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As with Unit 4, this Unit seemed like a lot to take in, given that I thought I knew what the past tenses were for before reading it. I’m not sure I could have explained the past tenses to a non-nat
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This units talks about classroom management. How will you communicate with student with eye contact,gestures and tone of the voice. Also how will the students will work by group, pair work and the stu
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Buena Vista
Unit 17 is about the tool in teaching .As an online teacher I have used worksheets ,work cards, coursebooks, and online materials. I learned that traditional boards are the easiest and we can highli
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Bull Mountain
I feel that in unit 1, we are learning the basic but very important aspects of what a teachers knowledge should be when entering a classroom. From what to look for in a student and how to identify
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Bull Run
Unit four is a good overview of the present 'tenses': present simple, continuous, prefect and perfect continuous. The unit provided usage examples, and some examples of the typical student errors that
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In this lesson "Teaching Productive Skills" I learned about how to properly teach people to speak and write. SPeaking can be seen as the most important thing that student want to learn. Whereas writin
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Bunker Hill
This unit discussed a variety of techniques a teacher can use in the classroom. The engage, study, activate method was discussed in far more depth than the other techniques that were briefly introduce
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A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF UNIT 2 CONTENT AND LESSON ACQUIRED. In this unit 2,the content encompasses around the 3 terminologies always used in teaching and learning process; Theorie
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Burnt Woods
This unit of classroom management has been external vital. It has helped me reflect on classroom mistakes I have made on various occasions. it has also helped me understand the reasons why certain cla
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Butte Falls
The unit provides a balanced approach for explanation of the receptive skills and the methods of teaching these skills in class. For developing reading and listening skills it is vital to teach studen
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About this unit I learnt that course books usage, in this unit also I learnt about the advantages and disadvantages of coursebooks, I truely believe that they are really important tools but a teacher
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This item has been relativily easy to me, since I believe I am sort of strong in this department. Anyway, it is always useful to recall some basic grammar point, which sometimes are in our long term m
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The most important point that I took from this unit is that establishing good rapport with students on the day of the teacher's first lesson, whether it's a new or existing group, is vital to the succ
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Camas Valley
Yeah, I kinda didn't expect those questions related to Straight Arrow ESA lesson. I guess I'm did a lot of mistakes because of my lack of attention. And still I cannot realize why I need to write a re
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Camp Sherman
This chapter was very informative as to how to structure a lesson. I enjoyed learning about the different methods and how they have helped to develop ESL lessons. I personally like the PPP method, as
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In this lesson we practiced and reviewed the different types of present tenses. Sometimes it is difficult for us teachers to explain some of these in a clear and practical way for students to learn an
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This unit provides an overview of the different teaching methodologies that can be implemented in a language class, as well as the different approaches, structures and activities that can be used to e
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Cannon Beach
Speaking and writing are productive skills used for communication and with it, writing requires a greater deal of accuracy while speaking requires a greater deal of fluency. They are both equally impo
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Canyon City
This module shows two videos of classes with different approach of teaching. The first one displays ineffective style of teaching which created a negative learning atmosphere among the learners. Conve
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This class probably is the most difficult class, I have had after starting preparation for being teacher. Because in daily life I just based on my listening experience during years, which I gained by
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Cape Meares
The future tense is a very challenging topic because it contains many complex forms. Learners usually make common mistakes and it's advisable that the teacher teaches this topic using two forms that a
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Unit 10 had two videos, in the first one you can see a teacher with a bad attitude towards his students, he didn't empathize with them, he was acting like he wanted to leave as soon as possible and he
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Unit 8 gives the reader a look into the second part involved with the acquisition of language. Both integrated skills are necessary to become fluent with any language though communication can be argue
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A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE "UNIT 6” CONTENT AND THINGS I HAVE LEARNT. The content of this unit titled “VIDEO LESSON” covers a demonstrating “ESA” Grammar lesson in two c
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As i told for receptive skills, the same importance must be given to productive skills. Writing and talking are both important, in the same way. But in my experience, i've noticed that writing is a sk
