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Sjoe, This was an overwheling unit. I did not know there were so many parts of speech. I found the task at the end very helpful, I will be refuring to them as my revision notes. Noun-name of somthing. adjictive - discribing the noun. comparsions - ' adj. er' superlatives - 'the adj. est' articals 'three, an -vowel , a+the -consanat. verb - doing word. transitive verb - need an object with the verb. e.g cooking dinner intransitive verb -sleep infinitives - to go , to cry - "to" auxiliary verbs - three 'be,do,have' adverb - adds to the verb - manner,place,time,degree,frequency. gerunds -ing verb that funtions as a noun. pronouns-in palce of a noun, you get personal and possessive and reflexive (end with self) and relative . preposistion- in relation to where? ( where is it ) conjunctions - joining 2 sents.