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Grove Oak
This lesson was a bit more difficult for me than the previous ones. But it was also the most interesting and useful one. Not only the theory (the methodologies, ESA lessons etc.) but especially for al
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In this unit, I had the opportunity to learn about the different ways that vocabulary and grammar can be taught using the Engage, Study, and Activate method. I found the overview to be particularly he
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In this unit, I learned about the various future tenses consisting of the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, the going to future, the present simp
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Gulf Shores
This unit was a good chance to review the ESA structure of the lesson. As for me, I have learned that desks arranging is very important when working with kids, so they can both see the board and also
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In this unit, I learned about lesson planning. I learned about general structures that I could use to develop a lesson plan and how I could organize it to cater to students and time constraints. Howev
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Gum Springs
This unit has been quite easy for me as I have been teaching English for about 12 years and I think tenses are the base stones of learning English. My experience is that without at least a basic knowl
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In this unit, I was able to view two videos demonstrating the differences between ineffective and effective teaching methods and strategies. I was able to learn about some approaches that could be use
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In this unit, I learned about receptive skills and how they could be implemented into a classroom. I found the explanations and examples to be helpful in bettering my understanding of how the lesson s
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In this unit, I learned about productive skills and how to incorporate them into class material. I appreciated the detailed examples of speaking and writing-focused activities, as they gave me a bette
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In this unit, I had the opportunity to learn about a variety of pronunciation techniques and phonemes. I found the content on phonetic scripts in particular to be incredibly difficult, as I was unfami
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In this unit, I had the opportunity to learn about how to select books and material for lesson planning. I appreciated the detailed guidelines on how to best meet the needs of students by considering
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In this unit, I learned about different ways of evaluating students to best meet their language development needs. I found the detailed explanations of the various forms of testing to be particularly
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In this unit, I learned about the differences in tenses between direct and reported speech. I found this unit to be particularly difficult, as there were not a lot of examples given illustrating the d
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In this unit, I learned about different resources and technology that could be used to supplement and enhance lessons in the classroom. I found the detailed explanations of the various uses of interac
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In this unit, I learned about the passive voice and the three different types of phrasal verbs. I found the explanations oriented around the passive voice to be detailed and beneficial to my understan
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In this unit, I had the opportunity to learn about the different types of clients that teachers instruct and how each type can be best approached and catered to. I appreciated the detailed guidelines
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I have learnt how to teach students speaking and writing skills from this unit. This unit contains the information about speaking activities. I have understood which activities a teacher can use durin
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This unit introduces the roles and characteristics of both teachers and learners. A breakdown of levels of language proficiency are provided. I found the pros and cons section on teaching different le
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This unit was a flashback to elementary school. I remembered most of the concepts, as grammar was taught well and early to me. I had forgotten all the categories for certain things such as countable a
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This unit introduces different teaching methodology, but focuses on the ESA methodology. ESA can take a straight arrow, boomerang, or patchwork approach. ESA method is engage, study, activate. Engage
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There are four present tenses in English. The present simple is used to express habits and truths. The present continuous describes actions happening in the present moment. The present perfect is used
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This unit discusses many aspects of managing a classroom. The importance of using gestures, eye contact, and teacher's voice in order to establish rapport is emphasized. The pros and cons for classroo
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Hazel Green
I think that making lesson plans is still my weakness. I usually don't like making them because I'm an adept of the improvisation. But after this unit, I have understood the actual needs of it. Also,
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There are four past tenses in English: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous. The past simple is used to express actions that began and ended in the past. The past contin
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This unit explains how to use the ESA method to teach vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. It also reviews the straight arrow, boomerang, and patchwork lesson plans using ESA method. Vocabular
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Unit 8 focuses on the future tense which has seven forms, three additional to the present and past tenses. The three additional forms are the going to future, the present simple and the present contin
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This unit taught the importance of lesson planning and the steps on how to plan lessons. It is a good idea to have a lesson plan as a working document and record of the class, but at the same time a t
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I really enjoyed watching the two videos, though the first was hard to watch as the instructor was disorganized and critical. The second video showed a good example of an effective study phase with ga
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Henry County
This unit is focused on arranging/managing classes, like seating in the class and teacher´s behaviour. Creating pleasant, friendly atmosphere, support students to use language actively, being optimis
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This unit focuses on receptive language skills: listening and reading. I have never thought to divide language into receptive and productive skills. The receptive skills can be used for a purpose or g
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Highland Home
a very curious unit, especially about the traditions or customs in different parts of the world. Can't tell that the information about making a CV was new for me as I know enough about human resources
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Highland Lake
This unit was about differences in the main teaching parts - teaching vocabulary, grammar and function. To be honest, I sometimes forget the last part of these so this part of the unit was the best fo
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Highland Lakes
Learning and developmental theories discussed were Constructivists, Maturation, Environmentalists, and Cognitive Developmentalists. The learning environment can play a big role in helping students lea
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This unit discusses the productive language skills of speaking and writing. The differences between accuracy and fluency are discussed. Accuracy is using correct language. Fluency is allows students t
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This unit describes the various ways to teach pronunciation of words and emphasizes that it is an important aspect of language to teach however difficult it may be. The unit covers stress, intonation,
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This unit discusses the uses of authentic versus creative supplemental materials as well as pros, cons, selection criteria, and how to use guidance for course books. The pros of using a coursebook are
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Hobson City
I have learned that there are a lot of factors that go into course development. Sometimes, it is out of the teacher's hands as to what material needs to be covered because of testing requirements, but
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This unit discusses the types and purposes of various types of testing. Placement tests are given at before starting a school to determine the level students should be in. Diagnostic tests are similar
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Hokes Bluff
I learned in this unit that authentic materials are ones that have been produced for a purpose outside of the classroom and that non-authentic materials are those that were made to be teaching aids. L
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This unit discusses the grammar of conditionals and direct speech to reported speech. Conditionals come in five forms from zero to three and then a mixed form. The difficulty with converting direct sp
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Hollis Crossroads
This unit gives an overview of what the young learners course will be like. This unit explains the content of each section and gives and explanation of common terms used throughout this course. The un
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Holly Pond
In this first unit I was given a clear picture of the course contents and the study points and objectives of each unit. I also learned what the term "young learner" refers to (usually children between
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This unit provides tips on using equipment such as interactive whiteboards, video cameras, CD/DVD, dictionaries, etc. and then provides lengthy list of online resources. I found the section on the ove
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This unit discusses modal verbs, passive voice, and phrasal verbs. Modal verbs express ability, obligation, certainty, requests for permission. They can show degrees of certainty and add formality to
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This unit discusses how to teach four special groups of students: beginners, one-on-one, young learners, and business English learners. There are several types of beginner students. One-on-one learner
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Holy Trinity
In this unit, we studied some theories of learning and development, such as maturation theory, environmental theory, constructivism, and others (for example, Piaget's Theory which consists of 4 stages
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This unit briefly discusses common potential problems in the classroom. It is important to establish rapport between students and between students and the teacher in the classroom. Warmers can be used
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Hoods Crossroads
Unit 3 deals with course development. The first step is to determine the level of the student or group by administering a level test. Level tests are usually graded, which means that they start with e
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This unit taught me qualities that make up a good teacher and a good learner. It also details different teaching styles and roles, emphasising that they should be used flexibly, based on the stage of
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Hope Hull
Unit 1 gives a detailed outline of the contents of the Young Learners Course. It includes an overview of the goals of the course such as developing critical thinkers who will determine their methodolo
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