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In this unit, we have learned the various methods of classroom management. We first spoke about eye contact and gestures and how we should stick yo universally known gestures to ensure everyone unders
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English language has 5 main conditions: 1. Zero Condition Form: if/when + Present Tense, Preset Tense Usage: it refers to irrefutable actions and facts 2. First Condition Form: if + Present Simple, wi
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As a current middle school English teacher, I found this unit to be an adequate refresher of my duties as an educator and the responsibilities of my students as learners. I am constantly trying to dev
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One big idea in this unit is the importance of building rapport with students. I have realized that when I know not only my students’ names, but also facts about them like where they are from or wha
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Several common problems may appear during education process. One of them is the first lesson, this lesson is very important, because a teacher establish rapport with his/her students, find out their n
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Accuracy activities are usually integrated in the study phase. These are controlled or teacher-guided activities used to practice correct usage of grammar and language. Fluency activities, on the othe
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Unit seven introduces the topic of teaching new language. Teaching new language includes vocabulary, grammar and functions. This unit continues with the ESA approach to teaching English as a foreign l
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The unit tells about different ways of teaching. The main types of teaching methodology were mentioned. All the methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so it was suggested to follow ESA lesso
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This unit considered a variety of ways for an English teacher to assess their students' knowledge and growth. This information is valuable because it will help the teacher know the starting point for
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As someone who will begin their teaching in a few months, this is a very useful unit to help understand the various methods of teaching aids and equipment that are useful and what they are most useful
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When teaching a new language it’s essential to cover its three aspects: vocabulary, grammar and function. In the most cases, all these three parts are taught during the lesson, but sometimes they’
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My biggest takeaway from this unit was that there is indeed a difference between receptive and productive skills. I realize more and more as I go through these units that there is a lot that I have ta
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Little did I know that tenses would get even more complicated once you get into the nitty-gritty of the grammatical rules! This unit not only challenged my understanding of grammar, but it also forced
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A good teacher should be kind, patient, lively, he/she should love teaching, be able to motivate students, have deep knowledge and communication skills. A good teacher should care about his/her teache
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Understanding what kind of industry one is heading into with this whole course requires some explanation. Teaching, tutoring and giving private class programs are likely places where many English teac
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In this unit, I was introduced to the different types of teaching patterns. These teaching patterns then, would help determine how lesson plans would eventually be built upon to encourage better compr
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Iron Gate
The aim of unit number 6 was to go through, explain and deal with the four past tenses of English language (past simple, past continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous). Similarly to the unit
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The system and structure of the past tenses is not too different from present tenses, except that past tenses obviously relate to past time periods. You get the past simple, used for actions completed
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I have found that it is very difficult to learn something if there isn't an occasional test to see where your progress currently is. While learning Korean, because I am doing it on my own, it is hard
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Each tense has four aspects: simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. So present tense is devided on present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. 1.Pr
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I am constantly creating supplemental materials and unauthentic texts for my students to use. The textbook we currently use isn’t even specifically designed for English Learners—its simply designe
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At this point in the course, I'm surprised I'm still finding myself a little confused about the ESA structure. I think that it could be useful to generalize more the ideas instead of breaking them dow
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Learning from all the units prior, I came prepared to be humbled by content. As expected, I was again welcomed by the realisation of the complexities and intricacies of the English language. As a nati
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In this unit, I have learned about the equipment and teaching aids used in class. There are different equipment and teaching aids shown in this unit. Such as white/blackboard, interactive whiteboard,
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This chapter taught me how to use techniques lively upon students and also how to interact ourselves with students. this chapter is little bit tricky. it is not easy to understand. It is the time cons
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Unit seventeen explores topics relating to equipment and teaching aids in Teaching English as a Foreign Language classrooms. Teaching equipment varies per school and class, but could have any of the f
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This unit focuses on receptive skills, divided into two categories, reading & listening. Both equally important, these tie into productive skills, such as writing and speaking, which help students und
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As a native English speaker, I would've initially considered this unit as an easy skim through. However, as I went through the pages, I realized that although I may be able to speak and write English
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This last unit explains some of the common problematic situations a teacher could face, and offers some advice. One that every teacher will face is the first lesson. It can be new groups, where the st
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As a native English speaker that was taught verb conjugation and sentence diagramming in my middle school years, I find this section cumbersome. Using verb tenses and helping verbs correctly is extrem
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Kettle Falls
This unit provides a basic understanding of what a teacher must offer his or her learners, as well as what a teacher should look for and encourage in those learners. The unit starts by outlining what
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Unit 6 gives the four different forms for the past tense. These are past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. Each form has an affirmative, negative and question patter
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In this unit, we covered the importance and method of creating a lesson plan. First we focused on how a lesson plan should be written down. Some examples would be keeping it simple and to not script i
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It is very important to pay attention to developing of receptive skills (reading, listening). The reasons for reading and listening may be divided into 2 categories: for entertainment and for a purpos
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This unit was very informative in the way that it was practical, and allowed for more knowledge in how to maintain a class. This is something you don't understand unless you sit in their positions and
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In this unit, we studied the various present tenses in depth. The complexity of the present tense is something I have never payed much attention to as a native speaker, however, I am able to see the i
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La Center
Speaking and writing is just as important as a language's receptive skills, listening and reading. In order to produce language, lesson plans must focus on both accuracy and fluency. Accuracy is meant
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La Crosse
The penultimate unit focuses on teaching special groups of learners. It defines different types of beginners and gives tips for their teaching. Then, it focuses on differences between teaching individ
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In unit 10, I watched 2 classroom teaching demonstrations. One demonstration was taught correctly, while the other classroom demonstration was taught poorly. In the poorly taught lesson, the teacher w
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Lake Forest Park
This unit is the last of the tenses, it is the largest of the three. Focusing on the future tense, it has similar "perfect", "Continuous" and other categories of tenses with additional elements of pre
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Lake Stevens
Past Tenses are using "to be" form of the verb for present continuous and if the form of the verb "to be" is in the past then it will be past continuous. For Past simple you have Regular verbs and Irr
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As i already mention in my all feedback that each and every lesson is important to me . Teaching receptive skills is a very good chapter. i am also working as an ielts trainer. so this chapter help me
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Integrating the material from previous units, this unit shows how a class is put together with the material. In essence, this is a precursor to creating a lesson plan, around our subject. Knowing how
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This unit was definitely the most useful in providing me with ways of carrying out a standard class. Lesson planning was perhaps my weakest area as before I've been very inexperienced with designing l
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This unit could be summarized with the statement that usually a "good teacher" will have "good students". That is because the importance of the relationship between a teacher and the students cannot
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These videos demonstrate the most vital part of teaching and learning: attitude. If the teacher's attitude is bad coming in, it does not matter where or what kind of lesson, how teacher interacts with
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Unit 5 is about classroom management. Contrary to popular belief, it is not true that you have to be a good teacher in the classroom. Some good teachers are very low key, while other teachers, both li
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Liberty Lake
Studying the Unit 4, the rules about Present tenses were acquired and absorbed. As a brief note, there are four present times: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and Present Perfect C
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Long Beach
In this unit, I have learned that, very much like the present tenses, past tenses are sub-categorized into past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. The most common usage
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This unit described the equal importance of both speaking and writing skills, skills in which are classified as productive. From what I understand, "productive" in this scenario are skill sets that re
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