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There has always been much debate as to which language learning methods produce the best results. Although reproducing the same mental processes and environment that allowed a person to acquire their native language, also referred to as L1, The Engage Study Activate (ESA) philosophy was developed in the attempt to mimic this natural learning as much as possible. It is essential for teachers to know what sort of activities and exercises are best suited for each of the ESA stages. During all three stages of ESA it is important for the teacher to use elicitation techniques to encourage students to understand and discover the language themselves. The Engage stage should serve as a warm up and with the goal of peaking students interest and attention toward the lesson. The engage phase can include a review of previously learning material, especially if it can be linking to new material later in the lesson. Typical activities in the Engage stage include games, drawing, watching videos, and short general discussions. It is crucial that the teacher plan out this stage as to not run out of activities for the class. The Study stage will focus more on correct construction and usage of the language. The teacher should elicit as much as they can from the students to get them thinking critically. This is when the teacher should communicate the main points of the lesson through board work. This stage involves drilling on pronunciation, vocabulary worksheets, and small study groups. It is also great for the students to get feedback from the teacher during this part of the lesson. The Activate stage should have the students communicating with each other as much as possible with all of their language knowledge. Activities include role-playing, class discussions, writing, and short presentations. Teacher feedback is extremely important for students to be aware of how they are growing with the language. Giving praise is just as important if not more, than correctly mistakes and errors. An error is different than a mistake in that is it from a habit ingrained in a students thought pattern versus just a one time mispronunciation or misspelling of a word. Prior to teacher correction however, it is best if a student can correct their own work or to have students give each other feedback. Students should be exposed to the languages as much as possible. A good lesson will include each stage of ESA and arouse students interest and enthusiasm toward speaking and participating. Some well planned lessons will have multiple Study and/or Activate stages to reinforce learned material, though in general lessons should always start with an Engage stage and finish with an Activate stage. An effective ESA lesson plan will leave students feeling enlightened and confident about the lesson material and using the language.