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In this unit I learned about teaching pronunciation and phonology. Some of the key points in the unit focused on covering and defining intonation, syllable stress, the phonetic alphabet, phonemic symb
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Unit 7 discusses possible ways of introducing vocabulary and language functions to students using a variety of methods, games, and activities. The unit goes over the most important aspects of language
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In this unit I have been able to practice past tenses, some of them are a little bit confusing so it was really useful to check the contents and different examples of the use of all of them. The most
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This unit shows the different types of learners that a teacher might have in his classroom and also gives ideas, tips and instructions for how to deal with each one of them. The levels are divided in:
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In unit two I learned about the structure of a sentence and how the words are classified grammaticaly within the sentence. This chapter taught me a detailed lesson on articles, nouns, pronouns, verbs,
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Through learning unit 1, I realised that the role of teachers and students and the relationship between teachers and students are complicated. A good teacher has many roles to play in a classroom due
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Gene Autry
In this lesson i learned the importance of lesson planning and teacher-student relationship in classrooms. The last we want to do as teachers is make the already nervous and confused students even mor
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This unit emphasizes in the different aspects of teaching and learning. As teachers play a fundamental role in the learning process of the students, the learners themselves are also responsible for t
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I found this unit helpful in understanding the roles of a teacher and how a poor teaching style can greatly influence the language acquisition of students. I enjoyed learning more about how the stage
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In the unit we have learnt about the classroom management. It is the skill of organizing and managing the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. Any experienced teacher w
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Grammar is an essential aspect of the English language. Understanding how to use grammar appropriately and be able to transfer that knowledge to your students will undoubtedly help you become a more e
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In this unit I learned about past verb tense types. Building off of the present tense verb types from a previous unit, I can now identify and distinguish between present and past simple, perfect, cont
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The content from this unit involves what makes a good teacher, what makes a good student, the levels of students, and why a student would want to learn the language. I have learnt more about each topi
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From my point ov view, classroom management is one of the most important topics which teachers should consider. This must be reinforced not only at the moment of teaching, but also when preparing the
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The study of the four skills in English without focusing in one in particular but in all of them equally is really important. Start with the receptive skills first will help students with the process
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Once again the issue of tenses comes up and so must be an integral part of mastering the English language. There condition of if is quite an interesting one, simple but can be a common mistake if not
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This unit gives a solid outline of learning plan procedures. It discusses a lot of material I am familiar with from my days of teaching in class. These learning plan procedures are vital in order to u
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Grand Lake Towne
It would not be straight forward for learners to form and identify a present tense as it uses helping verbs which include Do, Be, or Have, even though the present simple tense consists of only a subje
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The most useful thing I have learnt in this unit, is the Business English. There are many things I have never thought I should bear in mind for this situation. For example, clients are often tired,the
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This Unit is about methods that would help Teachers identify easily students weakness . These methods are flexible that its unpredictable. It's important to observe the after results of every acti
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I have learned that teachers have many roles and switch between roles often. Some of those roles are my strengths and some I need to practice with. On the learner side, I learned the differences betwe
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Hall Park
This unit examines modal auxilary verbs and the passive voice in detail and gives a brief overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses. Modal auxilary verbs are used before other verbs to add more m
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Content of this unit stress on the importance of being a good teacher and being a good teacher doesn't only means having good subject knowledge but must be able to understand and evaluate difficulties
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I found this unit to be very interesting and helpful in so many ways. I really enjoyed this unit and learning about the different tenses. Grammar is a difficult subject for most non native speakers so
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The unit goes over ideas for lesson plans, the points to focus on while writing out a lesson plan, what should be included in a lesson plan, and examples of actual lesson plans. It made it clear how t
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This final unit covered troubleshooting and mainly went over any potential problems which may arise in the classroom. There were some useful tips for dealing with students speaking their native langua
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Lessons should contain different stages to fully engage and hold the interest of the students. Many different styles have been constructed to optimize lesson planning to allow for warm ups, practice,
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Tenses in English can be quite confusing. Going over this lesson even I have trouble understanding why I use the words I do in tense specific manners. Being a native English speaker I use correct tens
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I feel that this first unit has so many vital aspects in it and offers different ways of approaching teaching depending on the circumstances and the class. Different teachers have different teaching s
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This unit provided an overview of the productive skills of speaking and writing. I thought it was interesting to be reminded that most students would rather speak than write, but that giving them the
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This unit conditionals and reported speech. I learned the different forms of the conditional; zero, first, second, third and mixed. I wish there had been more examples of using the different condition
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Productive skills are always the most difficult skills to teach. Speaking and writing as it is the turn of the students to communicate they can be reluctant to do it, specially in speaking so it is ou
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Teaching is a profession which is both systemic and organic. Many elements come into play within the classroom and teaching situation, and as well as those mentioned in Unit 1, also a teacher's rappor
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in this unit i have learnt about the grammar rules of such topics as modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. modal auxiliary is a verb that is used with another verb to express a mood or tense. Modal
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Because Unit 1 is a basic overview of the roles of teachers and students in a classroom setting, much of the information is somewhat self-explanatory. That being said, as a person with little formal t
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This units reiterates commen sense when teaching to a group of people. We should maintain a place of learning, but allow it to be a nurturing where students can express their ideas naturally. They sho
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This unit for me is a valuable exercise in that it covers two very important topics. Evaluation and progress. Initial evaluation is like a diagnosis from a doctor. Once the diagnosis has been done the
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This unit went over the different parts of speech, sentence structure, and many of the rules when using said parts of speech. The different topics included nouns- there are common, proper, abstract, c
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Setting up a lesson plan for every class given can be quite time consuming and those who have been in teaching for a while might not seem it necessary. Lesson plans are vital in that it not only gives
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This unit was about how to manage a classroom. I like that the course layout rotates the grammar and theory unit, it's a nice break from the more difficult grammar memorization. This was interesting
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Teaching productive skills is a key factor of second language acquisition. However, in Chile the country where I am from, it seems that most teachers focus on the usage of grammar, accuracy and recept
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Hoot Owl
This unit desribes different kinds of teaching equipments and aids that can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook and provides ways to effectively use
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Unit 3 was quit informative for me, I've learned new stages of teaching. The ideas for Engagement and Study parts were especially fun and attractive, I will definitely use some of the mentioned activi
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I found the content of this unit to be very interesting, it was well written, easy to understand and very enjoyable. I really appreciated the information regarding the different roles the teacher must
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This unit was about course books and other materials, created or authentic. It was interesting to see examples of different kinds of creative materials and important to remember that authentic materia
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This unit was massive, even though I've done the test I will keep reading it time to time. Being a non-native speaker I can tell that current unit is absolutely 100% useful for everybody studying Engl
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One of the most challenging things I have ever done is to create a safe environment for speaking activities. It was really difficult to know if the activities I prepared were going to help fluency. No
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In this unit I have learnt how to Teach New Language. The techniques and some methods of it. Teachers should introduce vocabulary first before grammar. The students should usually understand first the
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This unit was about how teach reading and listening, also known as receptive skills. It talked about the different ways we read and listen such as scanning and skimming. I learned that listening is of
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Unit 6 – Past Tenses teaches the past tense in English grammar. The past tense consists of four forms; past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. All perfect form featur
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