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Learning about the differences between receptive skills and productive skills has been pretty important to me. I've been trying to imagine how to compose my lessons, while i'm working on this course,
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An effective teacher uses course materials which is relevant, easy to understand and would suit to the specific needs of the students. There are lot of ways or means on how to deliver a class using co
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Cascade Locks
As far has enjoyment is concerned, this has been my best unit. I have learnt English for myself too. It has been a really long time since I studied tenses and now I now have more quaalities to teach
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Cascade Summit
This unit was about comparing two videos of a teacher teaching an actual class. The first video demonstrated a class taught with a completely disorganized, impatient, and confusing manner. The teachin
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in this unit, I have learned about the importance and fundamentals of teaching methodologies in details such as grammar - translation, audio - Linguism, PPP, Task-based Learning, CLT CLL and the Sile
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Cave Junction
This content goes in depth about the basic grammar. I learned how all verbs are not the same. Ex: transitive and intransitive verbs. Nouns also have countable and uncountable verbs. I learned how to
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I Feel like I learned to teach in a theoretical way. Therefore I will attend for sure some schools to stay as an observer when I received my TEFL certificate. Thus I will have for sure enough experien
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During this unit we had an approach of different teaching methodologies. The choice of methodologie will depend on many factors; It could be chosen by preference, but the context, the personality of
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Unit 10 discusses evaluations and assessments in the classroom. It is important to assess the language skills of the students at many different phases of their learning experience. When first beginn
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Cedar Hills
Classroom management is a vital skill that every teacher requires.An ever-smiling teacher oozing great confidence with a positive attitude can create a major shift in the classroom. A teacher needs to
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Cedar Mill
This unit is very interesting for understanding of different teaching methods and a variety of activities offered for the ESA metodology put forward by Jeremy Harmer. A teacher can use either "Straigh
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Celilo Village
Past tense has a similarity with present tense. Past tense is divided into past simple where by actions are completed at a definite time in the past .Next is past continuous which occurs as a result o
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Central Point
In this unit I learned a lot about the specific parts of speech and their usage. I did not previously understand what a gerund was, but now know it is a verb plus 'ing' when its used as a noun. I als
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From this lesson I learned how to plan a lesson. how to structure a lesson plan and it is important to keep it simple and try not script it. It is important to write down anticipated times in the marg
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As it was stated on the introductory unit, teacher-centered lessons are less common now, and I think the different methodologies approached by this unit stand in that way aiming on having the students
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Unit 3 showed many different ways in which to control and focus a class. Moreover, it stressed to me how important it is to strike a balance between the student's free reign and experimentation with t
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The unit content is so much useful that I don't have enough words to describe it! The samples of the ESA lessons are just priceless! Honestly, I have already mentioned that unit 3 about methodologies
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I learned a fair amount but not nearly as much as the last chapter. It was very helpful to understand how and when I should use and teach certain vocab activities with the class and the ways to do it,
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Cherry Grove
Unit eight presents the usage of the future tenses which are alway complicated to teach as they are really similar to one another,having only small differences that can confuse students and teachers a
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This unit covered when choosing vocabulary what helps you to determine what words to choose. When teaching the grammar from your vocabulary which structures are important. And the functions for using
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One of the primary lessons that I acquired from the content of this unit is the importance of identifying a student’s motivation and then nurturing that motivation for success. The language levels p
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Teaching theories, Methods and Techniques featured in Unit 3, focusing on EFL methodology, mistakes and feedback. Among the various methodologies outlined, the ESA method of “Engage, Study and Activ
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This unit covers the roles of teachers, what makes effective teachers, the motivation of learners, and the broad stages of learning a language. My interest lies in what motivates learners, as I believ
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Christmas Valley
Learning the vocabulary of a language is one of the most enjoyable parts I have found. I was interested to read on the difference between receptive and productive words when referring to vocabulary. T
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Books and Materials This unit presents a very clear description about what really happens in the classroom concerning the use of books and materials. On one hand books can always help a lot, especiall
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