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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

In this unit, I was required to watch two videos that depicted a teacher teaching a lesson using incorrect teaching techniques while the second video depicted the teacher making use of proper teaching techniques. The first time I watched the videos, to my surprise, I was not sure which version showed the correct way to teach a lesson and which did not. Once I watched it a second time, I started realizing the difference between the two. The first fact I was able to recognize was how a well carried-out lesson, as well as the teacher’s attitude, can have a profound effect on the overall classroom atmosphere. I noticed that the students’ attitudes, their effectiveness as learners and the efficacy of the lesson are directly linked to the effectiveness of the teacher and how well he/she is able to implement proper teaching techniques. These factors, consequently, have an effect not only on the students’ willingness to participate but also on their ability to learn. In the first video, the teacher seemed disinterested in getting to know his students. He dove straight into the lesson without giving the students a chance to “warm-up”. He was also a bit mean-spirited through the lesson. He mocked a few students for providing erroneous answers a few times. During the activate phase, he did not provide clear instructions. For this reason, there seemed to be some confusion during the activate stage, nonetheless, the students did their best with the little information that was provided. In the second video, the teacher did completely the opposite. He politely introduced himself first thus creating a good rapport and probably easing the students’ fears. He also showed a bit more care and kindness towards his students. He also spoke in a slower pace which made the lesson and the instructions given, throughout the lesson, easier to understand. Consequently, the students seemed happier and more willing to participate in the lesson. Watching these videos was an eye-opening experience, for now, I am able to fully appreciate the importance of having the right attitude, a good lesson plan, and proper techniques as a new teacher and how it can really make all the difference between an ineffective classroom and an ineffective one.