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Bon Secour
This unit was a good final segment to the course. I appreciated the solutions to some of the common problems that teachers may experience in their lessons. I also thought that the tips offered for dea
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This unit taught Roles of a teacher, where we learnt how to participate while teaching, we learnt qualities of a good learner which helps for both teacher and students to learn during the lesson. we a
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A complex unit requiring careful study of the form and usage of the tenses being examined. Initially difficult to recognise the correct tense in the sample sentences but repetition begins to reveal pa
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The 'Managing Classes' unit covers a wide range of options for class layouts, student management and behaviour. However, the extent of alternatives both in terms of students personalities and the teac
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The Unit on Past Tenses complements the Present Tense Unit by focussing on prior actions, whether on their own or as part of a more complex multi-action sequence. Some of the tenses, such as 'continu
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In this unit we got a detailed study of how to manage a class. Managing a class is very important task for a teacher.Its very important to make a rapport, understand teaching techniques, understanding
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The 'Teaching New Language' unit addresses the various ways in which teachers may select new language and present it to students via the ESA method. Various options are offered for effective use of th
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In this unit we learnt that as a teacher what are the important things to keep in mind while introducing grammar and new words. A lot of examples with different process have been explained which make
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In this unit we got a good understanding of future tenses and few present tenses . Their types i.e Future simple, Future continuous,Future perfect,Future perfect continuous,Present Simple, Going to f
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The future tenses module is the most complex and potentially confusing module to date. With seven tenses in common use there are a wide variety of meanings that are possible, encompassing many nuances
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In this unit we learnt the teaching techniques very well. There were two videos with completely different concepts about how to manage a class. We saw it practically how engage , study and activate st
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The 'Lesson Planning" module was particularly useful in reemphasising the components of the ESA - Engage, Study, Activate. The variety of actions that can be included in each element of ESA can be con
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In this unit we learnt the productive skills i.e Speaking and Writing. it explained various activities which can be performed in a lesson for students to focus more on their fluency , accuracy and wri
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The video lessons unit can be difficult to appreciate at times since the variation from video example one to video example two is not always clear cut. Nevertheless key elements that the two videos d
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Apart from emphasising the importance of both the receptive (reading / listening) and productive (speaking / writing) skills in the teaching process, this module analysed and clearly focussed on the n
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In this unit we learnt how the evaluation and testing is done while teaching. With knowing the process of teaching its equally important to know how to evaluate and test what the students are actually
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Bristow Cove
This unit is describing teaching techniques,methods as well as ways of correcting students' mistakes and suggesting some interesting activities for each stage of the lesson. As far as I understood fr
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The Productive Skills unit is valuable in emphasising the importance of speaking and writing since effective communication requires not merely comprehension of language directed at the student but the
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Brook Highland
This unit contains lots of useful information about present tenses, and I 've got a good chance to review this important part of grammar .There are 12 tenses used in English ,4 of which help us to ex
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In this lesson we learnt the different teaching aids. for e.g., OHP, DVD/CD players , view camera, radio etc. It is explained well that how each detail helps in teaching, weather it is a computer aid
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In this unit we learnt about Modals & Passive voices. The modal auxiliary verbs which consists of true modal auxiliary verbs and semi- middle auxiliary verbs are explained well in the unit. it gives a
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The Pronunciation and Phonology unit was particularly useful in demonstrating the different sounds possible in language. With students' language differences arising from differing nationalities and re
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The Course Books unit was useful in identifying the advantages and disadvantages of course books and making it clear that while professionally produced, they may not always fit the particular class or
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This unite consisted of the different roles a teacher have in her\his classroom. I learned that its important for me to know these roles, and also when to play the different roles. It also talk about
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This unit consisted an overview of the English grammar. It mentions the different rules but also "unwritten" rules one just have to learn by heart. It gives examples of nouns, main ones also uncounta
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This unite discuss the different methods there is of teaching. Something I find interesting because we are all very different. I enjoyed particularly the one about being active as well as learning the
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This unite consist of different tenses, that we use in our daily English. It mentions affirmative, negative and question. I like the good examples used so I would completely understand what it talked
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This unite talk about eye contact and gesture. To not eyeball students but still keep eye contact that you see them. Also it mentions the gestures, its easy to forget and point at students, but thats
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This unite talks about the past tense. I like that it was short and not to much information to take in. It made it more simple to handle. There is four different tenses it talks about in this unite,
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Buena Vista
This unit contains helpful infomation on how to keep the class in order and how to establish the rapport with the students. For example, the teacher should seem confident and make an eye-contact with
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This unite talks about teacher the vocabulary. How it can be done and also what vocabulary to teach since it needs to be in some sort of order. And also to think about what vocabulary the students nee
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Bull Slough
This unit describes four past tenses such as Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous and their usage.Past Simple is mainly used to describe facts, actions happened in th
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This unite is about the tense system. It takes about 7 different tenses the students needs to know. 1. Future simple, 2. The future continuous, 3. The future perfect, 4. The future perfect continuous,
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This unite shows how important it is to make a good lesson plan. It is also important for future use, to see the progress of you're self and you're students. Also incase of sickness and another teach
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Burningtree Mountain
This unit gave a brief overview of the course and what the expectations are--both what I can expect to learn and also what is expected of me. It gave me an excitement in realizing that at the end of
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Burnt Corn
This unit helped to identify the unique styles of learning that exist, as well as identifying how different age groups learn differently. It described some of the models of teaching and learning that
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It was quite interesting to view them both. I had a good laugh at the first one. We can start at the beginning, video 1: no introduction either of him self or of the students, while in the second movi
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This unite is about listening and reading. The both are quite important things in order to learn a new language. There are two different ways we listen and read, its for a purpose or for entertainmen
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This unite is about speaking and writing. It mentions the difference between accuracy and fluency. They both are important. This unite gives also ideas of games to play to practice both fluency and ac
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This unite was about intonation, where does our voice raise and fall. This is good for the students to know when they want to ask questions or make statements, whether their voice should raise and fa
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This unite is about the material we choose to work with in our classroom. There are many ways of teaching and they are all right. It is up to the teacher how much time he\she wants to spend on the mat
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This unite writes about testing of the students. There are 4 ways that are mentioned in this unite. That is placement test, which is given by the start of the school in order to see the students knowl
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Calhoun County
This unit was helpful in understanding why assessments are necessary and helpful in students reaching their maximum potential in a class. Without a good grasp of when to give assessments, which type o
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This unites is about conditionals, and they are divided into five different groups.The groups are zero conditionals, which is "if/when + present tense, present tense. First con. if + present simple, w
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This unite had a lot of information about the classroom tools than can be used. It gives a general benefits and negatives with it's use. I find this type of information a little waist of time. Because
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Camp Hill
This unit helped me to know what resources are available to English teachers and the strengths and weaknesses of various types of resources. It also helped me to understand the value of lesson plans
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This unite is about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. The modals are used accordingly to want emotion and how polite you want to be. These is also a very good chart with this words. I like this
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This unite talked about the different levels my students might be in. They where divided into different groups all from young beginners to adults. Also students without the Roman alphabet. Then there
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Carbon Hill
This unit was very helpful in having more resources for teaching all aspects of English. I now have so many more resources to help with pronunciation issues, or reading and writing struggles, or list
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This unite talked about first lessons. How to make you're students feel welcome and to motivate them already from the start. You want to take the time to get to know them, and not dive into the books
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