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The system and stucture of past tenses: 1.past simple, it is used for actions completed at a definite time in the past.The form as: subject + verb+ed.( e.g.I met him yesterday./ I didn't work./ Did yo
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The content in unit 1: 'Teachers and Learners' discusses the roles and responsibilities of both the Teacher and Students and as well the qualities in which make a good teacher and a good learner. I've
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Unit 5 explores the most important elements of classroom management. In order to provide an effective learning environment for students, the teacher must be able to manage the class and maintain disci
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Camden Point
This Unit covered the major different types of teaching methods including The Silent Way, PPP, ESA, Grammar translation, Task Based learning, and Audio-Ligualism. Focus was on the Engage-Study-Activat
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I believe that the biggest strengths I have as a teacher is my patience, love of teaching, and knowledge of English. When I have to wake up very early to teach a class, it is my love of teaching that
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Much the same as past tenses, the future tenses discussed in this unit are far clearer when a solid grasp of the present tenses is in place. What strikes me is how multiple future tenses may be used t
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Question 8's options are not as worded as well as they could be. The unit says that students speaking in their native language is not often "malicious" (pg. 4). The implication here would lead to the
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This unit provided a lot of information. I really liked how it provided details of how to perform certain tasks in the engage, study, and active component. I feel as if I could use some of this materi
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This unit has disgusted about different teaching methodologies mentioning their pros and cons, following by introducing best method of teaching English which is called ESA and the reasons supporting
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Cape Girardeau
This unite talks about conditionals . These are: zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditional. The unit explain rules, usage and gives teaching idea
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One of the most thought-provoking parts of this unit was in the section about the past perfect continuous tense, the example sentence "Before eating lunch, she had been clipping her toenails for two h
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Carl Junction
This unit equips us with great and beneficial guide about dealing with probable difficulties and problems we are likely to encounter with when taking our journey to the teaching career. Issues discuss
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It is good to get exposed to different ideas in how to teach different types of students. Especially those learning for their business. I really like the material presented in regards to conducting a
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Of all the sections so far, I felt this section had the least amount of new information to date. As a student, I have experienced many different classroom setups and had many different teachers. There
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I found this unit very complementary to a course I took at my University on foreign language teaching. However, as an American, I did not know about the European system. The book "The Art of Teaching
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I never realized how complicated the future tense in English was and I can only imagine how hard it can be for students who are learning the language as a second language. I did not have too much issu
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This unit discussed the two receptive language skills of reading and listening. The different styles of reading and listening were discussed. These range from looking for a single instance, getting a
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In this unit I learned the proper form or tenses according to their usage.The correct usage of past simple regular verbs is by adding 'ed' to the base form of the verb like 'work' to 'worked'.There we
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what should the first session in a class looks like? what are the possibilities? and how to deal with everyday problems and situations we face in a classroom? and how to deal with large classes? Answe
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Modal verbs are usually quite a complicated issue for EFL students. There are nine of modal auxiliary verbs in the English language, and several so-called semi-modal verbs. They are subjective and exp
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This unit discussed common problem situations that may arise in the classroom. Tips for first lessons and warm up activities were given. What to do with a class with mixed English language proficiency
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Thanks for this explicit unit showing us the difference between teaching vocabulary, teaching grammatical structures and teaching language functions. The difference is clear and the methodology is pra
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The focus of this unit was on teaching the essentials of pronunciation and phonology. Pronunciation is the way a word is pronounced, whereas phonology is the stress, rhythm, and intonation of language
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I was excited to see a section on the use of games in Unit 12. I have taught the use of games to improve learning often at both public school and the university level. I would offer www.quizlet.com as
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Very interesting unit. This unit provides a systemic description of the general tense, which we use in the most daily dialogue. At the same time, many practical methods and instructions are also sugge
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This was by far my favorite unit as it helped me figure out what to do within a classroom setting and the dynamics that can arise within it. I had no idea what might be a good or bad way to correct so
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This unit covered the seven common future tenses. It explained each tense form, common pitfalls for students, and teaching ideas to engage students. I learned a lot of concepts that I will need to con
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The example sentences embedded in the various sections are the most helpful for me. Grammar has specific rules that when applied to a living language can easily be parsed to support a biased. Whereas,
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Unit three presents concepts about how language is taught. While not all techniques are new to me, the unit informed me of the benefits and pitfalls of different teaching methods. For example, I had n
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This unit presents information around past tense including past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Usages for each are presented and activate ideas are included. The p
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From a learner’s point of view, I thought it was confusing to present a Patchwork Engage Study Activate (ESA) and then test using a Straight Arrow Engage Study Activate which did not conform to Stra
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This unit is great for putting a class teaching plan together. Being able to see how the different teaching styles is then structured and taught. I thought it was meaningful to have the example sheets
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There are 5 types of conditionals in English. The zero conditional (if+present simple, present simple) is used for scientific facts, truths about ourselves. The first conditional (if+present simple, w
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This unit sets forth a path to teach new material in an appropriate and effective way. I have learned that my idea of introducing, practicing, and using new language material, referred to as the strai
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My mother was a professional speech pathologist for around 40 years. Growing up I was exposed to a lot of these components from a very young age. It's refreshing and satisfying to review the phonetic
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Clarkson Valley
Unit 18 provides examination of modal verbs, phrasal verbs and passive voice with a closer look at their forms, usages, classification and some teaching ideas for each point. From the Unit content I
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This unit discusses pronunciation and phonology. The main focus is how to teach this. There are schools of thought on how to do this and it even comments that some teachers do not teach this. This I c
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This unit is about different types of classes and ways to teach them. It looks at techniques and activities that can be used when teaching specific groups such as beginners, young learners and busines
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I fervently feel that this course would benefit from an expansion on the "gerund" part of speech. I still have a very questionable grasp on this concept. For the sample given by the unit test, I feel
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In this unit, I learned the different theories and methodologies of teaching, as well as the principle method that I would likely use as a new teacher, the Engage-Study-Activate method. It was very en
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This unit covers the different types of tests and evaluations that can be used for reasons ranging from first understanding a student's language level to preparing them for an external exam. The unit
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In this unit , we studied about classroom management, it is the skill of organizing and managing the class, having friendly, relaxed manner & maintaining discipline. A teacher should always have an ey
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Clifton Hill
In unite 10 I can see video of two class, and the different between this two classes are huge. In the first class teacher is not trying to remember students names, not paying attention on the question
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Climax Springs
In this Unit, we learn the role of a teacher and a learner as well as their motivations and the qualities of being a good teacher and learner. This Unit teaches us what makes us a good teacher for the
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After learning this unit, i have learnt that when teachers teach the phonology of English, we need to cover three important areas which are called STRESS, RHYTHM, and INTONATION. on the other hand, we
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Unit 1 Teachers and Learners establishes the many roles a teacher may embody in the classroom. The unit also discusses key elements to being a good teacher and a good learner. A classification of lang
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Cole Camp
Again, tenses are something that most native english speakers can use correctly. However, most native English speakers cannot explain how tenses work or are used. Personally, I can identify when a ten
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Before the class, teacher should prepared everything, such as writing a lesson plan, prepare materials, make class when actaul teaching, we have everything. If it is possible, come to the classroom 5
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This lesson focused on the phonetic pronunciation of the English language. There was a lot of detail in this lesson that I learned especially concerning intonation and stress patterns. I feel like thi
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Conception Junction
As we come up to the half-way point in the course it seems we're covering more specific topics. Today's unit covered the planning, and proper use, of a lesson. I liked the straightforwardness of the t
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