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Unit 13 covers pronunciation and phonology. There is a lot of information presented in this unit including phonology, stress, articulation and the phonemic alphabet. The unit also looks at how to teac
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Unit 14 looks at course books and other materials that can be used in my English language lessons. The unit discusses the differences between authentic and created materials and why and when each shou
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Unit 15 looks at different ways of evaluating and testing your students and the importance of doing so. Types of test covered include placement tests, progress tests, diagnostic tests, and practice te
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This unit covers conditionals and reported speech. Both language points can cause difficulty for English language learners and teachers alike. The unit outlines the structure and use of the conditiona
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A teacher has many different roles in the classroom. From being a model of the language, to being a participant within the classroom, the teacher is always switching roles and often playing multiple r
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English has many parts of speech that can be daunting for both students and teachers. There are nouns which are essentially objects. Nouns are divided into many sub-categories including common, proper
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There are many different theories, methods and techniques to teach humans a language other than their first language. These techniques vary from very unnatural learning techniques such as grammar-tran
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For an EFL teacher and student, the tense system can be a bit of a hard concept to grasp. Of course, like any language, native speakers of English don't have to think about which auxiliary verb to us
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There are many factors that are involved in a successful, effective, and comfortable learning environment. Rapport between each class member including the teacher is essential for students to feel lik
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Identical to the present tense, there are 4 different forms of a verb in the past tense, simple, perfect, continuous and perfect continuous. Therefore, when learning the past tense in English, it is i
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Barnett's Crossroads
This unit covered the technicalities of teaching English in different countries. It began with the cultural issues that every new teacher should be aware of when teaching in a new place, especially wh
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Vocabulary, grammar and functions are often the basis of every language class. One or more of these concept will be the focus of every class and there are many different activities that can be effecti
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Bassetts Creek
The suggestions in this unit about how to teach new vocabulary and grammatical structures were very helpful. The ideas for what I could do with my students as far as activities for each of the stages
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Battens Crossroads
This unit is, of course, a part of the necessary information about teaching verbs and grammatical tenses which makes it useful to people like me who will be teaching English. As English is my first la
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Bay Minette
This unit discussed learning theories as to how language is acquired and taught which was interesting. It explained the various structures to apply to a lesson but always including ESA. It highlight
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Bayou La Batre
The Unit 1 constitutes a unit of introduction of the course about teaching English to young learners. It clearly describes how the course works, the purposes and the objectives of the course. It expla
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The English future tense is quite difficult because not only are there the 4 forms as previously mentioned in the other tense units, there are 3 more forms that can describe a future action or occurre
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Bear Creek
This unit helped to explain how children and their language ability are categorised according to different educational bodies. It discussed the relevance of testing to gain an initial assessment and
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Unit 17 explains modals, phrasal verbs and passive verbs. From this unit I learned a summary of the difference in structure between the active and the passive voices. It also overview modal and semi-m
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You can see a major difference in the teachers and the students attitudes within the two lessons. The first lesson, the teacher is very all over the place with not much structure, causing the students
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This unit focuses on the two receptive skills, reading and listening. It provides examples of activities that can be helpful when practicing these skills within a classroom. It is important to have th
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This unit looks at speaking and writing as productive skills. A major focus of this unit is looking at fluency versus accuracy. When practicing speaking and writing both fluency and accuracy are very
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Teaching proper pronunciation, stress and intonation is ofter overlooked in classrooms however is an important aspect of learning and understanding English. If a student has proper pronunciation it al
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Belle Fontaine
This unit covered lesson planning and highlighted the need for a comprehensive written plan. It outlined the basic structure of such a plan and the various materials that can be incorporated within
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Belle Mina
This unit was my favourite so far in relation to feeling like I am learning things that will help me to be a good teacher. It was interesting to learn about all of the different components that make u
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Many materials can be used during English lessons and it is important for a teacher to provide a variety of sources to keep the classes interesting and current. Authentic material, created material an
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There are various tests used by teachers to get a gage of the level of their students allowing them to prepare material for classes suitable for that level. Placement tests are usually completed in th
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Unit 16 explains that there are 5 types of conditionals in English. Zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, and mixed conditional. Each time a conditional is used,
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Teachers can use a range of technology and equipment in the classroom to aid learning and keep the students interested in the content. A variety of the tools listed can create an interesting and motiv
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Unit 18 come across other forms of teaching, 'Teaching special groups', which includes beginners, individuals (1-to-1), young learners and Business English learners. In this unit I found a difference
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I’m extremely grateful for the review of first group lesson, warmers techniques, teaching different levels students in the same class, teaching large classes and difficulties with listening. Even th
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Bibb County
This lesson was very helpful in demonstrating how a class might be taught. It was informative to see the techniques that the teacher used, with both how he used them and how the students responded to
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Big Cove
This lesson was useful in detailing the different types of skills aside from grammar that teachers demonstrate and instruct the students in. Reading is something that I personally really enjoy and hav
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There can be different problems that arise within a classroom and it is important tackle these issues in the correct way. More often than not a problem can be dealt with quite easily, it's just knowin
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In this unit I have learned about the characteristics of a good teacher and a good learner. I agree with the conclusion of the unit that a good teacher will most likely have good students as a broad v
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This unit served, for me, as a review of the parts of speech. It reinforced some past knowledge and taught me again about things I have already forgotten. I have forgotten that verbs have two types:
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The content of the Theories, Methods and Techniques unit provides a sequential (and to some extent chronological) description of major teaching methodologies and provides comments on the relative adva
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This unit served as a review of the 4 different present tenses namely: Present simple - She eats/doesn't eat carrot. I eat/don't carrot. Present perfect - I have/haven't eaten a carrot. Present con
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Bladon Springs
This lesson was useful in describing the different types of skills aside from grammar that teachers instruct the students in. Writing and spelling can be difficult for ESL students and so the ideas in
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Blount County
This unit was admittedly interesting in the first part but a lot more scientific than I expected when it comes to the science of pronunciation and articulation. Despite some of my own struggles to und
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Blount Springs
I appreciated all of the examples of different created materials that a teacher might want to use in the classroom when they are teaching. It was also interesting to see some insight into the pros and
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This unit contained good inputs on classroom management, specifically how things done in the classroom can help maximize learning through discipline and order. In this unit, I learned anything done
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Blue Ridge
This unit was helpful in listing the different types of exams and their purposes as it relates to the students and their progress on their language learning journey. Seeing the example placement exam
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Blue Springs
There was a massive wealth of helpful resources for teachers as far as supplemental materials, useful websites, and good links that can be used to find extra materials. This unit clearly laid out the
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Past Simple: add d or ed to the verb (except for irregular verbs). Example, played or caught did not + verb + d/ed example, I didn't play football yesterday. Past Continuous: to be + verb + ing exa
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In this unit I learned how to best teach new vocabulary, language structures and functions. Important things to remember for teaching vocabulary are: -meaning -use -word grammar -interaction -spelling
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I learned that there are at least 7 ways of writing future tenses which includes 2 present verb tenses. The future simple: I shall/ I will + verb Example: I will eat at her place tomorrow. The Futur
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I have learned the importance and use proper lesson planning. It gives inexperienced teacher a practice on how to organize a class and learn to be flexible to the needs of the students during class ti
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This video lessons had been very helpful in showing me the concepts and theories being taught in the past chapters. The change in students' attitude has been great between the two ways of teaching. It
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Bon Air
This unit was very useful to me as I plan on teaching English to children. Knowing the dos and donts and some of the pros and cons of teaching beginners and a younger language level will be helpful mo
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