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In Unit 4 I had a look at four present tenses, their forms, usage, typical student errors and activate stage teaching ideas. The most useful for me was "typical student errors" part. Also I’ll keep
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This unit has thoroughly explained the importance of methods of teaching! It is good for helping teachers to map out a particular strategy that will work best for there class. These strategies heighte
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in this unit i have understood the meaning of the lesson plan that is a multi-function document , I mean that it can be referred to as a record or as a help to keep on target . this unit actually prov
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The different types of future can be difficult to recognize and each tense has a different meaning in different contexts and our students can feel confused, so this unit was very helpful in order to h
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Through this unit, I've learned lesson plan is necessary for a class. In my previous teaching process, I realised I often forgot what was going on and forget what I need to do next step. So in that si
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This unit covers history of different methods used in the past and the evolution to how we are teaching students today. It detailed the use of ESA methodology which is more to getting students to enga
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This unit is tpically focusing on words and grammer teaching which is applied to the ESA teaching method. For a new English teacher,we might be not sure where to start and where to end. This unit prov
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In this unit, I learned that teachers should gather materials to use in the classrooms that are real, interesting, motivating, and can help students gain confidence when they understand them, and gear
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I found this unit very useful for mananging classes. Every teacher should find their own style of teaching through practice in the classroom. And teacher must know when to be firm and when to leave st
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in this unit i have learnt about the grammar rules of conditions and the rules of reported speech. Conditions are sentences that contain if or when which refer to past, present or future possibilities
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There are many methods and various methods or teaching English, and for me the more interactive the lesson, the better for the student as interest Iis kept to a high level. Also the boomerang proces
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what I learned from the section is the importance of both student and teacher motivation. Good teachers want to provide the opportunity for great learning in a welcoming and safe environment; paying
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Union City
This unit provides techniques for teaching special groups such as beginners, individual students, children, business English, monolingual and multilingual classes. Firstly, teaching beginners requires
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Valley Brook
Working with productive skills showed me that letting the students get more active themselves is good for practicing the language concerning fluency and accuracy. It made clear what responsibility and
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Valley Park
Unit 10 Video Lessons guides the new teacher, and reminds those who have logged many hours in the classroom of the importance of teacher attitude, presentation style, and positive interaction with stu
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This unit focuses on teaching Productive Skills to non-native English learners. Productive skills include speaking and writing; these are the collective counterpart to Receptive Skills (unit 11), list
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This unit’s content is also useful when studying yourself. When you were learning a second language, were these methods taught. I remember being taught the straight arrow method quite a bit with the
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I've watched two videos in this unit. The two videos showed clear differences between two different teach methods. In the first video, I found teacher was not well prepared and his attitude was impati
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This unit was good in identifying the different classroom settings. Based on these settings we can determine which setting will give us which result. I learned different tips and concepts for building
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What I've learned from Unit 1 is that as a teacher,she/he will have a total of eight types of roles during a typical lesson. Different roles have different effects on students. Therefore,it's very imp
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I have read the unit and i have learnt about Present tenses in English. There are four present tenses in English language. Present Simple is the basic present tense we use it to describe routine actio
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This chapter covered trouble shooting for situation that may arise during a lesson. Some of the topics covered were tips for first lesson, warmer activities, teaching students of different levels, and
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The use of course books is not an easy task. Finding the right course book can be a great challenge. I learned a lot about how to select a course book in this unit, for example the price, availability
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Unit 2 was useful for me. I'm teaching very young children but in the nearest future I'm going to have older students and I should be able to explain the basic grammar rules and parts of speech. Hopef
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after analyzing the nineteenth unit that is about teaching special groups . i have deduced that there are different type of classes that a teacher should have previous ideas in order to teach them pro
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In this unit we learn how to plan lessons. We find information about what is important to bear in mind, how to plan a lesson and why it is important to plan in general. Afterwards there are teaching m
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In Unit 2 I have learnt the different parts of the speech and its functions. Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Articles, Gerund, Prepositions and Conjunctions. It is important in understand
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The present tense and the perfect tense and their forms are important parts of English speaking. I have often found that using a time line and providing examples works well with students, especially
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The four present tenses were discussed with their form, uses, common errors, Andorra’s for activate activities. I found the material very logical and helpful, especially when it gave the uses with s
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The main thing that I've learnt from this unit is that we should care more about the learning of students, not about our teaching. Moreover, we have a big responsibility about knowledges which we give
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This unit focused on the qualities and responsibilities of teachers and learners. I found the section on teaching roles to be helpful. It reminds me that teaching is a multifaceted job and balance is
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This unit demonstrates Teachers' vital roles in the classrooms such as Tutoring,mentoring, managing, caring and appropriately differentiate instruction so as to meet the student's learning style .Beyo
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The two videos are a stark contract of a unsuccessful attempt vs. a successful attempt at engaging and interacting to produce positive results. The first lesson is uncomfortable, and intimidating. Whi
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This unit was a reminder that every student has different learning needs and it's important to recognize the different skills and the level of where each student is at. It's important to be aware of s
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Webb City
Here i could clearly see how the attitude and the behaviour influences the lesson and the participation of the students. When seeing a good and a Bad example you can see clearly what to do for a good
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Webbers Falls
This last grammar unit completed the basics in this course and motivates to practise all the content to be really confident about everything and also extend it on my own. With all this ideas i habe a
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I've learned lots of theories regarding teaching in this unit. In my previous teaching activities, I thought that a good class organisation shall be teacher focusing and teacher should talk as much as
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This unit helped me to reflect on the importance of a teacher's understanding of self and the students. There are many factors that will affect the effectiveness of a lesson including the teacher and
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Unit 1 provides information about teachers and learners Part 1 divides into three parts. The first is the definition of a good teacher, the different roles of the teacher and how to apply them. First
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West Siloam Springs
It is great to know that ESA lesson has been created adapting several features from previous theories, methods, and technics. For example, ESA has recruited the idea of three stages of a lesson from S
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It is important to be a good teacher,because the teacher has a very important mission of teaching a foreign language.During a class the teacher can have different roles such as?manager,organizer,asses
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This is the last unit, which means the last instructions that we teachers need before we proceed with our careers. The final advices of how to deal with classes with different English levels, with dif
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in this unit i have learnt about different materials that i can use at my lessons. They are authentic materials (just anything a native speaker would hear or read), created materials (crosswords, word
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In this unit, I have learned that when teaching a second language to students, the teacher should always be understanding and caring. The teacher must treat all students equally, and to be a leader at
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This unit is about basic teaching methodologies. It shows different kinds of methodologies such as their advantages and disadvantages. Further this unit shows up the basic structure for lesson plannin
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This section on pronunciation and phonology has been by far the most interesting section for me. To see how and why the Place of Articulation make the sounds that it does was very interesting and info
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After learning present tenses, this unit is relatively easier to understand. In the real teaching process, it's also easy to illustratet to students. The most difficult part of this unit lies in the i
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Woodlawn Park
From this unit "Teachers and learners" one thing is sure. Here I noticed that the most important is the relationship between the teach
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after i analyzed the last unit (twentieth ) that is about troubleshooting i have understood some common troubles that a teacher can find inside the classroom such as students at different levels , la
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Wright City
From my experience I can say that "A desire to learn" includes "A willingness to listen to the language", "A desire to experiment with the language", "A willingness to ask questions" and "An acceptanc
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