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Teaching is a continuous process with a determined objective or particular skill level as the desired outcome. Thus it is important for the teacher to know the starting point of the students as far as
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The structure of a sentence is similar to a puzzle. If all the pieces fit, then you are able to see the positive result. However, if you are unable to piece them together in the correct order, then yo
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Through this unit, I was able to learn, understand, and use the different steps of creating an effective lesson. If a lesson does not follow the steps listed within Unit 3, then it will have a higher
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The Conditionals and Reported Speech unit is one of the most difficult to master and needs numerous revisions to establish an understanding of the various rules and options. Conditionals provide a lar
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The main point of this unit is to explain and understand a classroom environment. Through a proper environment, students will have a higher chance of being able to gain the knowledge they are there to
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Effective teaching can be complemented by the effective use of equipment and teaching aids. This unit provided a comprehensive list of typical aids that can be used to augment the engage, study and ac
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The Modals, Phrasal Verbs and Passive Voice unit is one of the most interesting units in that the use of these elements significantly adds to the range of meanings that verbs can have and thus extends
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Cedar Bluff
Though I already know the country I plan to teach and many of the facts about that country, it is helpful to read these and realize what is important to know when entering into a new context. It is a
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Center Point
In this unit 1 I learnt that ITTT is one of the best providers of onsite and online TEFL training in the world. Now, I'm also aware about the TEYL course content. I could also learn that a young learn
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As with the previous unit, this unit focuses on Future tenses which, as stated previously, is something native speakers do not think about when speaking, reading, and writing. In regards to using the
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This unit was different from the other units that we have previously covered. In this lesson, we were able to use our prior knowledge from prior lessons into making a lesson plan through the questions
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Each video showed a very different way of teaching. The first lesson put me on edge and made me very uncomfortable on the teacher's approach. While in the second lesson, he was a lot more friendly and
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This lesson might actually be one of the most important lessons for students, in my opinion. Knowing the differences between scanning, skimming, deducting skills, predictive skills, and finding detail
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The principal value of the unit on Teaching Special Groups was to review and understand the various issues that are likely to arise from teaching various groups; from beginners to business (English Sp
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English classes will inevitably consist of many different types of students in terms of age, motivation or existing language skills. Thus there are sure to be a wide variety of issues and problems enc
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This unit is focusing more on the detailed teaching aspects in teaching a new language. Vocabulary, grammar and language functions are considered the most basic knowledge of learning a new language. T
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Testing is very important for several reasons. For one, testing is important because it shows how much a student knows, or doesn't know. Another reason would be to place a student in the appropriate l
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Cherokee County
What i have learnt from this unit 2 is that there are differences between L1 and L2 but L1 will interact in the Learning process of L2. The communicative approach, with a serie of discrete sections (e
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Within the English language, a person can express themselves through a variety of different ways. Those ways were listed within this unit with First Conditional, Second Conditional, Third Conditional,
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In today's classroom, technology is extremely important. Even kindergarteners nowadays are able to effectively use most technology. Therefore, they tend to become bored and disinterested when technolo
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Chilton County
What i have learnt from this course is that for the first meeting with learners, i will examine level testing and the need analysis for those learners.There are different type of syllabus. The syllabu
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Depending on the society, needing to use the different forms of a sentence, such as formal and informal, becomes very important. For example, in Asian and Hispanic societies where they practice Confuc
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This unit has been the most relevant for me, since I am aiming to teach younger students. It was very enlightening in regards to how younger students view adults, as stated in the unit that "Children
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This unit might be one of the most important units in this whole course because it deals with the everyday situations which can be encountered within the classroom. The interactions a teacher has with
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This section is very useful for teachers who may be uncertain of which role they can and should use. There are teachers who only settle into one role. That is detrimental to both students and the teac
