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Class management and effective classroom practices are discussed within chapter five. In order to optimize student learning, it is imperative for the teacher to represent a 'role model' figure to their class, but also allow the class to feel a level of relaxation and allowing the students to complete group work, pair work, or individual work. The 'role model' figure of the teacher aids in the student's understanding of the English language and its correct usage and pronunciation. The teacher is also responsible for providing clear and concise instructions to students and giving feedback. This can be demonstrated through the teacher's voice and enhanced through the teacher's eye contact, gestures, and usage of student's names. Grouping students into the entire class, small groups, pairs, or individuals has pros and cons to each. Choosing student grouping depends on the class size, the kind of activity being completed, and how much student talk time the teacher desires. Classroom arrangement can also affect student grouping. Using rows, horseshoe shape, or small tables depends on the class size, physical space, age, nationality, and students' personalities. Teacher position within the classroom is another important aspect teachers should consider when creating activities. Depending on the desired role of the teacher and expectations of the students, a teacher can either stand in front at attention or remain seated at a desk to observe and allow students to control the activity. Giving individual attention to a student can be beneficial to those who struggle with comprehending, yet the teacher needs to include all students in activities equally. A teacher that can provide a well balanced atmosphere between maintaining a 'role model' figure and allowing students to experiment with the English language will build rapport with their students. A mutual respect between the student and teacher will be established, which will maximize effectiveness of activities and lessons. A teacher should be selective in how to deal with behavior problems. Maintaining their temper, focusing on the behavior rather the student, and avoiding calling the student out in front of the classroom will be the most effective way to ending behavioral problems. Doing so will also build rapport and hopefully eventually end all behavioral issues in the classroom. In conclusion, it is important for the teacher to be able to read their students to manage their students and provide the most optimal learning atmosphere.