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West Hazleton
Past tense can be very difficult to learn, mostly because there are many verbs that are irregular. For students this can be very stressing or demotivating. For this reason is very necessary to learn t
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West Homestead
This unit is maily about: Evaluating and testing students I've learnt: We could assess a student's language level by Tutorials evaluation by the students and tests. It can be very useful to ask the
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West Kittanning
This lesson was important because receptive skills which consist of reading and listening are 2 of the basic skills needed when learning a language. As an English teacher, it is important for me to un
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West Lawn
Planning lessons has a number of important functions. Without being overly rigid, the plan keeps the teacher organized. The basic objectives of the lesson are recorded. Also, it records information ab
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West Leechburg
Productive skills, speaking and writing, are covered in this chapter. Although writing is the most neglected skill in the TEFL world, it is as important as any other three forms of communication skill
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West Liberty
In this unit I learned about pronunciation and phonology. Usually, pronunciation is the most neglected aspect of English language teaching, because teachers generally lack trust and training to teach
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West Mayfield
Unit 8 deals with teaching the productive skills speaking and writing. Accuracy and fluency are both equally important when aiming for good language skills. Some potential problems are pointed out, li
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West Middlesex
Unit 2 gives a detailed overview on different techniques and methods of teaching. It points out that the "ESA" approach is considered the most effective for new teachers of TEFL. Furthermore the ENGAG
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West Middletown
This unit gives a great example of a standard lesson you could use in your classroom. Depending the subject and the materials needed you can modify your lesson to meet the needs of your students. Some
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West Mifflin
This unit gives a very good overall description of what is expected of a teacher and what is generally expected of a student. It also explains the different levels of the leaners; for example, beginne
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West Newton
Unit 8 delves into the area of teaching productive skills. Speaking and writing are obviously integral parts of learning a language and the factors in influencing student participation are provided. N
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West Pittston
It's one of the tasks that is really demanding in our area and amongst learners and teachers. Learning that listening and reading can equally be taught in a similar way that was something i really acq
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West Reading
Unit 9 looks at materials and books to facilitate learning throughout the course. A difference in course materials is presented, which is the option of authentic or created materials. The benefits and
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West Sunbury
I am finding this all this grammar very intense and I am not sure if I will want to keep continuing on. I will carry on with the next lesson but will evaluate if the grammar is just more and more i
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West View
This unit explains the different types of course materials; thier benefits as well as their drawbacks. It describes what authentic and created materials are and lists examples; such as, crosswords, ro
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West Wyoming
From this unit, we have introductions for both teachers and learners. There are different roles for teachers during their classes and also some important points make a good teacher. What's more, we di
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West York
If I were a student in the class, I felt nervous because I was conscious what happened in the class with video . In lesson one, the students didn't understand at the beginning of the class because the
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In Unit 19, teaching special groups was in focus. Firstly, teaching beginners was discussed. Different types of beginners were distinguished. Tips how to teach them were provided, too. Secondly, teach
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Having been an English learner myself, I understand the differences in teaching style that are required when teaching different groups of learners. Now that I work only with Japanese high school stude
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Lesson planning is one of the most important ways to make it easier on both the teacher and the students . Some theorists suggest its not a good idea because a teacher can be more fixed and centered o
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Evaluating and testing the students is important to understand the students'level and progress. Using the different kind of tests will give the teacher the opportunity to gauge what kind of specific l
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From this unit I got to review the past tense definitions, which I had partially forgotten. It's always good to know teaching tips on what is the best way to help a student understand the definitions
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As a total newcomer to the course and the world of teaching, this unit has primarily helped me to understand the motivations of various students to learn English. I think that this is very significan
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This unit shows three main parts, the first one is what makes a good teacher and students. This part focus on the personality of the teacher and students throughout learning process in the classroom.
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This unit has given an overview of the the four versions of describing the present time, the present tenses, the present simple, present, continuous, present perfect and the present perfect continuous
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White Haven
Unit 3 covers the topic of managing a classroom and multiple avenues to succeed in doing so. To start, things such as eye contact, gesture and your voice are discussed. A balance of these must be achi
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White Oak
In this unit I studied the importance of the receptive skills, which are the reading and the listening. About these skills, I learned significant aspects that I have to consider when teaching a lesso
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This unit invites how to teach new language from three aspect, they are teaching vocabulary, introducing grammatical structures and teaching language functions. In my mind, the most difficult part in
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All tenses seems easy to understand especially with given examples but they're not that easy to remember all the rules and structure. For me, future tenses were a bit more fun and interesting to learn
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In unit 8, I learned the content of teaching productive skills: Speaking and Writing. Speaking and writing are equally important as listening and reading. As a teacher, I should understand that only i
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Unit 17 gives an overview of different teaching aids and equipment that may be used in an EFL classroom. These include things such as: a whiteboard; overhead projector; visual aids (objects/pictures w
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It's amazing how far we have come in the classroom to help students learn on any level with any subject being taught. Which makes teaching very exciting, because now we are at a time where we can imp
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In this lesson, I've learned different teaching methodologies,the importance of elicitation and very effective method "ESA". My English study started from the grammar- translation and the lexical appr
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In this unit, I have learned the general guidelines that a teacher should follow in class as well as those he or she hopes to find in their students (the teacher's role and the student's role). I have
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Wind Gap
The two productive skills in language learning are speaking and writing. Speaking is evaluated in terms of accuracy and fluency, and while both are important, accuracy should be established before flu
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In Unit 12, focus was placed on how to teach productive skills. Productive skills are speaking and writing. Accuracy and fluency activities were introduced. Three different types of speaking activitie
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A condensed quick peek at 4 important subjects. I'm going to have to do some more reading to learn some of the more subtle intricacies about these verb forms, but I feel confident that with the inform
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I had fund with Unit 13! I covered comprehensive discussions on pronunciation and phonology. I realized that phonology (which aids us to correct pronunciation) is very important for an English teacher
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In this lesson we learned how to effectively use various teaching aids and equipment in the classroom. As a substitute teacher I often find myself having to learn on the spot the different types of bo
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Assessment is very useful as it allows teachers to track the ongoing progress of their students regularly and often. Moreover, different types of tests can help teachers to place students into the cor
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Teaching new language is an important task that produces a number of powerful rewards. There is a feeling of pride that as a teacher, I have made a difference in the life of a student. It is not easy
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This unit showed me the different conditionals, namely: Zero, First, Second, Third, and Mixed. I had forgotten about them because I only teach communication and I have to follow the coursebook that I
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This unit helped me solve some of the most common problems that teachers face in their class. This unit provided me with solutions that most teachers need to know and do. As a teacher we have to be fl
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There are a range of tests that can be used to assess differing aspects of a students learning. Some of these tests are useful for assessing what level of English the student has and therefore what cl
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This lesson covered the importance of receptive skills as well as mentioning the productive skills even it didn’t analyzed this second subject. This lesson explained that reading or listening involv
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The contents of this unit gave great examples of the way lessons should be run. The comparison between the two videos showed the difference between what makes a good English language teacher and what
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‘‘This unit focuses on past tenses . Past tenses are in a way the same as present tenses. We have the past simple which is used for actions completeld at a definite time. Next we have the past pe
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I learn that reading and listening are not simply matter for the eyes and ears,but also a matter of using our minds to literally understand words and process them in our pre-existant Knowledge to gain
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There are four basic skills in any language; receptive skills – reading and listening, and productive skills – speaking and writing.Readers and listeners employ a number of specialist skills when
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Unit one gives a basic introduction on the relationship between teachers and students. This unit explains the characteristics of good teachers and learners, while explaining the importance of the rela
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