present a number of challenges for ESL students. A regular practice and traini
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Testing system is very important in order to measure the level of student in internal level, and also there are many international language certificates, which prove the level of English language leve
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In unit 12 we went over productive skills, these are speaking and writing, they produce information. It is important to work on these skills equally. Most of the time we work more on oral production ,
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This unit was about the four types of present tense and their form and usage as it applies to teaching them in an EFL classroom. As an educator I thought their weren't much fun or interactive ways of
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Frankly, I think this lesson was underestimating the intelligence of the teacher/trainee...you have sppon fed all the information that anyone with half a brain can also extract by searching through Go
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Langell Valley
Unit one introduces how important is the role of the teacher during a class. not only his/her role but also how important it is for the teacher to use each of the techinques metioned in the unit in a
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For a teaching beginner like me, I find this unit extremely helpful. Creating a lesson plan and understanding the importance of planning to make teaching easier. The layout provided is simple yet stra
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This section opened by outlining the basic needs of a student for the teaching process to succeed: students should be exposed to as much language as possible; some teacher feedback is needed, and so f
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In this lesson Managing Classes I learned about the different dynamic of a classroom. How to make seating arrangement according to class size and dynamic. How and when to use eye-contact and maintain
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Laurel Grove
Present tense is used in our daily English language usage. There are various kinds of present tense for example present simple I go to school . Present continuous I am playing the piano. , present p
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Unit 8 focuses on how to teach productive skills. The productive skills are speaking and writing, both of which are key when learning a new language. It is important that the teacher uses lessons th
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this unit completes the 3 main tenses. the present, past and in this unit is the future tense.one should use an appropriate tense so as to maintain effective communication. In this way, it is necessar
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When a teacher starts to take a new class,normally he/she face various problems.Sometime the students groups are new and also some times those are existing students.For a teacher it is more easy to ha
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This unit covers basic grammar rules of English. It examines the 8 parts of speech which consists of nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions and g
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Lees Camp
This unit was about the management of a class. Different points about techniques to manage a class, things we need to look out for and the goals of managing a class properly were discussed. Communicat
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Lehman Springs
In future tense, there are different tenses. First is the future simple which talks about facts and certainties, promises and predictions. There is future continuous whose usages are: future events, t
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Phonetics is important not only for the scientists, but also for anyone who either teaches or learns a foreign language. One of the most important applications of phonetics is in the teaching foreign
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I learned that there are many different forms and stages to teaching a language. The teacher must be aware of the age group of students she/he is teaching, as well as culture environment and language
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The relationship between a teacher and his/her students is a unique one, being that the teacher must play several different roles to be a successful educator. A teacher must be sensitive, prudent, pat
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This until I learned about the four Present tenses. Present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. This was a very challenging lesson for me. I know how to use the
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This unit was a proper lesson for my teaching skill.Therefore after careful studies I have learnt vivid description at phonology.The stress section was very beneficial.I truly enjoyed the poem of pron
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As it was the last unit of the course, beside teaching new knowledge it mostly focused on summarizing teaching skills. What kind of problems teacher can face in the classroom, how a teacher can avoid
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This unit covers the basic characteristics of what a good teacher looks like and what a good learner looks like. It highlights the range of roles a teacher may have in the classroom and when to use th
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This unit goes over how to create a lesson plan, how it is to be used during the class, and what records you should keep about the class. I learned that when making a lesson plan it should be viewed a
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This unit focused on what qualities a good teacher or good learner will possess. It also went through the different types of teaching practices that would be beneficial dependent on the circumstances.
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Unit 3 focuses on classroom management. There are many things that a good teacher will do to ensure that he or she runs the classroom affectively. Appropriate use of eye contact, gestures, voice, an
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In unit two, understanding the makeup of the sentence structure is key to the conveyance of formatted information to young and old learners alike The sentence structure of other languages is highly di
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Looking at these two videos reminded me of the importance of having a warm friendly attitude which sets the tone for the teacher student interaction. The importance of elicitation techniques such as f
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Lincoln Beach
I felt this unit was useful and gave an excellent overview of the various types of tests we should expect to administer to students. I found the explanation of the various external exams as well as I
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