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The most difficult part in this unit for me is choosing between 4 options while answering question 8 of this test. Usage of the native language by students during a class. What is not a reason for thi
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This unit covers the elements of speech in English and their functions: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, articles, pronouns, infinitives, gerunds, prepositions and conjunctions. Because I have studi
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Beverly Hills
Unit two gives an overview of the parts of speech. I learnt how to recognize and classify words in a sentence. For example: How to make a difference between nouns (countable, uncountable). The basic r
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I found this rather short unit to be no less helpful in further identifying and considering what future approaches will likely be the best to use as I prepare for my placement in China; as I will be t
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In this unit, I have become more familiar with different future tenses and ideas can be used with future meanings:their forms and usages. There are 7 future tenses - the future simple, the future cont
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Birch Tree
In this unite I’ve learned basics about pronunciation and phonology as well as good methods to teach those. The unit describes stress, rhythm and intonation of an English sentence, and how to use th
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After this unit,i have known that there are many different teaching aids can be used to make our lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the text book.1. boards can be used for writi
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Black Jack
I have learned about receptive skills (reading and listerning), how individuals understand information differently based on the already existing knowledge they have of a subject. Also how to make and
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This unit is the one I was looking for in this course. It introduced me to many concepts that I didn't know before about IPA. Acquired new knowledge and gained new skills in pronunciation and learned
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after learning this unit, i have learnt that there are some different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress.it is often appropriate to give tests at different stages in a course.Placement t
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This unit covered modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice. This unit discussed the basic rules, uses, possible areas of difficulty, and teaching ideas for each. This unit covered t
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This unit covered the two "Receptive Skills", listening and reading. This unit covered the specialist skills associated with reading and listening. The specialist skills are Predictive skills, Specifi
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I struggled with remembering whether or not the auxiliary verb conjugated or not for number nineteen. Other than that issue, once the correlations were explicitly drawn on the chart during the unit, t
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My take from this final unit, always ensures that we establish rapport with students to get students more comfortable with the class and also with the teacher. As a new English teacher, there are many
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Blue Springs
There are four equally important basic skills in any language : receptive skills are( reading and listening) and productive skills (speaking and writing). Reasons for reading and listening can be for
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This lesson focussed on the different types of materials and teaching aids that teachers use in the classroom when teaching English and the issues surrounding them. This included the advantages and di
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This last unit covers the most common issues that a teacher will have to face at some stage in a teaching career: big classes, students who are reluctant to speak, classes that have big gaps between w
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After learning this unit, i'm clear that there are five main conditionals,and their forms are : Zero Conditional: if/ when + present tense, present tense First Conditional: if + present simple, will
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Bonne Terre
There are two productive skills in English language: speaking and writing. The teacher must create the need and desire, in the students, to communicate, accuracy and fluency carry equal importance. Te
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In this unit, I learned a few things on teaching a class. Teaching a real class various attitudes and interactions can determine the results of the outcome for students. In the first video, I witnesse
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This section covers the 4 sub-tenses of the present tense: the present simple (e.g. I eat rice every day), the present perfect (e.g.I haven't eaten rice today), the present continuous (e.g. I'm eating
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Such material as touched upon during this unit was part of what first convinced me to consider becoming a teacher for higher-level students; I enjoy staying up-to-date on current events, and I very mu
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Bowling Green
The Unit has helped me to understand the differences between teachers and learners. I was familiar with a lot of the Unit content as most of it is common sense but there are many subtle differences in
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Bragg City
The future is one of the most complex areas of the English language because so many different tenses and ideas can be used with future meaning. The seven most common are: the future simple, the futur
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I have learnt that teaching of pronunciation is important because it gives life to a class because it reflects feelings and personal reactions to different situations. Althought it is ofthen neglected
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This unit contained a large amount of basic grammar, most of which I have rarely considered. I had never heard of the category of gerunds, and had to study this category more in depth. I also did know
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Branson West
I learnt the correct rules for the past perfect, past perfect continuous, past continuous and past simple forms. This lesson taught me how to use the both the negative and affirmative forms of the ver
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In this unit, we learned about different types of classes including beginner classes, young learners, business courses and multinational classes in detail. Also, we studied how to start a need analysi
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In this unit, past tenses including past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous, were all examined. Explanations were given on the relevant structures of each past tense, as
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Teach pronunciation: Peer dictation: students reaing and speaking words and sentence to a partner, parterner write it down. Your own mouth: emphasising individual parts of a word, let students to see
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Breckenridge Hills
I really enjoy the units that provide ideas for activities and tasks for each phase of a lesson. These really help me to understand how to teach the specific topic and they get the wheels turning in m
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Unit 16 focuses on conditionals and reported speech. It explains the different forms of conditional sentences and includes typical student errors and some techniques that can be used to teach conditio
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This unit made me know that the writing of lesson plan is very important. As it has three functions: 1. An add to planing which need teacher to write down the expectation you want student achieved by
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This unit was very challenging. Mostly because as a native English speaker, it's is something that you never really consider. However, after going through the unit, I see how teaching others how to pr
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Unit 11 looks at teaching receptive skills, which look at reading and listening. Many people read or listen to audio for either the purpose or for the entertainment or both. We read or listen for a pu
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This unit is about coursebooks and teaching materials.These materials can b devided into two groups : authentic and created. Authentic materials are about anything a native speaker would hear or read
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In this unit I learned criterias to consider when selecting vocabulary which includes the appropriacy to the students,appropriacy to the task,frequency and coverage and the teachability of such chosen
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In this unit I gained a better understanding of how teaching different aspects of a language can be broken down into different areas. Understanding how and when to teach vocabulary and grammar I belie
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This unit focused on lesson planning and the best ways to develop a lesson so that it flows and allows for the engage-study-activate portions of a lesson to occur. The emphasis for a lesson plan is on
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The chain conditional on page 3 looks like the basis for an ongoing game that could circle the classroom with each student adding a portion until it comes all the way back to the first individual. I t
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In this unit, I have learned present tenses. As a native speaker, I don't really dwell on how I am forming my sentences. Still, I am questioning myself on the rules as if I am a non-native speaker. I
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The aim of this unit is to show how much the behaviour of a teacher and his/her professionalism can impact the students’ learning. It comprises two videos; the first one shows a terrible teacher who
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Teaching Vocabulary: Selecting vocabulary carefully, students needs to know about a vocabulary: meaning, use, word grammar, interaction, spelling, pronuciation. Typical "straight arrow" ESA vocabular
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Burlington Junction
this unit covered the information necessary for the teaching of English to special groups and classes. In the unit there was quite a bit of content covered from the teaching of beginners, the differen
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Unit 17 focuses on the equipment and teaching aids that teachers can use in their classes. Teaching aids can help engage students, by making lessons more interesting and less dependent on course books
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Byrnes Mill
The system of past tenses is similar to the one of the present tenses. There are three options of the past tense - past simple, past continuous and past perfect. The usage is quite similar to those of
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I studied grammar at school and in the university. I was taught by passionate teachers who were crazy about their job. That is why I don't feel lack of knowledge in a theory of the English grammar. Th
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This unit focused on watching two videos and seeing the difference between the two lessons. This was very helpful as it provided a visual aid to what a good lesson should look like as well as how a ba
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This lesson focused primarily on the proper methods for developing and teaching productive skills, reading and writing, to non-native English speakers. These are arguably the harder skills to teach as
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Classroom management is very important. Teacher's eyes, voice and gestures may do a lot of work. Classroom arrangement, which actually depends on various factors, should be taken into consideration as
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