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Speaking and writing are equally important in English language study (even though writing tends to be relegated to "less important" due to the quiet time needed to complete tasks). Both productive ski
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Speaking and writing skills are equally important. When it comes to accuracy and fluency they both play an equal part in learning the new language. It is important to enforce the accuracy of pronuncia
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This unit explains the origins and how each approach to teaching English as a second or foreign language is used. Each approach is given the pros and cons to how the lessons are are taught, from the o
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This unit outlines the roles of a good teacher and a good learner. It describes the different age and cultural differences that might affect a student's ability to learn and the way a good teacher can
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I am really starting to absorb the patterns between simple, perfect and continuous forms of the verbs. It has definitely been the most challenging part of the grammar units but the repetition is helpi
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A teacher should to be a manager in the class. First ,teacher should consider about kids addition in the class.and then according to the knowledge to arrange the class activity.the teacher can use eye
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This unit ran through content relating to the teaching of basic pronunciation of English sounds and by extension words, as well as factors of intonation and stress required to make language sound natu
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Course materials can be both teacher-generated and also from the course book. The course book has advantages in that it is tested and measurable syllabus, and it can offer some great ideas for teacher
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In Unit 9, the points I found most beneficial were in deciphering between the different materials, what I can use them for, and also making my own decision about what materials I would like to use now
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Teachers and students relationship in classroom,Learning students name will make them more involve in lesson and teachers should speak more slowly and clearly in the classroom.Teachers should use gest
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Unit 7, which covers vocabulary, grammar and functions, refers to a teaching method covered earlier in Unit 3, ESA, engage, study and activate. But first, the topic of vocabulary was covered. A numbe
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Unit 20 covered troubleshooting. First lessons, warmers, different levels, large classes, use of native language, reluctant students, and difficulties with listening texts were discussed. In a first l
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In this unit, I learned the importance of using different materials within the classroom setting. I learned the difference between authentic material and created material. I learned how both can be us
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I have learnt from this unit about different teaching roles which depend on the type of activity in the classroom and the purpose teacher wants the students to achieve. I have also learnt about qualit
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This lesson states that all 4 skills are equally important, and while that might be true for overall learning, I think it really depends on the aims of the individual. I'm teaching English, but I've b
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This chapter outlines how vocabulary, grammar, and function lessons compare to one another. Each requires a different approach depending on the content and level of the class. A low level class might
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Pronunciation is one of the least taught aspects of the English language because of the lack of confidence from teachers. Some teachers believe that pronunciation varies depending on the situation or
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Unit 20 has given me a breakdown of the potential problems I may run into when I begin my teaching career. Also has informed me on how to deal with such problems appropriately. Things such as first le
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ihave learned that a good teacher has to be keen to teaching english, he should be sensitive to the learners difficulties and needs. sometimes he will have to act as a manager someetimes a faclitator
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This was a fun change of pace from the normal lesson. Though the teacher does not jump around like an entertainer in the second video, he is able to keep the attention of the students with a quick pa
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This unit gives a deep explanation on the Present Tense It explains the four present tenses: the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and the present perfect continuous. We have a deta
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Warr Acres
In this final unit we learn a lot about the different forms of testing available; for example, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and the Cambridge Assessment. We also learn when to test students and why. For instan
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Warrior Run
There are three main branches of language that we teach: vocabulary, grammar and language functions. The first two are self-explanatory; language functions includes inviting, refusing, degrees of form
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From this unit I have learned the ways we can teach a new language by breaking it up into three main groups. Vocabulary, Grammar and Functions. We can easily apply ESA lessons to introduce our student
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I found Unit 13 very interesting because most of the information exposed is new to me. I learned what was the meaning and the involvement of the term phonology of the language. Throughout the whole un
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Differences between students mother tongue and English language may make it difficult for students to understand and use the last one correctly. Hence, it is very important that EFL teachers have a
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At first this unit started with the fact that for english teaching we consider 12 sentences, which start with past, present and future, then each of these have for forms: simple, perfect, continuos,
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Equipment and teaching aid help make it easier on both the teacher and the students since a lot of teaching equipment and aid are self explanatory. Teaching equipments help learners learn correct pro
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o make lessons more interesting and effective, the teacher can use several types of equipment. In this way, the lessons will be more varied and it won't be always necessary to use the textbook. The st
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This unit was quite challenging as I have not used this particular skill set in some time. It was a very informative lesson and I learned a great deal from this unit. I too, struggle with remembering
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Unit 12 discusses teaching productive skills, speaking and writing. Accuracy and fluency activities should be used and are equally important. Accuracy activities are generally used in the study phase
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In Unit 3: Theories, Methods, and Techniques, we learned about theories, methods, and techniques in lesson structure and delivering material to students as well as how to correct mistakes and errors.
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Unit 13 covers the topic of teaching pronunciation, and how an effective teacher considers that an integral part of a course, even though it is often overlooked. It also addresses phonology, or the st
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Testing in general is an integral part for teachers and students to measure their abilities. Teachers can see where they can improve in their lessons based on what students understood or didn't unders
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In this unit,I have learned some different kinds of EFL teaching methodologies such as grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, PPP,TBL, CLT, CLL... Also I got to know three important components in teac
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This unit discussed about the true modals, their uses and some examples along with that. it also mentioned some useful teaching ideas that you can use when teaching modals. The second part of the chap
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There are all ages and levels of learners, with many different factors motivating them to seek to learn English. In order to be an effective teachers of English I must be kind and patient, but I mu
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There is a lot to comprehend when talking about the past tense of the English language. The past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. These are all forms of the past ten
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I found this unit to be quite helpful. Practical examples would have been helpful in some situations, an example of disciplining a student in a specific situation for instance, but generally the guide
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I have learned that it is important to be kind and patient because learners need to know they are loved and supported through the learning process; this encourages motivation. It's important to balanc
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To manage your class in an effective and positive way, the teacher has to be able to use different skills. Being aware of these different skills( think of how to use your voice-eye contact-gestures-ho
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Whether you speak fluent English or are just starting to learn it is hard to grasp the in and outs of the English language. Knowing what a adverb, adjective, pronoun, or even noun is and how to use th
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This unit felt like a revision of the basics for parts of speech. It allowed me to recap some of the main points and examples that accompany each part of speech. The explanations and examples used in
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I have learnt a lot in unit 3. Now i know how can eye contact be used in the classroom. I know what is the effective and usefull ways of using gestures. I know that a good teacher's voice should chan
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West Alexander
In Class Management,issues like eye contact, gestures, even voice, are as important as type of grouping a teacher uses in a classroom. The way a teacher speaks (softly, loudly, quickly, slowly) is key
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West Brownsville
In this unit I studied the importance of the phonetics and how to teach it to students so they don't have a hard time understanding how to articulate the words in English. For students, this part of E
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West Conshohocken
In this lesson, I learned about the future tenses. A useful part of this lesson were ideas on how to teach the future tense. I will use the idea of having my student fortune tell. When I become an Eng
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West Easton
The Writing and Speaking unit elaborates on what are needed to convey a meaningful message both in spoken and written English and the necessity of using punctuation marks and the layout of writting a
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West Elizabeth
This unit was about the future tenses. You can express future meaning by using these tenses: 1. Future simple: used for making promises, threats, predictions, spontaneous decisions, etc. e.g: I’ll
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West Grove
Unit 3 explains how teachers can use eye contact, gesture and voice to have a positive presence in class. The pros and cons of various seating models are evaluated as well as different study models an
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