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This unit on classroom management was rich in experiential insight. I appreciated the list of how gestures could reduce the need of verbal expression: using visuals, increasing the pace of the lesso
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To be an effective teacher one must exercise good control of the classroom. There are so many nuances to doing this, but it is- perhaps- one of the most important skills for a teacher to possess. Cert
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Depoe Bay
In this unit I have learnt abot the various forms of the present tense. The four basic forms, thus the simple present, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continous. The rules for
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This unit described the different levels of ESL learners, the different roles teachers play, and the way that different teaching styles affect students' abilities to participate fully in class. I def
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It was an exceptionally large amount of information to take in. I felt that i gathered a wonderful amount of techniques and styles on how to approach a class and thus engage the students on different
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Theories, methods and techniques, This unit is the most technical one so far, and provides an extensive and detailed description of the different theories, methods and techniques related to the Englis
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Diamond Lake
This mighty be the second unit but I feel I havent only learnt how to teach English Grammar but have also learnt why I use some words. As a native speaker, it has always been unnecessary for me to loo
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Unit 1-Teachers and Learners is the first unit that provides a general framework of how one will be successful as both the teacher and or student in a TEFL classroom. In order to become a good te
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To better give a class, knowing the role of a teacher and learner is a must. Although there is no flexible role for each teacher and learner, teachers should have a clear mind of the various roles of
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During this unit we considered basic qualities of good teachers and good learners. The main points of good teachers are love to teaching, kindness and patience, abilities to motivate and entertain stu
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1 Unit gave a basic understanding on how to become a good and effective teacher by elaborating the role and responsibility of a teacher. This Unit gave ideas on how to keep students active and motivat
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During this unite, we went through the present tense in english; Present simple, Present continuous, Present perfect and Present perfect continuous. We studied their form and usages. As well we went t
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The receptive skills are listening and reading, because learners do not need to produce language to do these, they receive and understand it. These skills are sometimes known as passive skills. They c
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Unit 11 explains how to teach receptive skills. The receptive skills are reading and listening. This unit not only explains how to teach this but also tells us the reasons and motives for reading and
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A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE "UNIT 7' CONTENT AND LESSON LEARNT BY ME. This unit content titled “TEACHING RECEPTIVE SKILLS” and it covers the two skills among the four basic skills in Languag
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What Do We Mean by Testing, Assessment, and Evaluation? When defined within an educational setting, assessment, evaluation, and testing are all used to measure how much of the assigned materials stude
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The usage of the tense, either it be past, present or future can and does structure a sentence in the English language. without the formation and structure of the tense form this language would be har
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This unit comprises the management teachers must have in front of the class;not only regarding to space available but also establishing rapport. It was also analized human factors such as eye contact,
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In this Unit we worked on: nouns, adjetives, comparatives and superlatives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions and conjuctions. I've learned how important are the different word
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Unit 3 – Managing dasses What I learned from this unit is, how to present myself as a teacher, how to use my voice, gesture and eye contact choice. I also learned the importance of a different fact
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This unit is about teaching special groups. Teaching beginners, (absolute, false, adult, young, and the beginner without Roman alphabet), as teachers we need to be aware of the students needs, be as v
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Unit 9 is about Course Books and Lesson Material. There are two types of materials: Authentic materials and Created materials. Authentic materials are anything a native speaker would hear or read so i
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I would say that what I have learned it is how to plan a writting lesson focused on applying the skills shown. Writting is the result of the understanding and comprehension of the language and techn
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The content of this unit gave a skeletal overview of several important topics that will need to be kept in mind throughout the course. Language skills are a great general guideline to identify and mon
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Dunes City
This unit explains the present tense. The simple present, perfect present, and simple progressive are each explained. I have learned that some terms in grammar are not uniform. For example, the words
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Success story of any work depends on a good planning.So when we plan for something, that will always consider three basic phases.Firstly, what we are going to do.Secondly,how we are going to do. And l
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This unit went over the theories, methods, and techniques that teachers use in their classrooms on a day to day basis. We first went over the many different methodologies that there are when it comes
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This unit bought forwards the importance of teaching both structure and vocabulary at rates that compliment each other. The concept of using different lesson structures to achieve different goals was
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Eagle Creek
As a native speaker of English, English grammar was never taught in the way that TEFL students learn and it was only when I studied for my TESOL diploma that I began learning and understanding the par
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Eagle Point
Classroom management is the basis for any form of teaching to be successful. I have found from personal experience, that varying the set up of the classroom, through different grouping styles, helps t
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Teachers should be kind and patient, have knowledge about the subject, need to motivate students, but the most important thing is that they should care about their teaching, but even more about learn
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This unit explained the differences between vocabulary and grammar function, and how to best teach them. Sometimes, it is the boomerang method that works. Other times, a bit less structure (like the
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Teaching Productive Skills are more difficult and request timely experienced teacher, even indigenous people sometimes make writing mistakes not only people who has English as a second language. This
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This unit was very interesting, because I was able to watch real ESA lessons, I could see the differences between the first and the second class, its interesting to see the attitude of the teacher, hi
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Elk City
Unit 18 is a grammar unit covering three major grammar areas: phrasal verbs, modal verbs and the passive voice. Each are worth hours and hours of lesson time with students. In this unit I learned to
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To begin with, correct lesson planning is one of the most important parts of your students' success. I learnt how the lesson plan should be written down, refreshed some organisation moments, what shou
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In unit 15 we covered Evaluation and testing, the different ways of evaluating our students levels and progress.It also mentions general external examinations. The idea of having a test is very import
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Unit 4 was a much straight-forward, practical approach. It provides excellent explanations and examples of activities and techniques for teaching vocabulary and language structure. The engage, study,
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This Teaching Receptive Skills is really useful for my teaching reference. Actually, before I taught for adult students I have done almost the techniques like this mentioned theory, but no TESOL certi
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From this unit, I have learnt that the role of good teacher is tantamount to a good student. If the teacher performs his role very well, he is sure to have a good student. A good teacher should make l
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In this unit I learned about the present tenses: Present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. This unit explained each very well with charts of the affirmative,
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In this lesson "Teaching Receptive Skills" I learned about the importance of having students learn reading and listening. I learned that reading can be easier for students than listening because it ca
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I felt the information regarding lesson planning was ok; but then adding the grammar part become confusing because I was expecting to continue with just learning about lesson planning, not more gramma
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A very good overview of the difference between teaching young learners and business people...theirneeds, motivation, etc. Helpful hints in the preparation of and teaching materials necessary to addres
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This unit was informative in instructing how to manage classes effectively. I've learned about how to use my body language, seating arrangements, TTT and STT, and self-discipline to ensure good class
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Fall Creek
This unit helped me recollect the grammar that I had learnt earlier in my education. As the introduction part of this unit rightly pointed, often as English language speakers we use different parts o
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Falls City
This unit provided two videos of lessons. The first video clearly demonstrated what NOT to do in an EFL classroom. The second video showed some more effective teaching techniques. The first video por
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Classroom management is one of the most important issues in teaching for me. I've been waiting for this unit since unit 1 when I learnt various roles of the teacher. Unit 5 content will help me a lot
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This unit was helpful in explaining how the different grammar structures in past are used. It was particularly useful the information about how to use the past continuous, the past perfect and past pe
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Something I learned in this lesson was the fact that students will be reading and listening through a filter of whatever prior background knowledge they have. This is why it would be important to buil
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