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Unit 16 looks at the different conditional and reporting speech. There are five conditional sentences. The zero conditional is used to talk about things that are always true, for example, If you eat m
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The unit gave me a clear understanding of the difference between learners, things which affect their learning (age, motivation, experience, etc.) I didn't know about the Common European Framework and
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There are many qualities a teacher must have to be considered "good". A teacher performs different roles during a lesson, e.g. a prompter, a manager, a facilitator, a participant, and others. All Engl
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Moscow Mills
It is extremely useful to know how a big range of teaching aids can be effectively used in the classroom. They are very different not only in their types but also in purposes of usage. It is also shou
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Mound City
After watching both videos, I learned that attitude is the most important thing an instructor can do. Both videos used the ESA method but that was the end of the similarities. In the second, the ins
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Mount Vernon
Grammar is the foundation on which the practical use of the English language is built. I appreciate the advice on the usage of, the teaching of, and the explanation of grammar in and out of the classr
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Mountain Grove
This unit covered the management and structure of a classroom. I think it was really important to learn as this is the backbone for ensuring that a class flows well through the work ahead of them. In
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Mountain View
In this lesson, I have learnt how to plan a lesson without going into too much detail and by filling out the basic objectives of the lesson. In the past, I had gone to class with a brief plan, which
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I think my brain has turned into scrabbled eggs due to all of the new knowledge I have taken in. In this particular unit, I have learned how to manage the class room. From eye contact, gestures and vo
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Useful teaching equipment: white/black board, interactive whiteboard(IWB), overhead projector(OHP), visual aids, worksheets and work cards, cassette recorder, CD player, vedios and DVDs, vedio camera,
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Neck City
Types of classes: absolute beginner, false beginner, adult beginner, young beginner, beginner without Roman alphabet. For teaching each group there are specific methodologies and techniques. Also tech
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This unit describes the future tenses, their structure and their usages, presents the main issues that students have while learning each of these tenses, and gives examples of activities that can be d
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This unit focused on the different problems I might encounter in a classroom as well as the different class types I am likely to be working with, such as large class types, issues of reluctant student
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This section was an eye opener for myself, as I thought the english present tense was the present simple only. I did not realize that the present tense consisted of four tenses. It was also weird to s
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This one was so difficult for me. I cant believe how much I don't know naturally know how to explain from the top of my head! I'm going to need to go over my grammar a lot after this course. I constan
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New Bloomfield
As far as teaching English is quite complicated process it needs from educators a number of skills that should be acquired at rather early stages of their career. This Unit gives a clear explanation h
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New Cambria
This unit was interesting, short and direct to the point lesson. Enlisting and explaing use of different teaching aids, the benefits and disadvantages of each one of them. I now know the type of dicti
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New Florence
This unit was especially interesting to me. As a native english speaker, I use all 4 of the present tenses fairly perfectly each day. It comes naturally to think and speak in these tenses and I can ea
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New Franklin
Conditionals has 5 main forms: zero(if/when + present tense, present tense), first (if + present simple, will), second(if + past simple, would/could/might + base form), third(if + past perfect, would/
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New Hampton
I have learned about the importance of planning a lesson, the different stages in a lesson plan, how that helps and guides the teacher during the lesson. The role of time, firstly allocated for every
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New Haven
There are different problem situations the teacher is often faced with. They can vary in their nature and difficulty but they can be overcome by following most of the suggestions, tips, and techniques
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New London
It is important to teach productive skills which are speaking and writing.In many ways, writing is the most neglected and is often assigned for homework. Accuracy and fluency are important in teachin
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New Madrid
There are o lot of aids that can be used to make teaching and learning process more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. Following are some of the resources often found in classr
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New Melle
There are many theories, techniques and methods for teaching English as a second language. All of this techniques must be well-known by teachers, so teachers can understand which way to use for more c
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In this unit we studied about, what materials and course books should be used for teaching. We learnt about the authentic material (which is readily available) and creative material ( which is design
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In this unit, I bear in mind that there are four basic skills in any language;receptive skills- reading and listening, and productive skills- speaking and writing. the four skills are equally importan
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This unit covered the evaluation and testing of language students. Tests given before, during, and after language school courses were described. A sample language skills placement test was shared to g
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In this unit, i an clear that past tenses obviously related to past time periods. i begin to see certain similarities in usage and form emerging. some of the rules i should able to notice are: 1. All
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First of all, this unit let me remember so many things, that I am using daily in a correct form, but maybe I had no idea for some of the rules. I learned, that we can use some different games or mind
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This unit was all about techniques and procedures for teaching. There are many techniques &for getting results such as grammar translation, audio-lingualism, communication language teaching (CLT), com
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As a student of multiple languages, I have always found listening significantly more difficult when learning a language and reading to be easier. I did find it interesting when the video talked about
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North Kansas City
In this unit I learned the system and structures of verbs in the past tense. Among these forms are past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. I each section the unit discu
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This unit was about different areas of managing a class perfectly.We learned how to use eye contact, gesture and voice and a lot of points about how to build a good rapport with students, also how to
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Modal Auxiliary Verbs follow basic rules: can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, need to, needn’t and ought to and refer to obligation, possibility, permission, ability a
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In this unit I learned every English teacher has to planning a lesson, because it is very useful and comfortable for teacher. and also I learned what kind of methodology exist in English teaching. As
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I think it is important to know about all methodologies available to decide which metodology is best suitable for your students. I've found the ESA method very interesting. I've never heard about it b
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This unit covers the productive skills: speaking & writing. I was surprised to find that writing is often less of a focus than speaking, though given the previous units and the video lessons, it is cl
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In this lesson, I was able to learn how to give variation to my lesson by using different kind of learning materials. I learned the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of material and how I can
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Oak Grove
From this unit I learnt how to use ESA methods to introduce new language when it comes to grammar and vocabulary. For example when it comes to vocabulary first of all teacher should explain students
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The unit provides a selected information about modal verbs, passive voice and phrasal verbs. According to my students the most difficult part among these three phenomena is phrasal verbs, as they are
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This unit introduces the concept of receptive skills, which are reading and listening. It explains how to effectively teach them. I found this unit very interesting and learned how to mix different re
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Old Monroe
This unit was on troubleshooting. Problems that we are faced with when teaching a English class were mentioned, and how to solve them. For example, the problem how to handle students that learn faster
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This unit highlighted the theories, methodology, techniques and the requirements of the course i.e. ESA method. The ESA method was concise and easy to follow. I have learnt how to construct a simple
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Olympian Village
The correct and suitable planning and interaction that can be represented with your class-designing (that includes games and different kinds of activities, facilities and teaching aids, testing and ev
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In this unit i read about how to deliver new vocabulary, grammar and other language concepts effectively to students. This unit showed many examples of suitable activities for each lesson topic, as we
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In this unit I learned about methodologies of teaching which suggests various concepts of teacher-student engagements in the classroom. I also learned the engage,study and activate stage ideas by Jere
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I have learnt in this unit that in grammar there is a conditional which contains "if" or "when" which refers to past,present and future possibilities.There are five types of conditionals namely the ze
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This unit is good for going over possible issues that can come up in class. I thought it is good to see how the first days of class should go and what obstacles might come up as you are teaching your
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Osage Beach
This unite talks about various teaching equipment that helps a teacher make the lesson more interesting and effective. These are the board, interactive white boards, overhead projector, visual aids, w
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This unit covered the process of teaching receptive skills (reading and writing) to non-native speakers and the lesson planning issues that might arise. The biography exercise was a very interesting i
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