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Authentic and created teaching materials as well as the course book should be balanced in order to provide the most effective studying. Based on my personal experience, a colourful, bright and interes
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The fruits of any activity must be visible and measurable, otherwise it may feels like wasting of time. Both students and a teacher put lots of efforts to archive a certain level in English and it is
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As the student's speech becomes more complicated and the number of situations in which the language is used increases, there is a need for the use of new grammatical forms. Since human existence is in
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Learning a foreign language in the modern world is an exciting and fascinating process as well as teaching it. Many traditional methods aimed only at mindless memorization of grammar tones are gone. T
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Phrasal verbs are a unique grammatical phenomenon peculiar only to the English language. It is not surprising that every student wants to master their application, because they make speech as close to
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More and more people are eager to learn English and of course it is necessary to be able to apply pedagogical skills when working with different groups of students. It is important to take into accoun
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This unit had a lot of information in it that took some time to get a grasp of. The different types of phrasal verbs were probably the hardest section of the unit as they were most unfamiliar to me as
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As a teacher of a foreign language, you constantly have to face a variety of difficulties. The ability to solve them and get out of difficult situations determines the professionalism of the teacher a
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I have learned that being a good and effective english teacher, I should possess the qualities that I can share to inspire my students. An effective teacher should have a good personality to be respec
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In this unit, it was reminded to me that grammar is important to fully express yourself to other people you are talking to most especially if you are going to teach students. We cannot fully understan
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Alabama City
This unit introduced the program in general. It listed the different units, and highlighted important aspects. It also highlighted introductory concepts, such as the different acronyms used when teach
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Alabama Port
In this unit, we focused on how students learn and the best ways to teach them. The unit began with learning and development theories. It explained the Maturation theory, the Environmental theory, the
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A teacher should learn the different methods and techniques that he can use based on the capabilities of his students. Each student has different motivation and drive in learning the language, therefo
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I have learned that the tense system is one of the most difficult area of studying english for students and teachers alike. That experts can prove that there are only two tenses that exist which are t
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Being an outgoing person is not enough to perfectly manage a class. It requires deep analyzation of the different scenarios. A teacher must be firm in his words and should do what he says otherwise he
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This unit is about future tense with its different forms. It is a bit confusing compare to the previous tenses (present and past) because of the additional tenses expressing present forms. Nonetheless
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Alexander City
In this lesson, I learned about ways to create a course for young learners. To start, I learned about needs analysis and level testing. This helps the teacher know where the students are at and what l
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Vocabulary and grammar are two things that a sentence needs most. Without these kinds of words no one can construct a proper sentence because the meanings that a person would want to express is in voc
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This unit primarily outlined the importance of having lesson plans, although, some theorists say that this is not a good approach as this creates more rigid and teacher centered lesson. But personally
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It was made clearer to me that planning a lesson is important as it serves many important functions. Some people don't believe in the goodness of making one but after learning this unit, I was encoura
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The videos helped a lot to have an overview on the effective way of teaching and at the same time show the unfavorable way. With the two videos shown, it can be observed how the attitude of the teache
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Unit 11 discusses about the teaching receptive skills which are reading and listening. In total, there are four basic skills in language, namely, reading, listening, speaking and writing. All these sk
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It was made clear to me that the purpose of writing and speaking is mainly for communication and interaction purposes. Therefore, the students should be taught of the proper way of speaking and writin
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This unit discussed about the other 2 out 4 skills to be developed as well as different games that can be incorporated in the lesson. These are the productive skills, namely, speaking and writing. Hav
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It was stressed that a course book can be used specially by inexperienced teacher but shouldn't rely on it throughly. He must adapt changes and differences based on his students abilities/level of kno
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Although, it is common that English teachers always incorporate pronunciation drills in some point of their courses, it only covers mostly the basics and commonly used words. However, this unit helps
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It is very interesting to know the various course materials that you can use throughout the English course, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the course books. This could be very helpful
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This unit discusses the conditional and reported speeches which will be useful for communicating with different persons. The description and examples given were helpful to understand the different for
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Anne Manie
In this unit, I learned about using materials and lesson planning. I learned to consider materials that were available to me in certain situations and how to use them. I also learned how to find mater
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Though complicated, this unit discussed an important parts of the english language that most of the time are neglected and forgotten. Modal verbs are used depending on the intensity, fomality, certain
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Different kinds of students were introduced and was made clear what they might need in studying english. A teacher must know what his students need in english specifically. Different approaches need t
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Problems while teaching english is likely to occur atleast once in a class. Knowing how to deal with those problems is important as it helps the teacher controland maintain harmony in his class. Tips
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What I've learned from this unit is child and people on general will have different learning styles and a good teacher will do his or her best to address all needs. They would fo this by making themse
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To be able to teach effectively and to engage student in every class, various teaching aids and techniques were presented. These are very helpful to know the different materials that can be used in ea
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This unit discusses the last topic for grammar in this course. These cover the modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice, as well as phrasal verbs and relative clauses. It is helpful to know in deta
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This unit discussed about teaching special groups as well as the different types of classes. It is good to know the latter in order to become aware of the needs of the students for each groups. Some t
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In this unit we have started to cover tenses and especially how to teach them with various examples. I have learnt 2 things which i find the most important. First of all , when we were learning englis
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As important it is to know what you're teaching , it is just as important to teach it in the right way. There is a psychological aspect to teaching which one should try and master. This unit covers th
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The unit consists of the following tenses: present simple, present perfect, present continuous and present perfect continuous. The unit also provided information on sample activate stage ideas one can
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This unit helped me understand the teacher and student relationship better, by going in depth with instructions as to make the lessons more effective. I also understand the importance of building rapp
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I believe that the above-mentioned methods have influenced current TEFL practices because the focus of second language teaching nowadays is more student-centered. Gone are the days when teachers used
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A unit which explains how to structure a lesson. We are now putting together what we have learnt so far to draw up a plan we see most fit to structure a lesson , keeping it exciting , varied and inter
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Classroom management and management of student conduct are skills that teachers acquire and hone over time. To be sure, effective teaching requires considerable skill in managing the myriad of tasks a
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We have taken a look at the two receptive skills - reading and listening. We have understood the reasons for reading and listening ( for a purpose or for entertainment) and have been given the differe
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This unit gave an overview of the past tenses used in the English language - past simple, past perfect, past continuous, and past perfect continuous. I learned that there are many different usages wit
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One thing I learned about in this lesson was the importance of a balance between receptive skills and productive skills. Another thing I learned was that pre-teaching vocabulary is good for preparing
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Autauga County
In this chapter, I learned about different methods and strategies towards teaching. This lesson mostly focused on creative and arts-based activities that can be incorporated into many different lesson
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This unit covers what materials a teacher should use the effectively teach English to his students. These materials vary from authentic materials (use of everyday information - typically found in news
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This unit gave an overview of the future tenses used in the English language. I learned that there are many different usages within each future tense and it is important for English language learners
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Unit focuses on the two productive skills speaking and writing. The unit looks at the difference between accuracy and fluency and also discusses activities that can be used to encourage speaking and w
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