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This is a very well organized and clear presentation of grammar. This unit is useful for a review for teachers who may have been teaching a certain level for a long period of time. It is necessary to
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This unit explains methodology. The methodologies covered are: Grammar-translation Audio-lingualism Presentation, Practice, and Production Task-based learning Communicative Language Teaching Community
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The unit deals with present verb tenses. It explains: Present Simple Present Simple Continuous / Present Progressive Present Perfect Present Perfect Continuous The unit covers: Form Usages Typical stu
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This unit introduces classroom management. It includes eye-contact, gesture and voice; grouping students; classroom arrangement; board-work; giving individual attention; using student names; teacher t
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This unit deals with past tenses. The unit explains: Past simple Past continuous Past perfect Past perfect continuous Each one is aided by an explanation of: Form Usages Common mistakes/errors Sample
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This unit deals with teaching vocabulary and language functions, as well as introducing grammatical structures. We learn how to select vocabulary, what students need to know, and techniques for vocabu
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This unit covers the following: Future simple Future continuous Future perfect Future perfect continuous Be going + infinitive Present simple Present continuous This is a very clear review of these te
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This unit addresses lesson planning. It imparts the following: Reasons for planning lessons How a lesson plan should be written Being organized What a lesson plan should include Monitoring the lessons
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This unit demonstrated two lesson videos. One was successful and the other video was not successful. The first video was not a good lesson because it was disorganized, rushed, and the explanations wer
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Coats Bend
In this Unit 4, I have learnt that the materials (authentic or non-authentic) is to aid the teaching process. It is important to focus on those 3 areas: the the teaching point, the mechanics of the cl
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This unit covers teaching receptive skills, which are listening and reading. The lesson explains: Reason for listening and reading--two reasons are purpose and entertainment, sometimes both together.
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Coffee Springs
From this unit, I have learnt that teachers can put a range of very different teaching strategies or themes. Songs, chants and music can be used for all ages and levels but not in the same way for par
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This unit is concerned with reading and writing--productive skills. It explains reasons for communicating. Then the unit delves into accuracy vs fluency, both being of the same importance, but each on
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This unit deals with pronunciation and phonology. There is a definition of phonology. Stress, rhythm, and intonation are defined. Phonemic symbols are charted. Articulation is explained. Then, there i
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This unit addresses the use of coursebooks and lesson materials. Often, a school will select the coursebooks and he teacher has no choice in that. The school may force the teacher to use the courseboo
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This unit describes evaluation and testing. It covers ways to evaluate students: Tutorials Evaluation by students Tests Types of tests are: Placement--this test helps the student get placed in a level
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This unit deals with conditionals and reported speech. These two items are some of the most difficult things for students to learn, and perhaps the most difficult things for teachers to teach. It is d
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This unit offers a variety of ideas on the use of equipment and teaching aids. The unit covers: The board--blackboard and whiteboard--and the newer interactive boards (IWBs) Overhead projector (OHP) V
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This unit covers modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. Modals can be used in a variety of ways: Obligation Possibility/Probability Permission/Prohibition Ability Advice Teaching the students which
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Conecuh County
From Unit 6 i have learnt that teachers have to bear in mind the differences of cultures. Teachers must have a knowledge about the country and follow the rules. When you look for a job, it is essentia
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Cook Springs
As an introduction to the course, I feel that unit 1 gives a good understanding of what the following units will include and provides a clear and concise outline. The unit gives a lot of important inf
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This unit deals with teaching special groups: Beginners Absolute beginners False beginners Adult beginners Young beginners Beginners without Roman alphabet Individuals Children Business Engl
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This unit covered Troubleshooting: First lessons--This unit dealt with establishing rapport with a new class and an existing class. Warmers--A very important part of a class is having a warmer, so tha
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This Unit gives transparent explanation regarding Teacher's role during the lesson. Frankly saying, all of these information mentioned above I have been using in my own practise but I didn't really kn
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It's very important to observe other classes and reflects on your own lessons. For most of the times as a new teacher, it's still a challenge to follow your own planning and maintain a good flow of t
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