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in the fifteenth unit , i have learned the different types of test such as (placement tests- diagnostic tests - progress tests ) in addition to the characteristics of each one of them . I have also l
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This unit focuses on one of the most effective methodology ESA ( Engage, Study, Activate) as defined by Jeremy Harmer ,this teaching model uses more elicitation and stresses the ENGAGEment of students
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This unit helps a lot to refresh my knowledge of English grammar and does well in teaching me things I didn't learn before. It deepens the understanding of sentence structures and really helps to deve
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The Unit1 clearly gives the information about the images of good teachers and good learners, also about the roles that a teacher plays during a lesson. It helps with better understanding of the teachi
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This unit truly goes in-depth about the present tense. I didn't realize the different applications of the continuous forms. These different form applications allow for a lot to be implied with only a
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In this unit i have learnt about teaching pronunciation and phonology. I've learnt that intonation is variation in volume and pitch within an entire sentence. Technics for indicating and teaching into
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Unit 9 presents valuable information about lesson planning and deciding how run a classroom session. It provides lesson plan guides, activity sheets, and lots of ideas on how to create a class or the
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I watched the 2 videos and here's what i noted to the first video: He started when asking questions. He is impatient and just asked You don't know? When someone asked him a question he said the s
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This is a more complicated unit than the previous one because it tells you the different ways how you can control your class and many other solutions for many of the issues you can have for misbehavio
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This unit presented the techniques used for the teaching pronunciation and some several ways and resources that a teacher may use with their students. There are a plenty of phonetics sounds and there
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In this unit the focus is on lesson planning. It teaches ways to set up a lesson and talks about various orders one can follow to do so. It gives examples of activities used in a lesson plan and sugge
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In this unit I learned about the four basic skills in every language (reading, listening, speaking, and writing). But most importantly is being able to create integrated skills lessons as a way to inc
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Unit 10 shows how a teacher can make or break a lesson. The teacher's efficiency is not merely to instruct but to have the ability to make the student feel comfortable and to create the ambiance for e
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This unit has very powerful lesson for teachers when comes to managing their classes. Maintaining authority in classroom, knowing your limits with the students and how to react in certain moments of m
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Hello! Unit 6 was also useful for me. It was short and constructive with an examples which common mistakes my Students may have. Also some activate teaching ideas was nice and I’ll keep in my mind s
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I really found it interesting and very informative. It really gave me the ground rules on many aspects of teaching and how to get the most out of a lesson. The classroom furniture often does play an e
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What I like about these last courses is that every course has a little bit of it of the last one once we are taking the test which it makes easier to remember things and be aware for the next course.
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This unit is about managing classes. The way of how a teacher communicates with a class has effect on not only the way how students understand instructions and the English content itself, but also on
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From all conditionals I had forgotten the existance of the mixed conditional, which I beleive I usually use without noticing. I beleive the teaching ideas are excellent to provide best examples, and t
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after i read the thirteenth unit , that is about teaching pronunciation and phonology , i have understood many new things about stessed words , intonation and place of articulation in addition to ma
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This unit provided an overview for teaching pronunciation. It involved talking about stress on different syllables and words, and it talked about the phonetic alphabet. The phonetic alphabet is a chal
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From my point of view, this unit and the videos were very interesting. I could clearly see the difference between a partially well structured class and one which was not. Therefore, by watching the vi
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I have found this section to be quite enlightening. The section which details effective techniques for introducing grammatical structure will be very beneficial for my work. Grammar is a large and oft
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From this unit I have learnt that there are 7 ways to talk about feature. Future simpe is used to say about furure facts, promises, assumptions, spontaneous decisions, threats. Future continuous is us
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Lake Aluma
i think the most important factor to emerge in both this and the preceding unit is the emphasis on motivation. Whether the roles are receptive or productive, each one involves communication, which mus
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As a non-teacher, this unit was helpful in constructing the framework for classroom teaching methods and how they should be applied. The information on the ESA (Engage-Study-Activate) model was not on
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In this unit, I learned that some of the main components in lesson planning is writing out the objectives of the lesson and what you want students to achieve at the end of the lesson. It's important t
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in this unit i have learnt about four basic skills in any language. they are receptive skills and productive skills. All of them are equally important. The receptive skills are reading and listening.
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The unit three theories, methods, and techniques was quite great. As it allowed me to expand my horizon through role-play, debate, and discussion study. It also helped me with to better understand gro
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From this lesson, I've learned feature of teachers and learners. Good teachers have some merits like kind and patient and loving teaching and knowledgeable. Besides, good learners also have some disti
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The purpose of this unit was to inform the educator of the various theories, methods, and techniques used in EFL classrooms. The chapter gives an in-depth breakdown of appropriate activities for the n
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Lawrence Creek
Nowadays we have access to a huge source of information and material for our lessons but we should be aware about technical issues in advance to avoid wasting time. So when working with tools such as
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Le Flore
Unit 9 Lesson Planning lays a foundation for effective lesson planning for the new, and experienced teacher. The lesson plan, should cover the entire time frame of the learning activity without script
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after watching the first lesson and the second lesson , i have compared between the two lessons and discovered that the second lesson is more effective than the first one , and how the teacher in the
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This unit is the area that I have the most experience in. Part of my undergraduate training was a substitute teacher certification course which focused mainly on classroom management. While reading th
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This unit covered modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice grammar. This was the last unit of grammar in the course and the most difficult I felt. The basic rules for modal auxiliary verbs were fairly
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In this unit I learned about the twelve different verb tenses in the english language. Containing many irregular verbs and various conjugations, I was able to understand why learning english verb tens
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As with the first unit where there is a variety of teaching styles this unit deals with a variety of teaching methodology. Using different techniques and methods to bring across different ideas is vit
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Tones. I don't know the topic of intonation falling/rising and so on is little bit ephemeral for me personally. I think the intonation is individual manner every human being and you can't make a mathe
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Locust Grove
Unit 2 Parts of Speech, provides an overview of the most relevant aspects of applying grammatical analysis to learn and improve English skills. As a writer, teacher, and project manager, I understand
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Lone Wolf
With the detailed repitition of the future tenses i could refresh my knowledge and realise that i understand the differences quite well even though its a complex topic. With this unit i gained certain
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This unit provides some of the most common tests for assessing a student's retention of English language skills, as well as the reasons for which students are tested. Placement tests are used to ident
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This unit was about lesson planning. I learned how that lesson plans should be simple and you should be ready to be flexible depending on how the class progresses. I learned that you should not try to
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In this unit, I learned the structure of lesson planning by using the ESA approach. This will be the best way to keep students motivated, exposed to the language, and to provide opportunities to use i
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The first lesson is a very important part of the teaching. If students don´t know each other we than can establish rapport and get to know their level. In a first lesson we can do surveys and similar
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In this unit, I read the importance of grammar and vocabulary and how it is related to the previous ones. The appropiate language it is also important for the different kinds of students and their dif
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This unit was a very helpful review of sentence structure. When I studied English in grade school I spent most of my time working on sentence composition and identifying parts of speech, so much of th
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Unit 3 teaches the various methods and techniques which are used by TEFL teachers in the classroom. The most common methods and techniques are: Grammar translation, Audio-lingualism, Presentation, Pra
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This unit discussed how to teach receptive skills. The two receptive skills are reading and listening. And both are very important but reading is often easier because students can reread until they un
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In this unit, it focuses on receptive skills, reading and listening. Both of the skills play vital role in our daily English learning. In the teaching process, we can choose materials that can arouse
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