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Teaching new vocabulary, grammar structures and language functions is not easy and depends on many factors. When learning a new word (grammar structure or function) students have to understand its for
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Garden City
This unit gives me an example of how to teach. It is not as simple as it looks. The first video shows the teacher isn't giving the students the explanation needed to understand the material. Thus, the
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This unit refreshed my memory. of phonetics & pronunciation, both of which I had studied intently in a series of linguistics courses in college. It first goes through the difference between intonation
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The ESA unit was so extensive that this unit felt derivative of it. Regardless, it's very useful to understand more intimately the roadblocks and difficulties met with new vocabulary. However, again,
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The videos clearly showed the difference between a well planned, well delivered lesson with a teacher who is positive and enthusiastic compared to a lesson where the delvery of the content and explai
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I found much of this unit to be a reiteration of such materials as I had already viewed in other courses; one recurring point that I find worthy of consideration is that some platforms, such as YouTub
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Gilman City
In my opinion, all aspects of language phonetics are very well balanced in this section. Many of the issues in this section are very deeply analyzed and worked out. Also, methodical instructions are g
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I really enjoyed the section on creative writing, and ways to engage students in these areas. I have had professors who have really struggled to create environments that were encouraging to being crea
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First of all, I've learnt what makes a good teacher. A good teacher cares about teaching, but cares more about the learning of the students. This inspires me to pay more attention to the students' lea
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A very important topic. An essential stage in the teaching process. It is very important to evaluate the teaching process so as to know where to concentrate on the upcoming teaching planning. The exam
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This unit covered the various methodologies of teaching a language to learners. ESA and its various styles were focused on. ESA's most basic structure is that of engage, study, and activate. The ESA s
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Golden City
In this unit I have refreshed the different forms of word tenses in my mind. I have worked with these tenses in a teacher role before so I am decently versed on what they mean and how they work, but i
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This unit explains how lesson planning can be extremely beneficial to both teacher and students. Not only do lesson plans create a record of work in the classroom, but they can also help keep teachers
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In this content i have learnt that student in second video were more participate more effectively compared to the first video .In the second video the students participate because the teacher used st
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This unit provided an excellent demonstration of a class that did not function well and a second video of a class that did function well. In the first video the demonstration showed the importance of
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Grain Valley
The fist lesson was so bad! the students looked scared, they didn't understand the point of the lesson and struggles to follow the teacher, they look rather confused. The teacher skipped the engage ph
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In this unit I got to know again that Grammar is very important area of English. That`s why not only learners, but even English teacher has to know how to speak English correctly. In other words, if y
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This Unit was about Past Tense. We learned about Past simple, past perfect, past continuous and past perfect continuous Tense. Simple Past Tense - It is used to describe a completed activity that hap
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In this unit we studied about how to tech phonics and pronunciation to students. Teaching correct pronunciation of english is very important. We also learnt about teaching phonics, it means teaching c
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Grant City
This unit covered the uses of and proper preparations for teaching equipment and other teaching aids in the classroom. I found that this was among most of the easy to understand concepts in the course
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Green City
There are four forms of Past tense: Past Simple, Past Continues, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continues. Each of this tenses has forms: Affirmative, Negative, Question and Usages. Its not difficu
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Green Park
This unit is devoted to the analysis of pronunciation and an integral part of this study – a sound system ‘phonology’ with detailed look at stress, rhythm and intonation. There are other aspects
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Green Ridge
In this unite I went over basic English grammar that is often forgotten after grade school but is very important to teach. Native English speakers usually always speak with a perfect grammar, or we wo
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This unit covered conditionals (sentences containing "if" which refer to possibilities in the past, present, and future) and reported speech. This unit covered each of the five main conditionals found
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In this unit I learned the different parts of speech and it's an overwhelming feeling for me to be able to identify the words in the sentence according to it's parts.As I go through the lessons I beco
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Given my limited experiences in ESL classes, but experience in one-on-one tutoring, this unit was useful in better understanding what works and doesn't work when teaching multiple students. The ESL cl
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Unit 20 marks the final unit of this course. It focuses on troubleshooting, or how teachers can deal with some of the most common problems that might arise in the classroom. This unit addresses seven
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In this unit, our study focused more on a number of different areas and Technics of teaching that will help the students to be either engage or activated. This unit is important because all teachers n
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From this unit I learnt that it is vitally important to take care of all the student. teacher should be sensitive,entertaining, motivated and have too much knowledge of major. Different students have
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In this unit I have learnt that speaking and writing are the two productive skills in language teaching. Under these two skills categorized accuracy and fluency activities. In accuracy activities conc
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This unit covered classroom management tips and strategies. This unit covered the various aspects of teacher classroom behavior such as eye contact, gesture, and vocal volume and intonation. This unit
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As teachers, it is very important that we evaluate student’s English to determine whether the students are making any progress in their learning. It is very important that we evaluate student’s pe
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Unit 15 has only 10 questions which means the possibility for impacting my overall score is very high. As a progress test I am feeling very discouraged by these Unit tests. I read, I do the worksheets
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Future tenses do not only include regular types such as Simple (will+V1), Continuous (will be + V-ing), Perfect (will have + V3) and Perfect Continuous (will have been + V-ing), but also specific usag
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It is often said that many teachers give less attention to the teaching of pronunciation because oftentimes most teachers lack the confidence and training to teach such skills effectively. I must admi
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I've learnt that the teacher has many roles and it's important to know all of them and when to employ each role. The way that you teach is the key factor of whether the student will absorb the knowled
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The review of this unit was very useful since there are so many different tenses and ideas that can be used with future meetings while teaching to a class. After reviewing the tenses, I am now more c
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Hawk Point
In this lesson I learnt about the proper techniques that should be used during class. The attitude of a teacher can either make or break a class. It is important from the onset of the class to engage
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This unit was great on reviewing the first two skills in the English language. the receptive that are made up from reading and listening are very important to incorporate in my class lessons. Dividing
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Hayti Heights
This unit gives an overview how to successfully manage, control and maintain a discipline in the class. For example it urgent to know what kind of gestures to use not to scare the students or lose the
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This unit was mainly comprised of two videos showcasing a teaching lesson given by a teacher to a group of students. The teacher and students remain the same between the lessons, but the teacher's app
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In this unit, we studied about the techniques of teaching vocabulary grammar & function of the English language. Some lessons that we need to teach may include new vocabulary, grammar and functions.we
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This first unit establishes a basis of understanding of teachers' roles in a classroom setting, the characteristics of a good teacher, the characteristics of a good student, the various reasons for st
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This unit covers the receptive skills; reading and listening, as opposed to the productive skills (speaking and writing). It comprehensively covers all aspects of teaching receptive skills, whether it
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A useful unit. A very practical one. I do think planning lessons is important for every teacher. In my country teachers with more than 5-year experience may not write a lesson plan. It affects their t
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This unit was about , conditional speech and reported speech. In this we learnt various types of speech and how the students relate them. We learnt about the conditional, in which there are two two cl
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Classroom management is one thing that I have seen to be extremely important in creating positive learning experiences. When I reflect on my numerous classes in the past, typically the ones I remember
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High Hill
A good teacher considers teaching pronunciation an integral part of the course. The meaning of any word can change according to the intonation, the Maning of a sentence can be change in dependance wi
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I continue to have some difficulty with these kinds of grammar units, and believe that it might in large part be due to never having overtly gone over these sorts of things while in school; curricula
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i am a teacher who has been teaching young learners for 10 years,so i am highly agree that teaching children can be one of the most rewarding of all student to teach.to teach children well ,teachers n
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