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As a new ESL teacher, this was a really important unit to cover because I will likely encounter different groups of students over the course of my teaching career. Different types of students will hav
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This unit has been extremely of help. because normally I get frustrated when it comes to teach stress and pronunciation. The teaching techniques for the pronouncation are of extreme help, in order to
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This unit was about teaching pronunciation, which is often a difficult subject for native speakers to teach because it is so varied and they often don’t think about how the sounds are made. It went
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Similarly to Unit 4, the content of this section was familiar to me, but also served as a helpful review. The differentiation between how verbs are used in the context of the past tense resembles how
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Understanding and explaining the tense system to English learners can be challenging. EFL teachers must of course understand this system themselves before they can begin to explain it to others. In
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This unit was about teaching the productive skills, reading and writing. I learned that writing tends to be a neglected skill and I should be sure to devote enough classtime to focusing on writing. I
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Unit 15 was comprehensive and interesting. I agree with the statement on page 6 regarding 'Many teachers are not in favor of formal testing as it is often more of a test of memory than actual knowledg
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This chapter covered course materials that are both authentic and created. The chapter stresses the importance of not only using the course book but in conjunction with created materials specific tail
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This was pretty interesting because up until this point in the course, not a lot of attention has been given to curriculum or actual teaching materials, and this is a pretty big unknown for me as a ne
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In this unit we talked about the qualities of a good teacher and the kinds of issues that may arise in the class if the teacher lacks certain skills. We also looked at the characteristics of a good le
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This unit focused on making lesson plans. It pointed out that lesson plans need to be flexible enough to allow the teacher to address student needs while giving structure so that the lesson can accomp
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The section on modal auxiliary verbs can add so much to the verb that they precede. Not only can they change the meaning of the verb that they precede but they can also change the degree of formality
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This unit focuses on the various parts of speech including nouns, verbs, and adjectives. The added challenge was the conjugation of the various phases of verbs. I found comparative adjectives to requi
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This unit provides guidelines for proper use of supplemental teaching materials and class supplies, especially those involving audiovisual (AV) tools. It provides pros and cons of commonly used classr
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Unit 10 Lesson videos This unit is based on two ESA demonstration videos. In the first lesson the teacher was not that encouraging to the students especially by the way he responded to their answe
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For this unit I watched two videos of demonstration class lessons to compare and contrast. The first video was clearly the 'what not to do' example. It was interesting to see how a teacher could be go
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This chapter covered on the theories and methodology of teaching. The main point of the chapter was the ESA (Engage, Study, and Activate) teaching method. It covered the nuances of different stages of
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In this unit Past Tenses, I have learnt the four forms of past tenses and its usage. Past simple it is a sentence in the simple-past form describes an event that occured in the past. Past continuous s
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This might seem like a trivial unit but it is a very important one. Class room management is very much dependent on the personality of the teacher and what works for them and what kind of personality
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During my reading of the first unit of this course, I have learned that in order to be a good teacher promptitude is a very important quality, since you have to think fast during the class in order to
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The topic was not as big but was although informative for me. The unit teaches us that relationship between a teacher and a students is one of the main things in teaching practice and I fully agree wi
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In this unit I learned about future tense verbs. Rounding off the third grammar unit, I can now identify and distinguish between past, present, and future tense verbs. In this unit I studied the form,
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The most startling difference between the manner in which the Teacher approached his lessons in each video was his demeanor towards the students. In the second lesson, he was amiable and was willing t
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This unit guides teachers of the factors and criteria involved in selection of grammars and vocabularies needed to teach new language to different level students. The main goals are to expose students
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the eleventh unit is talking about teaching receptive skills ( reading and listening ) and its two wide-ranging categories that are reading /listening for a purpose or a goal and, reading / listeni
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The unit explains present tenses one by one with all details. there are four present tenses ; present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. It gives plenty of use
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Unit 2 explore the introduction to grammar part's of speech, teaches that every word in the a sentence further classified according to the purpose and the meaning it adds. A sentence must contain a su
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Big Cabin
This unit showed me that its important to be flexible and dont stick too much to a plan to be prepared for changes within the lesson. The examples given and the information about lesson planning help
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To truly understand the English language it is vital that the students understand each part of grammar and each parts of speech. Sometimes it can seem quite daunting when you see the full list but if
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This unit provides guidelines for lesson plans, especially why they benefit both the teachers and the students and how they are generally constructed. These plans usually include LEARNING OBJECTIVES,
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In this unit, theories, methods, and techniques for teaching were gone over. There are many different types of learning styles- just as there are many diverse teaching styles. I was introduced to thes
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This unit focused on the need to teach vocabulary, grammar and functions. It gave information about the necessary parts of each that need to be taught such as meaning, form, grammar related to it, and
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Unit 6 discussed about past tenses. Past tense familiarity with rules are important for it exactly conveys the time frame of a circumstance . There were list of tense under the PAST category. One
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In this unit I learned about the various aspects of classroom management. Some of the key components of classroom management are choice of classroom seating, eye contact and gestures, and giving instr
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Establishing classroom norms and practices is probably one of the most important part or teaching,aside from the subject matter. Also with Allowing for differentteChing styles, the range and variety
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This unit provided me with a lot of good ideas as to how to introduce new vocabulary to different levels of students. It also did a good job of going over different ESA teaching methods (patchwork, st
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This unit looked at how to teach new learners. The unit compared teaching vocabulary to teaching grammar. There were useful tips about how to approach teaching vocabulary versus teaching grammar and I
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Unit 2 teaches basic grammar usage and terminology, assuming that the learner knows nothing at all about grammar. From this section I have learned how to identify parts of speech, basic sentence diagr
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Unit 4 Talks about the four present tenses; the present simple, present continuous (also known as present progressive), present perfect and present perfect continuous, there form ( affirmative, negati
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Unit 1 describes the positive attributes of a good teacher, the various roles a teacher may occupy in the classroom, as well as a detailed description of the types of students a teacher will encounter
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in the seventeenth unit that is talking about the equipments and teaching aids and through which i added numerous thoughts about these equipments and how they can be used in classes for example the In
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In Unit 1 I've learned roles and responsibilities of a good learner and good teacher. I have learned some differences between adult and young learners and the levels of language ability that the learn
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During this unit i have watched two lessons, It was interesting to see the examples of ESA lessons. I had an opportunity to see all the mistakes that the teacher can make during the lesson. I've learn
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This unit is a good overview about course books. There are advantages and disadvantages of using course books. They can provide structure and give the students a sense of progression. But they can als
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Bridge Creek
The continuation for the first grammar unit helped to sharpen and training the awareness for the last tenses and their usage. The system "form, usage and typical errors" is very clear and helps to und
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This unit gives further clarification to the usage of modal auxiliary verbs, as well as the passive voice, verbal phrases, and relative clauses. These are aspects of English speech that will be more e
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Past tenses in English are important as they show specific actions at particular points opinion time, unlike other languages which have only basic forms of past tense. Being fairly easy in structure
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After reading and understanding the first unit that is about the two major learning factors that are embodied in ( the teacher and the learner ) I can say that I got more valuabl
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Learning a foreign language is not an easy thing. It is a long and slow process that takes a lot of time and patience. As long as people have been learning and teaching language, they have created a l
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In this unit I learned about teaching productive skills. The productive skills in language acquisition, speaking and writing, are equally important in the mastery of a language. The purposes that peop
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