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The focus of this unit was on modals, passive voice, and phrasal verbs. Modals are used before other verbs to bring more meaning to them and express different ideas. Passive voice is one of two voices
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Like the previous two chapters on verb tense, the “devil is in the details” applies to understanding the vernacular of grammar. As a native English speaker, I grew up being corrected whenever I wo
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Phonology is the study of sound using study, science, classification and analysis. This unit shows two patterns of intonation, rise and fall and fall and rise. Techniques were given on how to teach in
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Unit 5 illustrates the best methods for managing classes. Very useful with clear and good examples. I liked the part of students’ seating and classroom arrangements. The maintaining discipline secti
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In this unit I've learned the importance of basic grammar when we are teaching. I studied about parts of speech, about Nouns (Countable and Uncountable), Adjectives, Comparisons (Comparatives and Supe
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Having already taken a course on foreign language teaching at my University, I found this unit to especially be hitting on the same aspects of teaching as I had studied previously. I find myself most
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From this unit,I have learned that the relationship between learners and teachers are very important and complex. a good teacher plays many roles during a typical lesson,such as the manager who effect
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In my opinion, I found this unit to be very informative, as it relates to course books and lesson material. Often time, we as teachers have to create our own material to either supplement the course b
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Being able to teach listening and reading skills is very important and should never be overlooked. It was good getting ideas as to how best teach these skills and different ways to do it. I like the i
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This section discusses the pros and cons of different types of course materials. There are many factors a teacher should be aware of when selecting materials including difficulty level, topics, additi
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Future tenses are one of the most complicated tenses which have been a confusion and a burden in my English study experience for a long time, especially the future perfect tense and the future perfect
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I found this unit the most enriching so far in terms of all it's very useful and valuable information. This unit covered the different learning methodologies used over time. This included the classica
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From this unit, I have learned that it is more practical for an EFL teacher to consider that there are three different times in English; the past, the present and the future. Each of these times has f
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It is important to make a plan of lesson in advance, it act as a document to refer to during the lesson, creates a record of what the class has covered. The teacher should try to script the lesson
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Excelsior Estates
In this unite, I learned about teaching receptive skills. The one of these receptive skills is reading. We read for two reasons; in order to achieve some particular aim or goal, or for entertainment p
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Excelsior Springs
This unit introduces grammatical foundations – the main parts of speech (Nouns, Adjectives, Articles, Verbs, Adverbs, Gerunds, Pronouns, and Prepositions & Conjunctions), examining each of them sepa
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This last unit in the course summarizes all the important points in the TEFL course. It contains very useful information that will help the teacher to make a decision when he/she faces any problem whi
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Fair Grove
Pronunciation and Phonology is one of the most difficult units here. The normal pattern of sentence intonation in a statement is the rise/fall intonation. Each sentence has a stress word, it depends
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Fair Play
In today's lesson, I learnt about business English. When I worked as an autoentrepreneur in France, I needed to know the specific role of students at many of the companies I taught at. For example,
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Reading through this unit, I'm taken back to my early days of language learning. I can remember these very ideas being put in place in my classroom. I remember which activities I found more sensitive
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This unit showed me how relatively complex grammar is considering I don't usually think about it as a native English speaker. I am now thinking more critically and thoughtfully with how I use words an
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I've learned in this unit different teaching methodologies such as Grammar-translation, audio-linguism, Task-based, Silent Way, Lexical Approach and that the best methodology is ESA methodology. I hav
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This unit covered factors to be considered when teaching five common groups of students. These groups are beginners, one on one learners, young learners, business English groups, and monolingual/multi
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In this stage, we watched two movies of teaching one class and same target language in two different ways. In the first class, the teacher was so mean and impatient and just made students scared and c
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Modal verbs use as: bbligation, possibility/probability, permission/prohibition, ability, advice.( may, might, need to, must, have to, have got to, should/ought to, can, could, be able to, would) Tea
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Teaching beginners: Be aware of students' need, have clear and realistic aims, adapt to suit situation, be as visual as possible, control your language, give clear, simple instructions, a lot os repe
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According to video 1 and Video ESA lesson, I found that the attitude that the teacher comes into class with have a profound effect on the success of the lesson, a positive and engaging attitude from t
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My experience teaching English to special populations has grown extensively with my move to Thailand where I taught Thai students. Previously, my ESL teaching efforts were a secondary part of my job,
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This unit consisted of very clear categories that are within the classroom dynamic for example what makes a good learner and what makes a good teacher etc. I felt that this unit was very important for
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In this unit, I should me how I can use the course book in many ways that is most suitable for my classroom. Knowing the sources of materials that I can incorporate into the class will help my student
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Flint Hill City
This unit talk about teaching theories, methods and technique of teaching. It begins with the most common methods of teaching English. Next, the unit describes different phases of the lesson and in wh
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Flordell Hills
This unit was about the teaching of receptive skills in the language. That is to say, skills that are in use when someone is receiving information in a language. I found this unit to be really interes
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Unit 12 focuses on the two productive skills, speaking and writing. Therefore, this unit is closely related to Unit 11, which focused on the two receptive skills, listening and reading. Practicing wri
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Unit 4 is the first unit that features the tense system, since it focuses on the four present tenses. More specifically, this unit covers the form of each of the present tenses, their usages, typical
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This unit covers the primary ways in which students language levels are assessed. There is a good amount of difference in purpose between these different assessment types and not all are necessarily u
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Forest City
This unit covered the use of coursebooks and lesson materials. In all honesty, it brought me to a pass that I think I'll need to decide on before I begin teaching and I think that there's a place for
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This Unit explains what teachers and learners should be like, what kind of the role of teachers and learners should be and also what kind of relationship should be between the teacher and the learners
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Unit 15 discusses different methods of evaluating and testing your students’ levels and progress. Assessing a student’s language level can be done through tutorials, evaluation of the course by th
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IN the unit 7: teaching new language showed us some ideas of how to teach vocabulary, including how to select vocabulary for a level students, what should be considered when introducing grammatical st
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In this lesson, I learned about ESA elements, example activities, feedback, and error correction. The things that stood out to me most about this lesson were the ideas for class activities for each ES
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I found this unit to be very challenging, but very interesting. I have learned a lot from this unit that I can now use in my teaching career. I have learned about the modal verb, which looks at an aux
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In accordance with the video that I watched,I find the lesson 1 more intimidating compared to the lesson 2. The teacher's attitude in the lesson 1 is rude and impatient. While the students cannot comp
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This section very heavily enforced the necessity for flexibility within a teaching environment. It feels obvious that an educator shouldn't be restricted to the contents of a course book. Regardless,
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Fremont Hills
There are four Present tenses: Present Simple, Present Continues, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continues. Each of this tenses has forms: Affirmative, Negative, Question and Usages. Its not dif
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I have learnt in this unit the importance of evaluation and assessments to students in teaching english language. As it promotes genuine intercation and develops much greater awareness among students
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This unit discusses how to tech vocabulary, grammar, and function. Vocabulary includes what makes a work easy or difficult for the student, how the teacher should approach word selection, and what stu
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This section focused on the present tense, with specific emphasis on its tenses of simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. This section has been very enlightening as it has helped me refl
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Again, Unit 10 exam is an example of summation testing. I was using my skills of observation using the lens of previous chapters, especially Unit 3 on Theories and Methodology. The difficult portion o
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Unit 8 marks the final unit in the series covering the English tense system. it explores the four different future tenses, their usages, typical student errors and teaching activities that can be used
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This unit engaged us with the productive skills, speaking and writing for communication. We communicate for how, why, what, when and where reasons. Creating motivation in the students is important to
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