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Personally, with this unit I learned and reviewed the different ways people can express themselves in the future. Normally a user of English as a second or foreign language uses all these tenses witho
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Burns Flat
This unit is all about evaluation and testing. Evaluation can be done through tutorials, by the students and through tests. Tutorials can be conducted with the whole class or with individual students
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This was a very interesting unit. From this unit, I was able to get a good understanding of receptive skills and how they work. I also realized how difficult it could be to attempt to teach those skil
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To be a good teacher one requires always to have a back up plan, that is why Lesson Planning is so important, this could be a formal planning or an informal one, in my case I prefer an informal becaus
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This unit gave good examples of past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous to help teach students when and how to use each tense. It went into detail for each tense and ga
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This lesson briefly described various teaching techniques, their possible applications, pros and cons. Some teaching techniques and methods are more suitable for younger learners or for lower level st
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The first video gives us an example of the wrong procedures that a teacher shouldn’t make during the classes – the teacher’s attitude on class clearly reflects on how the students will effective
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This unit covered evaluation and testing. I learned about different kinds of testing such as placement, progress and achievement tests. Progress tests should measure all four areas of learning; speak
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In this unit there was more detailed information about past tenses. All past tenses are explained with their usage. past simple tense is used when an action completed in defined time in the past. past
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This unit has solved many pending issues and doubts that arised during the course of this course. For example, how to deal with completely new students and how to deal with students that have known fo
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English tenses are tools to help speakers to express time in the language. They are of great use and importance in both ways of communication, verbal and Written. Let’s take a look at how they are h
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Unit 7 introduced me methods and techniques of teaching vocabulary and grammar. I appreciate that you gave me an examples of classroom activities for each lesson part. Tasks 5, 6 and 7 in the workshee
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Well, in a very few words this is entirely new to me starting from the topic if the course to the end of it. It’s interesting to know that I thought that business English is a better English version
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In this unit i have learnt about troubleshooting and common problem situations. I've learnt about the importance of the first lesson in the course. There is difference in working with new group and ex
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In this unit, I learned about not only how to be a good instructor, but how to be a good learner. The ways that one becomes a good instructor were partially based on personality and partially based on
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English grammar is unique and different from other languages.Understanding basic grammar rules helps in improving other language skills,such as reading,speaking and listening.This unit is a helpful gu
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Unit 7 taught me about Vocabulary, Grammar and functions. I was really amazed how to compare grammar and language be connected to a tree and trunk . In the previous unit the ESA method was introdu
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I think all theories, methods and techniques showed in this unit have their pros and cons. It is very important to differentiate the needs, level and social background of each student in order to use
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I am a mathematics teacher and I have almost 20 years of professional experience. I read the unit and agree with the qualities that a good teacher should have. I believe that these qualities are revea
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in this unit that is about teaching productive skills , i have understood the difference between accuracy and fluency activities in addition to the different types of speaking activities in the classr
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This unit provides examples of common problems that ESL teachers will face during their time in the classroom. There are problems that can come from monolingual and multilingual classes; in monolingua
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Well, I didn't know that CAPITALIZED laters are more hard to read, that's something new for me. Yeah, I found a lot of useful information for future classes in this unit. Current unit is more useful I
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This unit was interesting and fairly straightforward. I found the suggestions for maintaining discipline in the classroom to be helpful, because the possibility of teaching an unruly class is intimida
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The ideas of future tenses will be hard to convey to students, as I myself have a hard time making the distinction between the tenses. This unit has taught me good ways to see the differences and it w
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This unit covers four types of present tenses of which most parts are easy to absorbed and follows a very straightforward and simple rules. However some parts are quite confusing and needs practicing.
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Thought-out the third unit , I was able to understand the general idea about methodologies , I also could understand many new methodologies used in the teaching field with the qualities
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Central High
The people who are attending the class and who to teach are one of the most essential factors of a lesson because the teacher has to create the lesson to the needs and wants of the students. There are
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From my point of view, the contents of this unit were really helpful and interesting. I consider that nowadays teachers do not take into account the wide range of roles they must play when teaching. T
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Current topic was quite informative for me. All three parts "Engage", "Study" and "Activate" were useful in practice. I've figured out some positive reinforcemets and engagements for my own students w
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This unit provided me with a better understanding of what is expected in writing and speaking skills, and how to engage students during class time while practicing these skills. There are plenty of id
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This unit is a very helpful unit since it gives tools for teaching and planning and ideas for activities. I will keep this book with me and use when I get dry with ideas of lesson planning. It is also
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Cimarron City
Reported speech and conditionals can be confusing and difficult because there are a lot of changes and possibilities. For almost every tense the reported sentence will change and it has to be clear an
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This unit gives a good overview on many methods of teaching, showing the pros and cons of each method. The best part about this unit was how it explained what to do about student feedback and correcti
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I have never thought about how important are the different types of test. If the placement test is not done correctly, for example, the student may be in a level in which he does not understand and ge
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In Unit 19 we have looked at types of classes as: beginners, individual students, children, business English and the multilingual classes. As I previously mentioned now I’m teaching group classes w
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Cleo Springs
There is no doubt that many learning experiences suffer when the classroom is not organized or managed so that the opportunity for learning is encouraged. While a certain degree of motivation can be a
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Unit 7 was about the basics of teaching a new language as it pertains to vocabulary, grammar, and function. The three sections provided numerous examples of activities for all stages of learning, as w
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Having a lesson plan is always useful for the teacher, especially when you want to mesure time. If you know that being strict and unflexible is bad, then a lesson plan should not be seen as an enemy;
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In this unit I learned about conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences, containing the word if or similar expressions, that refer to various possibilities in the past, present, or f
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I really liked how in-depth this lesson goes in explaining how a non-native English speaker can encounter issues with English pronunciation, spelling, etc. As native speakers, the idiosyncrasies of th
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I have learnt about methodology and correction during this unit. I've learnt that there a lot of different approaches and methods in teaching English and there is no exect unswer on the question which
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The decision on what course book to use is not always at the teachers discretion and is often prescribed by thje school or some governmental body. However, what the teacher decides to use in conjuncti
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FRom this unit I beleive, so far I have been able to notice my mistakes from classes and also, the things I am doing good so far. I beleive I am using a lot the ways of establishing rapport without ev
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Teaching new language is always a complex task since as teachers there are many aspects which must be considered. We must take into account the level of the students, the similarity of the words not o
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Council Hill
Unit 17 Equipment and Teaching Aids describes, in detail, all the typical types of equipment and teaching aids that can be used in the classroom. The information provided is useful but covers some equ
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I have added new information to my mind after I dealt with the fifth unit that is about (managing classes ) .It deals with many aspects such as ( Giving individual attention , TTT , STT and gi
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This Unit is very useful to see what kind of equipment and teaching aids I can use. Like 25 years ago the most modern equipment was a cassette recorder and today we have smart phones, PCs and all kind
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Any word in a sentence can be classified according to its purpose and meaning.This process we define as parts of speech. Noun names a person,place,thing or idea.Nouns can be common,proper,countable,u
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Having a great subjet knowledge is compulsory for being a good teacher. In order to teach English well, bring high efficiency to learners, teachers not only need to have profound knowledge but also ha
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I have read this unit and learned different methods of how to form a lesson and what activity to suggest for student to learn a new vocabulary, to learn a new grammar structure of language or to learn
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