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We looked at the issues involved in common problem situations and how to deal with them. Initially the type of lesson, i.e. new or existing group. Different levels of ability can be a problem; to de
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This unit covered basic English grammar and helped provide a clear outline for the material I will be working with in the units to come. I feel I have achieved a greater grasp of the grammatical mater
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Teaching productive skills: speaking and writing Accuracy and fluency both important, accuracy activities usually part of the study phase, fluency activities usually parts of the activate phase. Accur
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I found the test for this unit to be somewhat confusing in its format of "which activity goes when." In my courses at University I have written and walked through teaching plans, and feel that it has
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Equipment and teaching aids are extensively used. The black board is rarely seen, the Whiteboard is far more popular because its clean and easy to use, always have access to a spare pen. Interactive w
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Holts Summit
In this unit, I learnt about the different types of tests that may be given to the students as a placement, diagnostic, progress and practice tests. I learnt about the General External Examinations an
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This unit allowed the opportunity to observe and analyze two different filmed scenarios of English language lessons. The first lesson portrayed an ineffective and less successful lesson due to the tea
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This unit explained the seven common future tenses and alerted me to the fact that the tenses present simple and present continuous can also be used in future tense applications which I noted for futu
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This unit deals with the importance of teaching pronunciation and how to effectively do so. The material breaks down how a teacher can approach pronunciation. There are different methods such as model
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It this content i have learnt that horse shoe is best because all students will have eye contact with other members of the group .Classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the class
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Houston Lake
This unit covered the use of productive skills (skills that are used when producing language and engaging in an exchange of language). I thought it was very useful information, not unlike the unit on
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I have familiarized deeper with the Present Tenses, especially found out interesting information about typical students errors and some activities which can encourage communicative of the tense during
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In this lesson, I have learned about various form of testing and evaluation in an ESL class. I learned about their purpose and how they can help a teacher evaluate their student's progress and also th
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Often teachers, especially those working in state schools, are not allowed to choose a coursebook by themselves. Nevertheless, you can't use it for the whole lesson and every lesson, and there are som
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This unit is short but important. It tells us the most fundamental three things consisting of a typical language, eg., the vocabulary, the grammar and the language function. For each part, this unit a
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In this unit i have learnt that absolute beginners are those who do not have English at all and false beginners that have learnt English before but not retain much language .OI have also learnt that w
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This unit was about the future tense and the numerous ways one might express the future. As someone who simply grew up hearing and speaking in English, it is fascinating to reflect on my use of the fu
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Growing up in an English speaking country, many of the tense rules were glossed over and just became known to students through practical learning. I had always thought English had just three tenses: p
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This was the most challenging of the grammar units. I felt like a lawyer parsing words and phrases. My first bit of confusion was the inclusion of present tenses. The real eye opener was learning abo
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This unit explained how to teach new vocabulary, new grammatical structures and new language functions by using the ESA system. I learned how different ESA structures (straight arrow, boomerang and pa
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This unit covers the various techniques that can be used to manage a classroom: the use of the eyes, voice and gestures, the arrangement of the desks and the students themselves, how to choose between
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This unit provided me with a lot of useful information about how to become a better teacher. This unit is about classroom management- skill of organizing and managing class, having friendly atmosphere
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This unit concentrates on identifying appropriate activities for the various stages of lessons that focus on acquiring new vocalbulary and intoducing language structures. It also considers the importa
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The Thai language depends upon tonal changes, the same word is used for near and far in Thai, only the tone changes. The tonal changes are the most challenging aspect of my efforts to learn the Thai l
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Iron Mountain Lake
In this unit I learned about vocabulary, grammar and its functions. There are four things you need to do with the language; be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand its construction and be
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This unit is about books and materials. I learned that there are authentic materials and created materials. I know the differences between them . I know what course books consist of and the advanta
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The variety and variability of equipment and teaching aids at every single school depend on many factors. Nevertheless, at least a board (classical chalk board or modern white one) is likely to be eve
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In this unit I have learnt about the relationship between learners and teachers is very important and a sensitive one. A good teacher is the one who is patient, entertaining, motivating, able to corre
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I looked up The COBUILD English Dictionary, it is being hosted by https://www.collinsdictionary.com/ which now makes it available for free. There is a grammar tool which based upon my scores will be
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Unit 14 focuses on course books and other lesson materials that teachers can choose to use during their classes. Materials can essentially be divided into two groups, namely authentic materials and cr
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This unit discusses the productive skills of speaking and writing. Both are equally important in communication but do have their differences. For example, clear writing is heavily dependent of high ac
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Jefferson City
The significance of evaluation is mainly to get a feedback from students you teach. It is practically represented by the level of language skills. A big variety of different tests and tutorials let te
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This lesson focused on the importance of speaking and writing as they pertain to the English language. Although understanding how speaking is very important to learning a new language, I believe that
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In this content unit i have learnt that grammar is the most part of English that strikes both the teachers and students .Also learnt that nouns are names of places , people , animals etc and some type
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This unit gives an explicit instruction on how the class could and should be managed. It also elaborates the eye contact and gesture to attract or distract the students' attention. I especially apprec
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First leeson teacher need to do: Establish rapport between the students and also between the teachers and the class. Find out about the students. Find out about the students' need with English. Find o
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Kansas City
This Unit covered receptive skills which are reading and listening. These two skills are an important part of learning a foreign language. teachers should be careful to pick a variety of topics over t
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Kansas City North
This was the last unit of the trainning and it was the shortest one also. After talking in details about all other features of an English class plan, this one spoke about some of the most common probl
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The content of this unit focused on passive voice use, relative clauses, and modal verbs. I leaned a lot about the differences between clauses that I had not studied in previous English classes. I bel
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This unit includes teaching theories, methods, and techniques. The approach used moving forward is ESA, Engage, Study, Activate. This approach includes enough variety to meet the diverse needs of stu
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Unit 12 focuses on the teaching of the second important set of skills in English and in any other spoken language. These skills particularly being the Productive Skills which focus on the Speaking and
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I learned some useful things in this Unit. I enjoyed it a lot more than the other one. i'm beginning to understand that I love to learn about the dynamics of teaching within a classroom and the differ
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Kimberling City
This unit covering the types of learners and the processes in which they progress was quite comforting in all honesty. I found the subject matter to be a good foundation for the concepts that will be
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This unit gave me a big picture on what to anticipate when making a lesson plan. The sample plan provided will be very useful for me in my lesson plans as a inexperienced teacher. With every great and
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King City
In this unit I learned the 4 skills of being a learner focusing on reading, listening, writing and speaking. Based on these things I learned how to create a receptive skills building lesson that tests
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This unit covered the four aspects of present-tense verb conjugation and sentence structure. The four aspects of the present-tense are Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, and Present
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From this unit I learned to consider more thoroughly how the arrangement and management of the classroom can have a much larger impact on learning. I learned a lot more about the body language of the
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This unit was very useful because it shows how to select vocabulary, grammar and functions. It did a great job showing me how I can arrange the class based on how the four things that students need t
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First lessons, both in existing and new groups, are extremely important, as they help establish rapport. Instead of referring to a course book, experienced teachers prefer ice-breakers, warming-up act
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Upon completing this lesson, I have learned various teaching technique and methodologies. I have learned the pros and cons of each of them, and how a great teacher should be able to use a variation of
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