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Horn Hill
This unit is focused on future tenses in general, their form, usage, mistakes/errors and ideas. These grammar lessons are quite easy for me but very useful for the ideas for teaching the appropriate t
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This unit contains the information about course books and lesson materials. From this lesson I have learnt which kind of materials a teacher can use in the classroom and also how is better to use cour
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This unit went through different teaching styles and methods. it first outlined all the different styles of teaching and then zoned in on a few that were said to be particularly useful for EFL teachin
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This unit covered basic tense form and went into detail on the present tense. It detailed different forms of the present tense in their affirmative, negative and question form. The unit also covered b
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This unit covered classroom behaviour and detailed techniques for managing classes. Ways in which to use things such as voice, gestures and students names was included and examples of scenarios where
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This unit contains the information about different equipment and teaching aids that a teacher can use in the classroom during the lesson. From this unit I have learnt how to use the board proper, what
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This unit covers techniques used to teach new language. it is split into techniques for vocabulary teaching, techniques for introducing gramatical structures and techniques for teaching language funct
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This unit covered the future tense. It divided up the future tense into different forms and explained the forms of each for affirmations, questions and negatives. It then detailed occasions of usage f
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This unit covered lesson plans. It started by listing the functions of lesson plans and then listed the basic principles of lesson plans. Things that should be included in one's lesson plan was then d
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Indian Springs Village
In this unit, I have learnt about different learning and developmental theories and approaches which is very useful to have it on mind before organizing a lesson. This unit makes also a distinction be
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This lesson consisted of two videos depicting two different lessons with varying degrees of success. In the first lesson the teacher did not explain properly the basics of the language being studied,
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This unit covers the two receptive skills - reading and listening. Specialist skills needed to both read and listen are detailed. Then, common problems that arise with students teaching and reading in
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This unit covered techniques with productive skills - namely speaking and writing. Reasons for communication were listed, with an emphasis on the need for the teacher to create this need and desire wh
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This unit covered pronunciation and phonology. Intonation and how it can affect the meaning of a sentence and the fluidity of speech was covered alongside what common intonation patterns convey. This
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This unit covers the use of course books and other lesson materials. It starts by describing the differences between created and authentic materials., giving examples of each and why they may be used.
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This was a very helpful lesson for me. I have heard of other methods, like PPP, so the ESA was interesting to learn about. It seems easier for beginner teachers to understand and apply. The flexibi
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Jackson's Gap
This was a remarkable unit with a lot of interesting learning. I got to know a few new learning theories such as cognitive developmentalists, maturationists, and others. Since young learners fall into
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This unit covered reported speech and conditionals. First types of conditionals were covered with five forms given alongside their usages. Teaching ideas for conditionals were included with games and
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This chapter does bring out new ideas for me to consider when organizing lessons. It will help me focus on those items that are necessary for the students to know, and under-stress those items that a
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This grammar included the passive vice, modal auxiliary verbs, relative clauses and phrasal verbs. Each type was covered in its various forms with example, usages, common errors and teaching ideas inc
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Jefferson County
This unit and even the test were the most difficult for me so far. It is about planning lessons, which is not difficult, I do it almost every day (including weekends sometimes) but completing the for
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This unit covered teaching special groups. It started with teaching beginners. explaining what to look out for in terms of teaching and methodology, possible problems and motivational issues. The unit
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This unit covered different categories of problems that can arise in EFL lessons. It looks at the cause of issues resulting from large classes, listening activities, students at varying levels and new
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This chapter was a tricky one. Knowing the future tenses can include present tense verbs was an enlightening experience. Consequently, there are many ways to talk about the future, even with present
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Ot was difficult to watch the first lesson. To see all the mistakes the teacher made, and how confused and frustrated the students became. It was especially troubling to hear the teacher mildly bera
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I found myself really impressed with the different types of methods to teach English, through the lesson I began connecting the dots between the methods and teachers I've had in the past and lessons w
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This lesson supports what I tended to believe -- that listening and reading are critical for the language learning process. From these two, students can learn more vocabulary and improve their abilit
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I found this unit interesting because, as a writer, i am curious how writing can be taught to ESL students. I found writing to be fairly easy, so it was good to know how and what to look for in a wri
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This was a brutal chapter. The terminology alone was enough to make my head to spin. I understand the critical value in teaching pronunciation, but still... But then, to make matters worse, was the
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The information about ancillary materials was helpful. I always fail to realize that there is an amazing amount of support materials to make the teacher's life easier and the student's studies more i
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I learned about the use of shall since I studied all my life with the US model I sometimes find it difficult to use the correct words with England speakers. I found really interesting, in these lesson
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I find it sometimes difficult to remember exactly how to relate present lessons to past ones, but by "drilling" them over and over in each new lesson I find myself remembering or having to go back and
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watching someone give a class gives you a better perspective of why something shouldn't be done, in the first lesson even I felt attacked and I think that caused the lack of participation from the stu
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The conditionals were a challenge in the past, but here, the presentation laid out the differences in an easy to understand format. Thank you very much! I can now feel more comfortable teaching this
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La Fayette
The first video was a real suffering for me, I felt so angry to the teacher and so pity for the students. The second video was nice to see. It was nice and useful for me to watch somebody else teachin
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Lacey's Spring
This unit is about teaching reading and listening, the receptive skills. It mentions the necessary skills that should be practised, which problems may occur and how to avoid them, preparing a pre-teac
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I found it really helpful to see the different types of things you can do to teach speaking and writing, I sometimes do them at the same time and it has proven more difficult, with this unit I see lea
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Unit 5 Managing classes: A lot of this unit for me personally was common sense, but the area in which I learnt from was Establishing rapport in particular in regards to the last question on this unit.
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Lake Purdy
This unit is again, more or less the same as the ‘Business English World’ unit in the Business English course. It talks about how we can find employment in other countries, designing a resume and
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Lake View
This unit focused on teaching speaking (which is more common for me) and writing (which is not much popular by most my students, but there are some exceptions. It was very helpful in summarizing the p
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Unit 7: Teaching new language. This unit covered vocabulary, grammar and functions. I feel like I have gotten a good understanding of how grammar, language functions all contribute to learning a new l
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Unit 8: Future tenses. In this unit I learnt about the 7 most common future tenses; The future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, be going + infinite, t
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Unit 10 Video Lessons: In this unit I watched two videos with different styles of teaching and could see how they impacted the class. In the first lesson I feel like the content the teacher was teachi
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Le Moyne
This unit was focused on phonology and pronunciation. The part dedicated to pronunciation was quite fine for me. Students are not usually pleased to do these kinds of exercises but they do understand
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Lee County
This unit is focused on the material used at lessons. The material can be divided into coursebooks and others (created or authentic). For each of them, there are mentioned pros and cons, including som
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Unit 13: Teaching pronunciation. This unit really helped me to understand how difficult some of the words in English are for somebody who's native language is more phonetic in comparison. I Realized t
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Unit 14: course book and materials: From this unit I learnt the balance between when its good to use course materials and when it's not, for example I would have never taken in to account the fact tha
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This unit is an eye opener to me. I have learned the different types of learning methodologies, its applications and the pros and cons. Though there are some methods that I have been using already in
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I have an experience Teaching English to Korean Students but reflecting on my experiences, I think I didn’t teach my students effectively. I didn’t know much about the different teaching methodo
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The materials in this unit gave me more and new ideas in classroom management. It enlightened me about the proper gestures, voice production, and how I should call the attention of my students by call
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