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Teaching new vocabulary is so much more than just giving a list of vocabulary for the students to learn. We as teachers need to make sure that they understand, associate and are able to use the new vo
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This unit was more difficult than I anticipated it would be. The material reviewed four of the most common uses of the PRESENT TENSE of verbs, specifically the present simple, the present perfect, the
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In this unit, I learned that rather than concentrating on the individual sounds in pronunciation, having sounds in connected speech is vital. Allowing students to listen to language in context helps,
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Marble City
This big unit was really interesting because it deals with a topic which is really important for the basics of language and therefore basics of communication. The Intonation and stress part made me th
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In this unit I learned about various components of the English language in terms of grammar. From the basic structuring of English sentences to some more technical terms like “gerund”, I now have
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This unit was fairly easy considering there was only one area in which to work on, in this case the present tense. I learned how each form is structured and in what context it is typically used in, as
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In this unit I learned about teaching new language in regards to grammar, vocabulary, and functions. When the unit explained grammar in the context of language, a metaphor was cited as an explanation.
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To get the class under control is one of the challenging responsibility of the teachers. That is why classroom management is very important. And we teachers are the first one who can implement and can
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This unit digs deeper into one of the main tools in teaching profession: the materials and book courses. The materials are divided into two main groups – Authentic and Created. The authentic is gene
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I found the amount of ideas for classroom management to be numerous. My favorite subject was the balance between teacher talk time and student talk time. It's as if the teacher is the there just to mo
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This unit involved watching two videos of a language class session. The first video showed a teacher using some ineffective techniques and having a non-optimal attitude. The result was that his studen
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As I am a translator, I have been teaching English in a way in which I have been learning through practice. It was very encouraging realizing that most of the notions I had about teaching were more ac
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Unit 5- Managing Classes speaks about the importance of class management. Classroom management is the skill of organising and managing the class, having a friendly, relax manner and maintaining discip
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This unit was about teaching pronunciation and phonology. I learned about stress, rhythm, and intonation. Intonation seemed like the most difficult concept to try to express to students so it was very
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Medicine Park
This unit clarifies what the teacher needs to use to establish a good rapport in the classroom. Eye contact, gestures, using the students' names are important as well as groupings and seating arrangem
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In this Unit I've learned more about evaluating the students through the testing system. I’m my opinion, there are different ways of evaluating the student, such as: their development in classroom
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From my point of view this unit is one of the most important for teachers and their classes. Lesson plans take a lot of time, knowledge of our students' abilities, goals to achieve and HOW we are goin
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The first video showed me what I really do not want to be as a teacher. Not knowing your students name and using a tone of voice that make you see superior and students feeling stupid. How teacher cor
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Writing is often neglected by most teachers.However it's quite important. It's a basic indicator of your students' English ability. As long as students master enough vocabulary and grammar knowledge,
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Mill Creek
This second unit was great for me to repeat english grammar basics and i could improve my awareness of the rules and the details of the language. It was also helpful to get some examples for common mi
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On this unit, I’ve learned more about the Future tenses. They’re divided in Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous and the Going to Future. Each one has their
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The unit talks about the materials and equipments that as a teacher, I must provide and use in my classes. The students perspective it’s also very important at this matter, they need more resources,
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Unit 7 explore Teaching new language. In teaching new language, a TEFL teacher should ensure that students can, they understand its meaning, understand how it is constructed and they are able to pract
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Monkey Island
This unit teaches about authentic and created books and materials. Authentic materials are print, videos, and audio materials native speakers encounter in their daily lives such as magazines, newspape
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In this section as the title explains involves dealing with issues that are or potentially can be a problem in the class. The most important aspect of dealing with a new class is rapport. Rather take
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Unit 2 (Parts of speech) Is one the subjects in which students have more problems. This due to the complexity and variety of the parts of speech. Some of them have rules to follow which makes the subj
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Unit one is claiming about “Teachers and Learners”, their qualities, roles and responsibilities in the classroom. Qualities are the prominent characteristics that help to distinguish an active an
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Mountain Park
This unit gives a detailed explanation about conditionals and reported speech and provides teaching ideas which can be used in a lesson to help students practice these areas. Conditionals are sentence
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Mountain View
Basically, I have found this unit to be useful both as a means of refreshing and reviewing my existing knowledge. Refreshing in that I have reminded myself of things I haven't really thought about fo
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The unit was a tad hard. It made me focus much harder to understand the forms, usages, as well as student errors in which I might encounter. in addition, the activate stage teaching ideas. It also gav
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In current unit I have learned the main criteria of a good and educated teacher. I've read and comprehended big amount of information related to the proper way of giving the information to students a
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From this unit i have learnt about Past tenses in English language. Now i know that there are four past tenses in English. Past simple is the tense that we use to describe a completed past action.Past
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Understanding the difference in usage between simple future and going to is one of the difficulties students face when studying English. Knowing the usage of the varieties of form future takes is help
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Unit 3 provides information about the various teaching methods available to EFL teachers, and also provides detailed lesson plan guides. Each lesson plan includes an explanation of usage and activitie
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New Alluwe
Once again, the importance between the amount of tenses in English and the forms the verbs can take is very important. Most of the students get confuse when you they have to use the third column (pas
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Basically it has the grammar explanation and the structure about present tense, present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. Teachers are everyday confronted wit
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Unit 16 goes over conditional phrases and reported/direct speech. The unit discusses the grammar of both parts of speech and outlines examples and activities to use in the classroom. I was able to re-
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The two videos in this lesson gave examples of ineffective and effective teaching. I found watching an example of the way to teach the different phases to be very helpful. For me, the study phase, was
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North Enid
These two videos have reminded me how to act in a classroom ... or more essentially how not to act ... in order to create rapport and build confidence. The unit is equally important because it has cau
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Oak Grove
Thus Unit has helped me bring together methodologies and technique that have been a part of my teaching practice, but that I have never before really thought about. I have been eliciting all of my tea
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This unit describes the characteristics of a good teacher and of a good learner. It explores the differences between adult learners and young learners. This unit also describes the different levels of
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Unit 19 looked at teaching special groups. There was lots of useful information on teaching beginners English such as possible problems you might encounter. I enjoyed the section on teaching children
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Another really important concept to grasp as a new ESL teacher. Often times, students may have difficulties with concepts they are learning. This may not necessarily indicate a lack of skill as a teac
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It is so important to firstly differentiate between the skills available - reading and listening and speaking and writing - and to know when to use them to teach a class. The more skills or should I s
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Generally teaching implies learners who are of the school going age. There are however exceptions to this. There are different groups that require customized teaching based on their needs and their le
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Unit 8 are all about Future tenses.There are 7 patterns in English to describe something in the future . These includes the future simple , future continuous, the future perfect , the future perfect
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Most of this unit was new information to me, as I was not trained in education. But it served as a good resource for tips on how to organize the classroom and mantain positive interactions with the st
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Just like UNIT 4 with the present tense, I see there are 4 tenses per time frame. Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, and Past Perfect Continuous. I learned that there are patterns that they a
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In this unit, I've learned various function of different words in a sentence. For example, I am a teacher. "I" is a noun. "am" is verb. "a" is indefinite article. "teacher" is a noun. Besides, I've le
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This unit was hard! It broke down phonetics in a way that was a little unfamiliar to me. However, I think this is the most important part of this series thus far. The ability to correctly pronounce th
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