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I was surprised not to see a section on realia in Unit 17 because the title included teaching aids. My friend, a professor of Spanish to English speakers, insists realia is an essential tool for stude
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This unit covered evaluation and testing. This unit discussed the benefits of evaluation and testing in the classroom setting and how these can be used to determine a student's current level of unders
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Cool Valley
This section introduces us to some of the most difficult grammar sections. To master each of these elements of grammar, you need to spend enough time studying and practicing. However, having mastered
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I have learnt in this unit that there are two types of materials used in teaching. First one is called authentic materials which is not graded to the level of students and uses programs,magazines,news
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This section covered the building blocks of grammar; I.e. parts of speech. I was shocked to learn two things specifically, both of which I teach my current private students, albeit differently: 1) I h
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Five main conditionals: Zero conditional: if/when + present tense, present tense (e.g.When you boil water, you get steam.) First conditional: if + present simple, will (e.g.If he studies hard, he will
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Country Club Hills
The unite describes the Present tense of verbs. First, the unite talks about the Present Simple form. It describes the usage, student errors and teaching ideas. The unite talk about Present Continuous
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Country Club Village
Unit 9 was about lesson planning. It provided information about basic principles of lesson planning, what to prepare and to check before the lesson so it runs smoothly. The most important thing for me
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Tests and exams are the part of a course. To check students' knowledge, see their progress, analyse if and how the course should be changed different types of tests should be conducted throughout the
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In this unit i read about receptive skills- reading and listening. The unit examines the importance of these skills and then covers various techniques and activities associated with them. There are di
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Tests are a necessary evil. I was able to learn the difference between the varieties and purposes of tests for an ESL class. Furthermore, the variations of English proficiency external exams was a new
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This unit covered tips and strategies for teaching "new language" to learners. Specifically, it covered three areas of teaching new language: Teaching Vocabulary, Introducing Grammatical Structures, a
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Creve Coeur
This unit covered on a more complex topic than I felt we've covered prior. This topic being, the use and description of complicated teaching methodologies, techniques, and orders. I actually found thi
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In the previous unit, i have learnt that listening and reading are called receptive skills. then in this unit, i come across other two skills, speaking and writing which called the productive skills.
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Cross Timbers
Classroom management is very important for successful learning and teaching. Eye contact can help the teacher to control the students and establish the rapport with the students, it can help signal th
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Crystal City
The unit was on Evaluation and Testing. Different types of test, that are given, were discussed. Different types of tests are designed to be given at different points in time and setting. For example,
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Crystal Lake Park
Unit 12 : Teaching productive skills helped me to realise the importance of writing skills and how people nowadays neglect it. The difference between accuracy and fluency and when to focus on certain
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Crystal Lakes
This unit covers various ideas of classroom management. It contains priceless information that is so necessary for everyone who wants to teach. I picked up knowledge on how teachers can use their body
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In the first unit, we look at the different aspects of being a teacher and a learner. We examine the qualities that make a good teacher and the different roles they perform in the classroom, as well
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This section focused more on the tools a teacher might use to enhance learning processes as well as the classroom dynamic. While it might be efficient, it certainly wouldn't be effective to constantly
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In our most recent unit we have learned of many of the proven teaching techniques. From the straight arrow to the boomerang method the teachers of this world wield quite the arsenal. Though there may
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De Kalb
There are different ways to evaluate students: tutorial, evaluation by students themselves and tests. Test are used to find out level of language and put student in the right class or group, to see st
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De Soto
There are seven forms of Future tense: Future Simple,Future Continues, Future Perfect and Future Perfect Continues, be going + infinitive ('going to' future), for some special usages Present Simple an
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De Witt
This unit gives an overview of the usage of present tenses. I learnt differences between Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous. Also how to form proper sen
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This unit covered conjugating verbs in the past tense with emphasis on the different tenses of continuous, simple, perfect, and perfect continuous. In my opinion, this was a difficult section as it me
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This unit covered the seven most common expressions of the future tense. These expressions are: Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, Going to future, Present Si
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For the most part, after grasping the present tense unit, this unit was cut-and-dry. Very simple to understand. If there's a fundamental difficulty discerning the different nuances between past contin
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Four present tenses: present simple: e.g.I work./I don't work./Do I work?(pay attention on third person singular.) present continuous: e.g.I am learning./I am not learning./Am I learning?(pronuncation
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Des Arc
Unit 8 is devoted to Future tenses system. It covers four standard structures of future tenses (the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect and the future perfect continuous), as well
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Des Peres
This unit covered the use of reported speech and grammatic rules revolving around conditionals. The content of this unit was fairly heavy, in stark contrast to the past few units, I must admit that it
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This unit covered the various aspects of classroom management. It began with how to properly physically present yourself to the students. Next, it discussed grouping the students and classroom arrange
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Unit 18 is the last unit that covers grammatical topics. It explains the use of modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs, relative causes and passive voice in the English language. As was the case for the
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I have learnt in this unit the different teaching aids that can be used to nake lessons more ineteresting,effective and less dependent on the textbook.The following are the teaching aids used inside t
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I struggled with questions 8 through 12 because the choices, to my mind, are ambiguous when trying to apply them to a model which does not align to the questions. For example, in Unit 3 on page 9, the
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This unit is about Future Tenses, which is quite a complex area of English language. There are seven most common tenses, such as Future Simple (will+verb), Future Continuous (subject+will be+verb+ing)
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This unit is about planning a lesson, why it is important and how to go about it. It also gives several activities covering a full lesson as an example. I learned how to structure a lesson properly an
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This unit helps to show how important it is to teach all parts of the english language while emphasizing that different parts of the language can, and perhaps should, be taught differently. Since gram
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There are four basic skills in any language, receptive skills-reading and listening and productive skills-speaking and writing, they are equally important. When we read, it is more than just use ears
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This unit gives details of the various forms and correct usage of the tense system, with a focus on the present tense in its various forms. It was interesting to analyse the various structures partic
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This unit focused primarily on the different sorts of examinations that might be conducted by a teacher as well as the sorts of external exams students may be striving to pass and receive certificates
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This unit discusses what makes a good student and teacher and the teacher' role. For example, a good teacher is not just being educated on the subject, but also includes being able to engage with the
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East Lynne
In this unit I learned ways to conduct a lesson and what games to use in the lesson. The three stages of engage, study and activate are ways to warm up students, teach a new point or subject, have the
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East Prairie
Today's grammar lesson was a good review. I know English verbs and tenses in addition to conditional however, in everyday writing, I do not ever stop to determine what the conditional is or how the t
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Understanding grammar provides students with a basic understanding of how the English language operates, although it is important to remember that grammar alone will not make a learner fluent. Underst
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Edgar Springs
Managing classes is never easy and this chapter gives me tips on how to handle different cases. One of the hardest part of being a teacher is to know how to manage a class, especially in a country wit
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In Unit 5: Classroom Management, I learn that the teacher must be able to inspire confidence in the students. the teacher must know when to control and when to leave students alone. In order to achi
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This unit teaches about troubleshooting during teaching.The classroom management and mastering order inside the classroom are the most important factors in educational process. They are considered the
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In my opinion, I found unit 7 to be very interesting, as I learned the different ways I can help students to improve their vocabulary, grammar, and function. However, as a teacher there are some crite
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El Dorado Springs
This unit talks about parts of speech and how words can be categorized. First unit defines nouns and describes the types of nouns; next it describes adjectives, articles, both definite and indefinite
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