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Saint Louis
I Consider question number fifteen not properly structured nor asked because in order to build any sentence we must start using a base form or infinitive and from then we modify it if necessary to cr
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This unit looked at equipment and teaching aids. There was a thorough discussion of the various types of equipment often found in ESL classrooms such as; white boards, interactive whiteboards, overhea
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the first unit discussed the main characters of Teaching English -the TEACHER and LEARNERS. It discussed each personality and traits both characters should possess. In addition, there were levels men
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This unit focuses on the format lessons should take as well as offers several activities that could be used in lessons. This unit has helped me to understand the importance of student participation an
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The video unit shows two very different ways of teaching the same lesson. The first is ineffective and leads to confusion and tension, as the teacher is surly and rigid. The second lesson shows a frie
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In this lesson unit, I've learned all about the different parts of speech. We covered all the basics such as; nouns, verbs, adjectives, and articles. We also went over all the fine print and covered t
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This unit covered classroom management topics including teacher talk time, classroom arrangements, and discipline. There were many helpful suggestions in each section. I think the thing that stands ou
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in this unit, I learned that there are many different times and ideas used for future meanings. When teaching future simple, some teaching ideas include fortune telling/palm reading, or predicting the
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Shady Grove
Unit 11 Teaching Receptive Skills breaks out receptive skills into reading, and listening. The lesson reminds teachers to differentiate between types of reading, and listening skills. For reading, the
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Shady Point
Classroom management is one of the key things any teacher should know when teaching. This chapter in particular, helped me to remember what I have forgotten about some classroom dynamics. As language
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The name of this unit was "Managing Classes" and before reading it I thought I was right, but I wasn't. Talking not only about teachers, but also about general people, we think that correcting some be
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This part is very interesting and important for a person who is going to become a teacher. I have gained new knowledge about main theories, methods and techniques. The method of teaching is what a tea
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In this unit I learned about the evaluation and testing of students’ progress. Some of the ways to assess or evaluate the level of a student are through tutorials, evaluation by the students, and te
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Unit 4 gives a brief overview of the tense system in English language. The main idea of Unit 4 is the usage of the present tense including its four aspects: simple, continuous, perfect and perfect con
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This unit provided me with ideas for class structure and a variety of teaching methods. I believe the ESA method is a solid way to teach students a new language as it allows students time to soak in t
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From this unit i've learnt about the things that makes a good teacher and his or her roles in class. also i have learnt what makes a good learner and how to see it in my students. Students differs by
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In this unit, I was able to understand how to become an effective teacher in the classroom. Furthermore, I was able to learn about student motivations and how to model my instruction to best fit the
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The material in this unit was very unfamiliar to me; or, at the very least, it included information that I do not typically think about as a native English speaker. This unit covers the phonology of t
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Smith Village
It can be very tricky to teach the students the tenses in English when they have been taught in the wrong way. Normally what schools do is to give a full list of verbs (present, simple past, past par
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The relationship between learners and teachers is very important and critical issue. The teacher should be patient, active, intuitive, sensitive and entertaining to lead and motivate his/her students
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This unit looked at the different forms of the past tense. I learned that these follow similar rules to the present tenses and so it was fairly easy to learn. This unit was well presented, however I t
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South Coffeyville
This Unit covers the different types of language teaching practices that are very common.The comparison among the groups such as Individual Students versus Large groups, Young learners versus adults a
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I work as a teacher in a place where I do not have to plan my classes, but when I started reading this unit I remembered its importance. Sometimes we script our classes not giving the opportunity of
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This unit looked at the ways we express the future tense. Besides the four normal options that were present in both present and past, we can also use going to future as well as the present simple and
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In this unit we have seen how Lesson Planning would affect our performance in the classroom. Must be flexible and must use it as a guide, not as a script for the class. Lesson Planning helps you to or
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For me this unit is helpful, not only because it is the introduction to teaching young elarners and teaching business English which I will study after this course but also because I am one of these pe
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This unit went through the four past tenses. I appreciated the overview helping us see the ways to correlate the past tenses to what we already learned in the present tenses. Because there were fewer
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Sportsmen Acres
From all the theories, methods and techniques, every teacher should built his/her own methodologies, taking into account what he/she considers best for the students. Following strictly a certain metho
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This section was an overview of the receptive skills of reading and listening. It made a good point about listening being more difficult because the person must understand the first time, as opposed t
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Past tenses are commonly used in English language and absolutely necessary for proper literacy. Understanding of the tenses is often difficult for non-native speakers. I often see friends who are non-
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The English language has a lots of grammar rules it also helps us to understand how to communicate by using various methods of pats of speech such as definite article, adjective, noun, verb, prepositi
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The structure of Unit 8 was similar to the units on Past Tense and Present Tense, but more complex in its material. There are the same concepts of Simple, Continuous, Perfect, and Perfect Continuous (
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This was an interesting introduction to the course. The material covered what makes a good teacher, what makes a students, different roles that a teacher takes on and different types of students. I le
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In this unit, I learned about different lesson types and the different ways a teacher can break up their lesson plans to maximize student performance and comprehension. In addition, I was able to lea
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This unit was very useful because I learned what roles teachers can take while teaching. I think it is important to understand, how teachers should approach their students because if I need to remembe
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Strong City
I have found this unit to be thought provoking since much of the material covers delicate nuances in classroom management that can very much affect teacher/class rapport. For me, it has emphasized the
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This unit discussed how to teach production of the language. The two skills are talking and writing. One thing that stood out to me is that in places where they use a different alphabet, we will not o
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By overveiwing all of the methods for teaching English, the unit helped me see the need for a balanced and helpful approach to teaching. I found the ESA method to be a great solution. The many example
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In the first unit I have learnt about the various roles of teachers, as well as the qualities of a good teacher and a good learner. Through the number of examples I did gain a better insight on what
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I learned from Unit 2 is that grammar is an extremely important part of English. As native English speakers this is something that they might were not taught at school but still using perfect grammar
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Although I have learned many regarding tense of variouus type of material, this unit clearly shows the form and the usage and the sample of these present tense. It refreshes my memory and build a stro
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This unit taught what a good teacher would look like, sound like, and act like; the unit also covered the possible roles of a teacher. These ranged anywhere from managing the classroom, to participati
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In unit ten there where two stages I want to comment. First of all I've seen the real two lessons with the real students and teacher so I could see on the example how a good or a bad teaching influenc
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This unit provided an overview over the parts of speech. In order to understand English grammar, I find it very important to understand the function of individual words in the sentence and to be able
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This unit describes the need to help students check their progress. Though some teachers might prefer to check progress through informal means during normal class processes, most schools and even lots
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This unit covered future tenses. The future tense is much more complicated than the past and present tense, and has several possible forms in addition to the four previously explored forms of simple,
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The use of the present tenses is described in this unit. Present tense helps us to express actions that occur in the present time. There are four types of the present tenses: the present simple, prese
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This unit gives an overview of the two main Receptive Skills in language comprehension: reading and listening. The material gives ideas for how to introduce language to new learners (using techniques
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This material was a good explanation of an unfamiliar concept to me: reported speech. I understood how conditionals worked, but had never been given a structure for how they are organized (i.e. Zero,
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Another important component of any language are the structures and how these change certain aspects of language. Most of the students never realize about this aspect, since they are busy trying to com
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