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This unit of classroom management gives great tips and outlines on how to manage a classroom in real life. Anybody who wished to teach can be a good teacher in the classroom. Having this outline of ho
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Knob Lick
There are four skills in any language - receptive skills - reading and listening and productive skills - speaking and writing. They are equally important and should all be taught. Reading can be diffe
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Knob Noster
This unit is about four types of present tenses: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous, each of which is considered in details with relevant examples and i
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Knox City
This unit enlightens the system of past tenses (Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous), explaining their form, how they are used, their individual characteristics and
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From this unit i learned what does it mean to be a good teacher and a good learner, what roles does the teacher has during class. Usually during the class teacher plays not just one role, but few, lik
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La Belle
The tense system is complex in English, The simple tenses come in three options: present simple, present continuous and present perfect. Present simple is used to denote simple actions that take place
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La Grange
This unit provides awesome guidelines for teachers regarding one of the most important and difficult areas of teaching - the planning of lessons. The course lists the benefits of lesson planning and w
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La Monte
In the lesson, I learnt about the differences between active and passive voice. I learnt about independent, dependent and relative clauses. The section of phrasal verbs has given me a bit of a run fo
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La Plata
This unit covered the last of the content regarding grammar. The topics within the unit covered the use of Modals, Phrasal Verbs, and Passive Voice. I found the content in this unit to be very in dept
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La Russell
This Unit has taught me the differences between the methodologies available to teachers and which methods produce the best results. The Engage, Study and Activate method seems to me to be a sensible c
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The main topic of this unit, reading and listening in the English language is really very important and provide so much confidence to the new teacher like me. These two basic receptive skills were pre
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This unit covered equiment and teaching aids. The necessity of haveing a board of some sort, be it a traditional chalk/whiteboard, an interactive whiteboard, or an overhead projector was discussed. Ne
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From this lesson I feel that I have a better understanding of what types of material may be useful in the classroom when teaching different skills in English. Learning more about the process of using
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Lake Annette
This was a sort of special unit as it consisted of two video lessons from an actual classroom for L2 students. I thought it was really interesting as the students and teacher really did behave differe
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Lake Lafayette
The first class always should be easy, is no need to follow course book, but establish rapport between the students, find out about the students, find out about the students' needs, find out the Engli
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Lake Lotawana
In this chapter of this course, I have learnt the difference between authentic and created materials and the advantages and disadvantages of both. I learnt about course books and ways to modify addit
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Lake Ozark
The unit discusses the importance of lesson planning. Next, the unite describes how the lesson plan should be written. Then, it describes how a lesson plan should be organized. Also, it talks about wh
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Lake St. Louis
the unit teaches about what it means to be a good teacher; then the unit describes types of teachers; the unit then discusses ages of potential students: post-puberty, young learners and pre-puberty;
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Lake Tapawingo
Today I learnt the difference between accuracy and fluency and different activities that can be used to engage students in both writing and speaking. I found the techniques to encourage interaction th
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Lake Waukomis
Unit 4 is given in very exhaustive manner with all the necessary illustrations. As in the previous Units all information is well structured and even more deeper explained with the help of tables and l
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Lake Winnebago
This unit once again covered tenses. this time, however, we're coving future tenses, the most complex of the bunch. There were many different topics in this unit and I must admit it was slightly overw
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In Unit 4 I have learned The Present Tenses. including present simple tense, present continuous tense, present perfect tense, present perfect continuous tense. At the same time I learned forms, usag
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In this unit, I am super confused. I think my brain is fried. However, this unit was attempting to teach me conditional and reported speech. I liken this course to the US citizen test. As a non citize
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This unit focussed on English grammar and issues in relation to the structure of the language itself such as syntax and English language components. Throughout this unit, I gained a refined understand
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This unit covered some of the common problems that teachers encounter in the classroom and provided potential strategies for dealing with them. This unit covered how to facilitate the first lesson bot
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In unit one we learned about the value of understanding the roles on Teachers and Learners and how complex those relationships can be. There are certain traits of being a teacher- like a simple desire
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This unit presents the different types of tests that exist to evaluate an individual’s level of English, and the contexts in which each test is appropriate. I learned to differentiate between progre
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In this unit, I learned the knowledge about conditionals and reported speech. I master the five kinds of conditionals better now than before. The mixed form of conditional is most hard for me .the te
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This lesson was about the different roles and characteristics of the teacher and the learners. We learned that teachers have many roles to play in the classroom and must be flexible and intuitive enou
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Unit 9 covers the different principles of lesson planning. They are a useful tool to teachers, as they can help you structure your lessons, set goals for students and keep a record of all your classes
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The difference between studying these concepts through a textbook and watching a video to identify the ideas we study are completely different experiences. While I feel somewhat confident in my analys
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The unit covers Planning Lessons. Included in the discussions are function of a plan, how it is written, organization, and what to include in the plan. It also covers monitoring and sequence of the le
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Two productive skills are speaking and writing. The last one is often neglected and given as a homework, but, probably, it is wrong. If talking about speaking, two aspects should be taken into conside
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Lee's Summit
Unit 10 provides an interesting and very useful video-example of a real lesson that was conducted twice for Thai students. During both of the lessons, the teacher uses different approaches and maintai
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after learning this unit, i have noticed that course books have some advantages and disadvantages,when the books don't fit the specific needs and interests of all class members,teachers should create
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This unit covers reported speech and the conditionals, the rules that apply to their use and how to teach them. I am used to suing reported speech and the various conditionals naturally but I never re
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This section discussed the usage and forms of present tense verbs in English. One concept that I have grasped from this section is just how complicated these verb forms can be especially in terms of t
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Students often consider speaking to be more important than writing, which can cause problems because these skills are equally important as well as listening and writing. The teacher should clearly un
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This unit contains a lot of information. Two teaching videos were provided to illustrate the teaching process in a real class. The teacher in the first video is definitely impatient. Ths student is pa
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This unit highlighted the receptive skills of reading and listening, including why and how we perfom use these skills. Five skills were given and the potential problems that could be encountered were
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This unit was focused on managing all aspects of a classroom, from seating arrangements to maintaining discipline. The most important takeaway for me, which I was not aware of prior to this, was that
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It was a fairly drastic difference between the quality of teaching between the two videos. The students who were older and seemed to have some grasp on the English language, but lacked confidence in t
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Unfortunately in my country there is a tendency to underestimate the value of different types of teaching equipment. Our institutions have a board, computer and CD, DVD players at most. It is really u
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In this lesson, I learned the importance and complexity of managing an ESL class. I learned that through different gesture and interaction with learners. Teacher can make the whole classroom experienc
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Linn Creek
i have learnt about the different types of classes, like the beginner (absolute beginner,false beginner,adult beginner,younder beginner and the beginner without Roman alphabet. i have leanrnt about th
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Classroom management is the teacher's skill of organizing and managing the class, maintaining discipline, having a friendly and relaxed manner. Teachers should find their own teaching style through pr
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This is a very useful unit that includes much practical information that can be used in the real teaching. It is important to know the different needs and methods of teaching for the different special
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This unit was so helpful. I am a native English learner but it is amazing what just sounds good to my ear but I have no idea what is happening in the sentence. I am very happy with this unit as it all
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Lone Jack
The Unit clearly explains the importance of having a well-prepared plan while having the lesson. Key points such as lesson plan's contents, basic principles and what goals are expected to be achieved
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Writing and speaking are incredibly important in learning a new language. I thought it was good getting ideas on how best to teach students and get them excited about the topics. I like all the game i
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