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Unit 2-Parts of Speech is a great review of grammar, which is extremely important when teaching in any classroom especially a TEFL classroom. In order to teach the English language to learners, one mu
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In the same way that we have seen the present tenses during the unit 2, the unit 6 offers an overview of the past tenses in english. It goes through the forms and the usages of ; The past simple, the
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Essential teaching tools and techniques that I learned from this lesson includes how to effectively manage, behave, and arrange a class that would be most conducive to learning. Giving individual atte
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Clear Lake
Grammar is perhaps my favourite part in the English language. There is always something new to learn when you study English grammar. The information about adverbs given in this unit 2 is so valuable f
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This section was very useful in gaining a brief understanding of the various parts of speech. As a native speaker of English, we typically do not realize all of the parts of speech that go into formin
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The contrast of the conditionals is a piece of very important information to students with them they are able to express regrets, wishes and dreams. Although they are complex to teach specially for fo
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This unit's focus was on classroom management. Good classroom management skills are vital to all teachers. Not having control of your class can result in boring classes, unfinished lessons, and rowdy
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As a teacher of a foreign language, I have never been trained to teach a foreign language, even though I have been exposed to some of the information as a result of taking a trainer of trainers course
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Cold Springs
In this unit, I have learned much about the different approaches to teaching. I am very fond of the ESA method and loved all the ideas presented on different ways to involve students at each level. I
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Unit 1 was a basic overview of what attributes make a good teacher and a good student. The unit also provided an overview of common definitions while teaching English as a second language, including t
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Columbia City
This unit is such an eyeopener for any teacher that wants to conduct successful lessons. I now understand that there are various techniques that can be used in teaching even a single lesson. The appli
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As it was mentioned in the beginning of the lesson that tenses are the most difficult part of learning language. I do remember my difficulties, when I was learning English. But as it is many years tha
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Coos Bay
It was interesting to learn the different teaching methodologies and how each has it pros and cons. In my teaching I have employed the typical presentation, practice and production methodology but it'
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Teaching Productive Skills are as equally important as Receptive ones ;we must not forget that communication is dynamic and complex,therefore,teachers as facilitators in acquisition process should hel
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In Unit 2, I learned the basic aspects of grammar, particularly identifying the different parts of speeches. Besides, there are also various types within each part. The usage of each part will be chal
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The understanding of the formatted lesson plan is essential when deciding which form to use in a specific class setting and if the need to change that format is needed. If the prominent leader/teacher
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In this lesson we learnt in a practical way the parts of speech. Sometimes it is not as easy to explain these topics as you would think to students that are not familiar with them even though these ar
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This two lessons are pretty different. You can, easily see, what went wrong in the first one. The firs lesson has no soul. Tea teacher's bad attitude influences the class so much that almost no one a
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Finally, only 9 days left, I have almost finished study of the course after 6-month time. Even I am busy working, love for English can not stop me learning everyday. I seem reading course materials ev
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This unit is about present tenses, it's important to understand that there are three different times in English: past, present and future. Each of these times has four aspects: simple, continuous, per
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Cottage Grove
One of the major topics necessary in English learning are vocabulary, grammar and functions. A teacher has to consider teachability in vocabulary, for example beginners require very clear and more vis
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What I took from this unit is to build up my own repertoire of resources that I can refer to when planning for future lessons, also to research strategies to use as a back-up plan for the worst case s
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This unit gives us an overview of what to expect in class and how to assess students abilities, The students are the most important part of teaching , and not the teacher. It is imperative to acknowle
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As it is said, “there is always space for learning.” I did learn some new things in this unit. Since I have been a English teacher for a long time, most of the contents were quite easy and repeate
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Understanding the different qualities of teachers and learners helps to elucidate what qualities are the most useful to have as a teacher, and the most likely-to-learn in a student. Key to the section
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Unit 2 went through the different ways of theories of language acquisition and discussed ESA (engage, study, activate). I found the summary of the different theories because it will help me decide on
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I quite enjoyed this unit as i was able to get some practice filling in all parts for a lesson plan. This included all the little details such as lesson/learner objective, potential problems with thei
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Crescent Lake
This unit explained a many areas of student management. It gives many ideas on how to arrange a classroom on a physical level and how to arrange possible arrangements of student in pairs, individuals,
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Teachers do not have to rely on their own intuition when planning and presenting lessons because there are other methods they can use to make their lessons more effective and relevant for students/cl
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Crooked River Ranch
This unit is still something difficult since I had to identify ESA pattern. I'm getting use to selecting the best pattern to use.The unit explained to how to effectively improve students receptive sk
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This unit has been very demonstrative of methods and techniques to be found in language lessons. As far as my experience is concerned,Presentation,Practice and Production is the method that I normally
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This unit provide to be very useful in teaching me about the different materials that I may use to supplement teaching to my students. I have learned of both the materials that have already been creat
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Culp Creek
I have gained a more in-dept view of the qualities, responsibilities and roles of both the teacher and student. Qualities that make a good teacher, can be divided into 1. qualities concerning the te
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In processing the information in unit one the information was of the most dire importance, persisting to the interaction of teacher and learner as well as the many different styles, techniques and obs
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According to this unit, as teachers, we have to know that it might require different approaches regarding on what we are trying to teach when presenting English as a new language to a student but allw
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This was a very helpful lesson, more so than some others for it showed a class in action. It showed a positive attitude from the professor and how he engaged the class as well as an example of a poor
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Being a creative person myself, I took from this unit the websites they gave where you can create your own crosswords and word searches and the other website where you can view relevant materials to a
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This unit is about teaching and productive skills ("Speaking and Writing", they both are used for the same purpose, to communicate). People have different reasons for communicating: They have some com
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The information learned in this unit has given a deeper insight as to the deeper mechanics that make up the English language. The discrimination between the various types of present tense (present sim
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Ive learned the finer points of the relationship between student and teacher and their respective roles. It outlines what roles the teacher needs to take on in order to better educate his/her students
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It was very useful to refresh the teaching tools. I would like to try the interactive whiteboard because I have never used it before while the other tools from the list are quite often used by me duri
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In this unit, I learned the basic importance of course books. How to choose them, the advantages and the disadvantages of using coursebooks. As a creative person, I would like to re-design my own mate
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Days Creek
I enjoyed reading this unit. There is some reviewing of what I studied in Unit 3, however, Unit 7 effetively presents the ways and strategies of teaching Vocabulary, Grammar and their functions. What
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As well as the present tenses units, this one about the past tenses made differences between the categories really clear. Also suggesting activities to practice these tenses is something really useful
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The most useful part of this unit was the various sample worksheets they provide us with. They go into detail about created material and authentic material, giving the advantages and disadvantages of
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In this unit we covered the characteristics of a good teacher, the different roles of a teacher. We also studied about learners, What makes a good student, the different language levels and their mot
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First of all, it was very useful to revise modal auxiliary verbs , their basic rules and the priceless chart which includes the auxiliary verbs, their usage, forms in present, past and future. The par
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Deer Island
I believe incorporating information from previous units is a very good idea. It allows the reader to include an overview of using Engage, Study, and Activate phases. From previous units, I understood
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In reading the third unit, I was able to learn a lot about set-ups that not only help students in the classroom, but also help the teacher to better teach their students. For example, I learned a lot
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I learned in this unit the role and characteristics of a good teacher and a good student. I also learned that being a successful teacher means balancing knowledge and patience, motivation and steady p
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