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Methodology Overview was really understandable when I first started reading UNIT 3. Various methods and approaches let me understand in which case I would want to use in my lesson. However, it depends
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Present Tenses give different ideas in teaching students also correcting their mistakes in order to avoid them in the future. Students must not only remember its structure, but also we have to explain
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County Line
Unit 2 is all about different structures for the classroom, the styles of teaching to be used between different age groups, and methods of teaching. Structures of the classroom includes ways to arrang
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Unit 5 gives clear examples and explanations for each part. For instance, classroom arrangement for me was useful. I have figured out many more useful instructions. Well, now I could highlight the maj
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Reading and listening skills are as equally important as they require a lot of basic knowledge of English. Also, it helps improve English levels through practicing both skills. From the unit, most of
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Teaching new language gives clear clues so that during the lesson Teacher may have a general idea about the sequence of the lesson. It may also help to acquire English language easily as the target la
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Visual aids are always important in teaching part. It could be really boring to have teacher-centerned speaking all the time during 50 minutes. With visual aids like videos, photos, listeing materials
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Crane Hill
Unit 3 held a lot of really great information about course development, and different types of tests that can be used to gather different types of information about students. The unit included informa
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Good evening! Well, being honest this Unit was breathtaking, surely I believe that I coped with given tasks above easily. Now, I strongly believe that my lessons will be smoothly and in consequent ord
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This time i enjoyed watching video lessons. Moreover, I liked the way of grammar presented. Many gap-filling activity were usewd during both lessons. Particularly, Grammar was accurately splitted up i
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I found this unit highly informing, providing many key foundations for lesson planning and an overall approach to conducting lessons and engaging students within the classroom environment. It covered
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This unit covered key content regarding the 4 aspects of the present tense, particularly focusing on how to understand, teach and explain the english conjugations and the contexts in which they are ap
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I figured out techniques for indicating and teaching stress, also many more useful informations were in Unit 13. Certainly, pronunciation is very important while we are teaching students. Not all stud
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In Unit 14 here are written major key factors which teacher's can rely on. Certainly, not all of course books could interest experienced teacher. I totally agree that everyday if we follow what course
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I figured out that at the beginning of the course, it's necessary to identify learners language level with a help of Placement Test in order to classify them by the right class. Furthermore, knowing w
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Most of students find these theme complicated. They start comparing with their mother language. They mess up all the constructions. Some of them seem interested in the given information whereas others
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Cullman County
Unit 4 discussed a lot of different kinds of materials that can be used in a class. This includes lesson plans, and authentic and non-authentic materials. Lesson plans are useful as they help you to t
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This unit covered a myriad of class management skills necessary to structure lessons to run as smoothly, efficiently and effectively as possibly, as well as preventing deviant behavior and maintaining
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This unit covered the 4 forms of past conjugation of verbs, the parameters of their use, and how to teach them. I found the unit very clear and informative, especially the algorithm layout indicating
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I find this Unit more useful and interesting to read and analyze. First of all, teaching beginners, one-to-one students, children and business people seem to me familiar. As if this Unit was written f
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Dale County
This unit mainly describes the ways and methods of teaching vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions.While teaching the vocabulary , for example, the ESL teacher should pay attention
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This unit focused on the the different approaches and considerations required when teaching vocabulary, grammar and functions. Each require a slightly different lesson structure, and the teacher must
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The purpose of this Unit is to help future TEFL teachers understand the importance the teacher/student relationship is to a success of the teaching and learning process. If, as teachers, we can better
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Going through this particular unit was a bit of a challenge for me even as a native speaker of the English language, as many times we tend to overlook the importance of grammatical rules. However, aft
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Understanding teaching methodologies and techniques gives future teachers the tools to be able to make lessons plans that are not only relevant to the group they are teaching but that the lesson is pl
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Dauphin Island
This unit describes such ways of expressing future tense as Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, Present Continuous? Present Simple and "be going to". Future Si
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This unit was about how how the Tense system is used as a way to reflect time when speaking or writing. Tenses are also a way to properly convey ideas, thoughts and information by helping the speaker/
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This unit emphasizes how essential proper classroom management is to the learning process. Moreover, it points to how classroom management is not characterized by how dictatorial or controlling a tea
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The intricacies of language can sometimes give the impression that language learning is a rather tedious process. In fact, having to learn the grammatical blue print of a new language can scare anyone
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De Armanville
This course aims to give ideas and opportunities that relate to teaching English to young learners. The objectives include; - creating a teaching syllabus; - having an understanding of the general r
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The purpose of this unit was to provide future English teachers with strategic and productive ways of teaching vocabulary, grammatical structures and the functionality of the language in daily activit
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According to this unit, the future tenses are more flexible than the present and past tenses. It also seems like the future tenses can be interchangeable, in other words, it can borrow from the prese
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Deer Park
Synopsis - - General theories about learning and development from infancy to maturation - How do we learn languages? Both native and other languages - Skills students want and need from teaching
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DeKalb County
This unit covers benefits of writing the lesson plan and gives the example of proper lesson structure. It’s important for the teacher to write the learners goals and teachers personal aims for each
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Having the ability and skill to create lesson plans can be of benefit to the teacher and students. As a new and inexperienced teacher, having the skill to plan a well organized, coherent, and an ove
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In this unit, I was required to watch two videos that depicted a teacher teaching a lesson using incorrect teaching techniques while the second video depicted the teacher making use of proper teaching
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When a teacher is constructing an ESA lesson plan, there are four basic skills that are essential to the students' ability to learn a new language. When a lesson is being prepared, the teacher must ma
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This unit focused on the teaching of productive skills: speaking and writing. Much like receptive skills, productive skills also require that the teacher keeps in mind various techniques that will aid
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As native language learners, we have the tendency to ignore or give little thought to the building blocks that make our language what it is. This unit was focused on one of the most important building
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According to the information presented in this unit, there are various sources that may be use for TEFL classroom instruction. They are: authentic material, created material, and the course textbook.
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Dixons Mills
Authentic and non authentic materials Materials are anything we bring with us to the classroom to aid us in the teaching process. Examples - worksheets, communicative activity sheets, used for using
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This unit familiarizes the teacher-to-be with many of the exams language learners will have to take throughout their learning journey. In addition, it emphasizes the importance of these tests in deter
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Dodge City
This unit contains two video lessons of the same teacher to the same students. It is absolutely obvious that the first lesson was not successful at all because of many errors teacher made like starti
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The content of this unit focused on conditional statements and reported speech. Conditionals refer to the use of "if" statements. These types of statements usually infer the possibility of an action
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For those who are learning or teaching a language, the 21st century has completely revolutionized the way language is learned and taught. There has been a bombardment of technological advances that h
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This unit offers an in-depth look at the grammatical framework that goes into using a sentence or phrases, how they differentiate from one another, and in which situations to use it’s various forms.
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Double Springs
This unit contains information about receptive language skills such as reading and listening and brings up ideas how to develop receptive skills. There are so many problems with listening and reading
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The content of this unit has given me a clearer understanding of the needs that specific groups of students will have and how to better assess and meet those needs. For example, the needs of a regular
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This unit covered the complexities of future tenses, their different formations and uses. I found this unit particularly difficult, as the divisions between functions of each tense are not particularl
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This uni covered the general structure and function of lesson plans, and informed on how to design and utilise a lesson plan. The unit accentuated the need for lesson plans to be flexible, adaptable a
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