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In this unit I reviewed how important it is to plan a lesson carefully before working with receptive skills. As teachers we must take into account that teaching these skills is not as simple as readin
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Unit 2 brings grammar as the focus, which according to the author, generates fear in both the students and the teacher. This unit shows the grammatical structure of the parts of the speech, which is
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in the sixteenth unit i have strengthened my knowledge about conditionals that i used to know only the zero , first , second and the third conditional but , in this unit i have promoted my knowledge
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I have got a lot of useful knowledge from this unit "Present Tenses".This unit focuses on present tense and it is four aspects ,which makes the topic clearer and easier.Each aspect is clearly explaine
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In this unit we can see what attitude teachers should have at the lessons. The first video helps us to see and understand the main mistakes of teacher during the lesson. We can see that students are v
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