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Fort McClellan
I have learned once more that lesson planning plays a huge role towards having a well balanced class. Research is always important to do with regards to your age group and as well as the language leve
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Fort Mitchell
Planning is essential in everything you do. Whether it is with regards to your lesson plans or with preparations for the country you would like to teach at. This last unit has provided me with a lot o
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Fort Morgan
In Unit 1 I got a good overview what to expect in the next Units. I'm really excited to learn about all the units. It's also interesting to know what 'young learners' are, and how they act, what the
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Fort Payne
This unit presents general information about modal verbs and their usage , moreover, it covers phrasal verbs as well, defining and non -defining relative clause.As for phrasal verbs also covered in t
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Fort Rucker
Unit 2:Teaching and learning.General theories about learning and development from infancy to full maturation.How we learn languages both L1 and other languages.Language learning versus language acquis
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to know this chapter it is very important. a lot of students struggle more with writing than speaking. it is most common to change many things and it not make sense. the teacher needs to create the
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This was one of the hardest chapters yet. It really didn't make sense instill I study for and looked at more examples . I never really thought it would be broken down to the symbols like it was. St
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Frisco City
Unit 3:Course development.Level testing and needs analysis.Common European Framework banding scale (CEF)Level descriptions.Sample of level test part 1(5-9 years old) part 2 (9-13 years old).Limiting
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the most important part of this chapter is to know when or when not to use certain materials. when dealing with different levels of students you have to focus on how to get the students engaged and r
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this chapter was one favorites because it really showed different ways to test all your students. as well as a number of different ways to assess your students level of understanding . the three mos
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this chapter talks about five different types of conditionals. it also talks about direct speech and reported speech. when using the"If" clause it contains the condition that has to be filled before
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the information that this chapter contain was extremely helpful for when in classroom. it really helped me understand the benefits of the possible things we could have access to in our classroom. th
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This chapter gave me a lot of important information. The biggest thing is how you actual put a sentence together and making sure you have a phrasal or clauses and how you can put the both of them to
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This chapter was very beneficial for me because it really broke down the different types of students. It can range and be very different in how you teach the class. I never knew that there were so m
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this chapter helped to understand that most likely you will be faced with troubles in the classroom. now how you handled the trouble will better understood in this chapter. first, is getting to bui
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This unit is a basic overview of expectations of what good teachers and good students should be as well as explaining levels of language learners. One of the key factors to take away from this unit is
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This unit focuses on parts of speech.When speaking your native language you do not necessarily think of word order or the specific functions of the words as you say them, however it is important to kn
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This unit explores different techniques and methodologies of teaching, providing examples and advice of when to use what. A key point to consider when developing lesson plans and activities is that a
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Garden City
Unit 4: Materials.Material available for the use in the classroom and how it can be put in use for our planning of the lesson.Sourcing this material both in written and electronic version.The most eff
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This lesson details the different forms of present tense and how they are used as well as providing common mistakes students make and ideas for activities. Learning tenses is the first step past learn
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This unit is focused on classroom management pertaining to grouping of individuals, a teacher's domination of the classroom, and disciplinary action. The main takeaway from this lesson is that teacher
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This unit pertains to the different forms of past tense, their usages, common mistakes made by students, and activities to help teach the different forms.I think it is important for a teacher to have
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This unit focuses on three core areas of teaching a new language, vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. Each of the three areas are taught while keeping in mind that students should understand
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Geneva County
Unit 5: Teaching themes.A range of different strategies and themes.Songs,chants,music,games,using stories,arts and crafts,drama.Lesson plan samples.For younger learners use rhymes rather than pop song
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This unit covers the different future tenses, form, how they are used, and how to teach. One of the big points of learning in this unit is learning the specific distinctions between the tenses, on a d
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This unit pertains to lesson plans, what are the uses for them, and how to structure them. This information is critical in that teachers need to be able to have a sense of what direction their class(e
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In watching the two lessons it is easy to see how a teacher' technique and attitude can change the classroom atmosphere. In the second lesson students were less confused and more engaged compared to t
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Glen Allen
This unit presents info about teaching different groups of students from young learners to company employees.As for young learners variety of activities and games are suitable to keep them interested
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This unit introduces receptive skills, reading and listening. It discusses why reading and listening is used and the different skills that can be employed to achieve the desired goal(ex. scanning for
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This unit focuses on the two productive skills writing and speaking, pointing out difficulties of the English language and its different usages in writing or speaking. The lesson emphasizes the use of
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This unit focuses on pronunciation, how words are said, and how to teach the intricacies of English pronunciation to students. Having been in many language courses I have witnessed some of the techniq
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Good Hope
Young Learners are learners who are younger than 13 years of age. Teaching young learners involves much more than teaching the language. Rather, we will be focusing a lot on managing their behaviour a
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This unit is focused on casebooks and lesson materials. As teachers it is important to know how and when to use certain types of materials in the classroom. If a teacher teaches directly from the cour
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This unit covers testing, the different kinds of tests and how and when to administer them to students.Testing is very useful to teachers in that it can be used to evaluate students skills and knowled
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This unit focuses on conditionals and reported speech. While the grammar is a bit complicated it is grammar that is used on a daily basis, that being said, it is best to teach these concepts slowly as
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This unit covers the different types of equipment and teaching aids in the classroom. Most people are familiar with whiteboards and OHPs but when it comes to language learning using cameras and voice
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Gorham's Bluff
English teachers who wish to teach young learners must be aware of the challenges and difficulties they may encounter, and prepare accordingly.Teaching young learners demands a great deal of creativit
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This unit covers modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. This unit is important in that it covers grammar that help students transition from simple subject verb sentences to more complex sentences, w
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This unit focuses on teaching special groups. There are differences in methodologies when teaching children versus teaching business people. When teaching different groups its important to know what t
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This unit covers common problems teachers may face in the classroom. Classroom size, motivation and level of students, first lessons, and difficulty with listening to audio can all pose potential prob
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Grand Bay
This unit covers common problems ESL teacher might face during his work .For example, there were lots of useful advice on dealing with reluctant students in the classroom like using role -play or gro
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The content of this lesson was oriented around identifying and implementing good teacher and student behavior in regards to teaching and learning English as an additional language, respectively. I fee
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Grayson Valley
As a teacher, we need material to be used in the classroom for learning process. There are two kind of materials; authentic and non-authentic. Also we need to make lesson plan. A good lesson plan con
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In this unit I had the opportunity to learn about a variety of parts of speech ranging from pronouns and prepositions to gerunds and adverbs. I found the comparisons between adverbs and adjectives in
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Green Pond
Teacher can build teaching around activities and physical movement.Link language learning to physical activities by having children use and hear English for making things, drawing pictures, completing
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In this unit, I learned about a variety of teaching methods, as well as how to structure a class using the "Engage, Study, and Activate" method. I was able to gain a better understanding of how to tra
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In this unit, I had the opportunity to learn about the present simple, the present continuous, the present perfect, and the present perfect continuous. I found the explanations of the differences betw
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In this unit, I learned a variety of ways to manage a classroom, including how to organize it, how to best attend to students' needs, and how to balance the amount of time that teachers and students s
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In this unit, I learned about the various past tenses consisting of the past simple, the past continuous, the past perfect, and the past perfect continuous. I found it useful to compare the structures
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Grove Hill
If you are serious about being a capable English teacher, your main goal should be for your students to be successful. In order for them to achieve their best in their English classes, you will need s
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