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This unit was about past tenses, their form and usage. There were also examples of useful activities for the activate stage in an ESA lessons. The unit also focused on common mistakes/errors made by s
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Adair Village
The good qualities of a teacher include being a manager, prompter, facilitator, monitor, assessor,organizer,tutor,model and participant in the classroom. A teacher should know when to use each quality
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I have learnt that a good teacher needs to know how to interact with their Learners to keep them interested in the lesson , to make the student feel good about himself and encourage but not spoon fee
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As I experienced to teaching English with a purpose can be more annoying and terrifying than it looks like, I was a student in a class where We were supposed to know more about how to sail a boat, thi
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Both, receptive and productive skills are very important. Reading and listening, where learners do not need to produce language to do they receive and understand it. These skills are sometimes known a
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I think a good teacher can deliver a good atmosphere in the classroon and make great students. It is important to know the needs and abilities of each student, and know how to motivate them. A teach
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Agate Beach
Unit twenty one covers the topic of Modal verbs, phrasal verbs and the passive voice. In my opinion and considering the year I have studied phrasal verbs are by far the most difficult things to master
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This unit was on what makes a good teacher and the roles they have in class. The other part of this unit was on what qualities a good learner has, their levels of language ability, as well as what mot
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I have learned through this unit that planning my lessons is not essential but very helpful. This unit is a good reminder about how to do to have an efficient lesson: being organised, communicate with
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SOME OF THE CONTENT HAS NOT BEEN VERY NEW FOR I HAD SEEN MOST OF IT BEFORE,therefore it is good to brush up the knowledge very useful notions which are from everyday life . GRAMMAR PERSONALLY SPEAKIN
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There is much nuance to both learning and teaching English. Two skills that a teacher needs to teach and that a learner needs to learn are: reading and listening. The teacher needs to take great care
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Teaching is always an adventure;most of the times it is rewarding but sometimes it can be frustrating. One of the main aspects of teaching is to know "who" are to teach,therefore set the best options
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classroom management it means the skill of managing and organizing the class in different ways. the teacher has a vital role in this management.he or she needs good eye contact, voice and gesture. gr
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Unit 6 visually projects the study in the previous units in action. To begin with, it is essential that a teacher introduces his lessons in a manner that they're understood by all the participants in
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Sjoe, This was an overwheling unit. I did not know there were so many parts of speech. I found the task at the end very helpful, I will be refuring to them as my revision notes. Noun-name of somthing.
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From this unit we have learned very important things.Firstly,the qualities of a good teacher and then the roles of a teacher.Qualities of a good learner and what basic factors are responsible on that.
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Concerning this unit one of biggest issues teaching this language is finding ways to teach the tenses not overwhelming the students with details which are not connected to the target language being ta
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The first unit was very informative in that it isolates the different roles of a teacher. Language exists on several planes and the learning experience must reflect this. For example, listening to lec
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In this unit I learned how to teach a new language, English, to my students. I learned the factors and techniques to pick and teach vocabulary. I also read about different activities I could prepare i
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In this unit, I have learned the fundamentals in teaching productive skills through speaking and writing. Why do people communicate and what are the actual reasons. Differences between accuracy and fl
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In This unit we go into grammar contents, the different categories of words we have, such as nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs , adverbs, prepositions, articles and conjunctions. they way they work i
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The topic of unit eleven was teaching receptive skills - namely reading and listening. These two skills are significant because they mean the entire one side of a conversation or discussion and are of
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Teachers and Learners This unit shows the main issues that occur in the interaction teachers/learners and provides with very important information and recommendations to use when in the classroom and
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I learnt the best techniques to achieve good rapport among the students. And now I know how to manage a class properly considering eye contact, gesture, the voice an using the student names during th
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The units, which are based on teaching skills are more difficult than units, which are about grammar of English. In both cases units gave us some information about how to teach, but as learner of this
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From beginning lessons to now, I have learnt that students are the center of the lesson, not teacher. The professionalism of teacher including: friendliness, well preparation, emotional control is ser
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Teaching receptive skills in very important in language instruction. The average students finds listing difficult because unlike texts or reading, they are not written down. That is why good comprehen
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In the first unit, I have learned about the requirements and expectations of a 'good teacher' and a 'good learner', the different roles of a teacher, different kinds of learners according to age or cu
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This Unit was helpful in reminding me about the benefits and disadvantages of Course Books and how good teachers will always be customising their lessons---picking and choosing appropriate content for
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Arch Cape
Unit 12 covers the teaching of the productive skills: speaking and writing. A section of this unit also addresses using games in the classroom and it provided a list of potential games to use. In the
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I have learned about all the different usages of future tense and their appropriate grammatical structures. These are very important in establishing the timeline of the subject of whatever you may be
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Well,We could see how important is good planning and smooth execution as well as teacher's attitude. In the first video we saw a teacher who was not motivated,did not care students'comfort ,He looked
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This was a great unit for the basics of language learning and the how to work the classroom. I believe I was already aware of much of it--and perhaps had already learned it as part of my language cou
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Finding the understanding and importance of the receptive skills helps to understand how to formulate a lesson plan to encompass all members of the class as well as understanding that you as a teacher
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Grammar is obviously something extremely difficult to explain to students especially when there are so many rules and, as often, "exceptions" to those rules. Making the learning of grammar fun with ac
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The content in this unit is to provide an aspiring teacher a clear understanding of what qualities and knowledge a good teacher should posses. A good teacher should be a highly motivated, animated per
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Parts of Speech This unit is undeniably a very important one and is presented in a very friendly way in order to understand the different parts of the speech by providing examples and explanations of
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The primary teachings that I took from the content of this unit are the two forms of receptive and productive skills in language use. I found the section about the specialist skills to be very useful
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This unit is very important in the teaching profession as some percentage of failure in the classroom results from indiscipline on the the part of both teacher and student.Its very key for teachers to
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Going over the Straight Arrow lesson is very suiting to this unit because like the lesson, this unit is straight in its content. It showcases various skills students may employ when interacting with E
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In this unit, I learned about teachers and students. With the teachers, I learned specifically the teacher's role, what makes a good teacher, and how to apply each role to a particular situation. For
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In Unit 2 I learnt a lot about the main parts of speech in English, their main types, exceptions. I found it very useful to have one basic rule while placing the adjectives as size-> age-> colour-> ma
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Unit related to materials and resources teachers may find adequate to propose ,develop and enlighten a class. As everything,there is no perfect recipe at the moment of selecting teaching materials but
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Baker City
Productive skills is the topic covered in unit twelve. These skills in my opinion, specially the speaking skill, are the hardest to master as they requiere the full atenttion of the students. Both ski
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This unit provided a lot of useful information about what is a good teacher, a good learner and the differences between adult students and young students. The most interesting sections were “Roles o
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Management of the classroom is important as can benefit both teacher & students at the same time.Simply just by arrangement of the seats, the whole learning experience can varies accoding to how activ
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In this unit I have learned about what a good teacher and a learner is alike. And I have become aware of the importance of the roles of the teacher and using the appropriate role in the right time. Th
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It is easy to get caught up in just giving an answer without second thought because it sounds right and it's the way you normally speak in conversation. Working through this unit it made me realise th
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Good description of the differences and difficulties students face between reading and writing, speaking and listening. Good insights regarding consideration of potential problems and how to overcome
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This unit discussed conditionals and direct speech sentence patterns. Communicating what someone else said, about an event or person in a different period of time, is difficult for even native speake
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