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This unit has allowed me to begin to understand the qualities that one must develop to become a teacher. Beforehand I did not appreciate the breadth of skills needed and the tact required to teach a f
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Grants Pass
I learnt that planning lessons could make lessons rigid and ans stop the teacher from being flexible to the students needs but if a teacher is organised they will be able to monitor the quality of the
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Grass Valley
At this unit I have learnt the importances of a being a good teacher and the effect of a teacher roles to student behaviours and understanding. For example a very lively and entertaining teacher is ca
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This unit went over the productive skills of Speaking and Writing. It went over the reasons why many like to focus on speaking rather then writing but it explained the importance of teaching proper w
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The discovery of different teaching methods was particularly interesting in this unit as having been taught languages in a classroom setting before, I only recognised some. The silent way, for example
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Green Acres
English grammar is a bit challenging when studied in detail. A teacher has to be well vested in grammar, if they intend to teach advanced level learners. When constructing sentences learners must be a
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The unit served as a helpful reminder about the different roles a teacher needs to play, as well as the different challenges they will face with adult students and younger students. It was good to ref
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It's true that the writing skill is given less dedication than the speaking skill but having read about what to consider and that it's a matter of planning the lesson effectively there's no reason why
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testing and assessment there are different types of tests used for different purposes placement teat used to define the learners level of English diagnostic test used at the start of the term to help
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In this unit I have learned how to be a good educator and how to build my students as good learners. By connecting the criteria of good teacher and the criteria of good learner, we can understand that
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As the lesson goes on it is interesting to find more about different even though is not to master a method right away there should many reasons why these methodologies are used for inspiration. Most o
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Troubleshooting is one go the most important issues in teaching. The reaction on different troubles comes with the teaching experience. The tips and steps for the first lesson I found very useful and
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Vocabulary should be taught so students can know the context of what is being spoken and grammar will come in as the structure for the new language. Without vocabulary, the language is gibberish. It w
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This is really an important and tough job for any English teacher, even the experienced one. Managing class requires many teaching techniques and even though it is right for teaching English at Europe
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This unit focused on the types of teaching and the different phases of ESL teaching and learning. Different methodologies were gone over, including Suggestopaedia, Grammar-Translation, and the Lexical
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this unit enabled me to understand the different types of contexts of tenses. it enables me to identify the similarities and differences between the tenses. i get a broader and wider understanding of
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In this unit a methodical workflow is established to teach language. Using the ESA (Engage, Study and Activate) method and variations, a teacher can succinctly develop a student's capabilities in expl
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I studied this unit carefully,the contents and related examples are very helpful to me.Noun part have very simple examples to understand.Adjective part have comparisons form and that up to superlative
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Happy Valley
Unit nineteen covers the topic of teaching special groups. This unit is really useful as it shows us the importance of knowing how to teach in different context and types of classes. It also shows us
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The primary teachings that I took from the content of this unit are the importance of regularly testing, evaluating, and documenting students progress and language levels both before and after the les
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We have remembered and overview the Teaching receptive skills;this unit presented us a complete analysis about different areas of these skills ,how to define them and how to approach them to make the
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Unit 2 provides a comprehensive overview of lesson structures and suggestions for activities. I strongly believe, from experience teaching and as a student, that a stimulating learning environment is
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In this unit, I was given several examples of ESAs which serve different purposes. For example, in order to teach new grammatical structures, a patchwork ESA could be very useful. For teaching new voc
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This unit gave a great variety activities suitable for accuracy, fluency and so on. For sure, it will be very helpful for both me and my students! I've been teaching in China for 10 years so far and h
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This was a very positive lesson in presenting the productive, successful way to teach English, reinforcing the ESA methods, incorporating new and old grammatical tenses, with positive teacher studen
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Even after 15 years in the classroom, I’ve picked up some things from this unit—like the use of different gestures and mimes, for example. I’m sure I’ve used plenty, but haven’t thought abo
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Unit 9 focuses on the types of materials that can be used during class. Teachers tend to use three types of materials when teaching class; authentic materials, created materials, and a course book.
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This unit has been interesting for me as i project myself as a teacher because i have spent many years worrking as a project manager and it’s true that different approaches allow us to manage and ob
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Unit 13 covers a nice and handy outline about Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology;which is sometimes a neglected matter in classes. Despite the complexity to teach the subject ,it is possible to
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This section was particularly useful as it provided an eye-openining chapter on what is like to be an actual good teacher. I wasn't aware of the many different facets being an effective teacher entail
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Heceta Beach
I have learnt a ton from this unit. I read up on all the methodologies to teaching, how to plan lessons with pointers on ways to engage, study and activate. I also became more familiar with the correc
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With less material to take in with this unit it would seem that there was less information to learn, nut with the construction of a lesson plan and how to carry one out is essential to a winning class
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In this unit I learned what makes a good teacher and also what makes a good student. It reminded me that a good teacher makes good learners, as the teacher is the one to set an example with his/ her a
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This unit is about future tenses, the seven most common are: Future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive, present simple and present continuous.
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In this unit, I came to realize the fundamentals that teaching vocabulary depends on. Selecting a vocabulary and how to select which words to teach. Right techniques for vocabulary teaching over three
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Again, I feel this lesson was too confusing for me. I feel that to use these rules in explainingproper English usage is simply to addmore grist to themill of the poor foreigners trying to understand
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Revising grammar is one of utmost importance to effectively teach English. Sound knowledge of each element constituing a sentece is vital to write, understand and speak correct English. It was particu
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These students who could be first generation learners of English are likely to lack even basic vocabulary needed to express themselves. The challenge for imparting this skill becomes even more dauntin
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I really enjoyed the video lesson because it helped me understand student behavior in class. Sometime we notice that students remain quite at times, or don't ask questions. Now I understand that it mi
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In this unit, the different types of future tenses were taught. These are the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive, and the present tense
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What i have acquired from this lesson is how to be a patient teacher, what my students will need from me and the roles i will have to take to create a good student/teacher relationship. How to engage
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This unit provides insight on the different ways to evaluate students in class. Each type of test carries out different functions and will help either measure or learn about student language level. In
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This unit was a bit more difficult than previous ones from grammatical aspect. In this unit I felt that I have a gap in my knowledge of future tense. Especially I spent time with last 3 tenses compare
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In unit 8 we worked on future tenses, dividing them in seven, Future simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, Be going + infinitive, Present Simple and Present Continuous
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The teaching productive skills unit is about communicating by way of the written word both by writing and reading. Teaching the reading and writing skills for students whose non native tongue is not E
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Hood River
This unit was quite interesting and eye opening for the various grammar we use when speaking. It is however very difficult and as such as a teacher I myst always revise this section if ever I intend t
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I really enjoyed this unit because it provides insight on the importance of lesson planning and a general idea of how to carry out a class meeting the language objective. A good teacher not only has t
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Horse Heaven
There are many teaching methods such as grammar, audio, suggestopaedia, lexical approach, silent way and many others. Some methods are more common and effective than others. A good teacher must be abl
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The first unit provides a foundation for what makes a good language teacher and a good language learner. It also highlights the challenges that may arise when teaching different levels and ages. Whil
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In Unit 3, different methods of teaching were given with a brief introduction. The usage of each methods has its pros and cons and knowing when to use which one depends on specific circumstances as w
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