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Communication between people is a very complex and ever changing thing. But there are generalizations that we can make which have particular relevance for the teaching and learning of languages. When
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Des Moines
This unit highlights some of the more difficult topics of the English language and verbs most often confused by non-English and often time English speakers alike. Modal auxiliary verbs can be used a n
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In this unit, I learned about classroom management and how to implement it in class. Classroom Management is an important way to discipline the class in a good and effective way. This unit taught me
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Drakes Branch
Conditionals are just as they sound - conditions used in speech that reflect a cause and effect model. There are five main conditionals -- Zero, First, Second, Third and Mixed. Zero conditionals often
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While speaking and writing are substantially different in many ways, they both are used for the same purpose - to communicate. Accuracy and fluency carry equal importance. Speaking activities in the c
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The fifth unit (Managing classes) talks about how teachers can organize their classroom and students within that classroom, how to establish a good rapport between students themselves and between them
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In this unit, I learned the importance of evaluating students level of progress. There are three ways on how to asssess the language level of students; tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests.
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In this unit, I learnt zero, first, second, third and mixed conditional. Different kinds of conditional sentences have different forms and usages. I also have new idea about how to teach conditional s
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Understanding how to approach the first class and how to build rapport is important for any teacher, either beginner or experienced. What I take away from this is a lot of common sense notions about h
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As I was reviewing this unit, it made me realize how strange, yet also uncommon future tenses are. We often talk about events in the future, things that will happen, or things that we will do. However
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East Wenatchee
Its in how we present ourselves as teachers to the students. the first video the students were confused and a little scared of the teacher. He did not explain well enough for them to understand him. A
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This unit offers many good resources to consider when teaching. One resource my school has recently purchased is Chrome books for every student. Although our students cannot take them home, they serve
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I found the first video to be a bit extreme. I have a really hard time believing that even the most inexperienced teacher would think this lesson is sufficient. It was almost comical in this aspect. I
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From this unit, I learnt how to select and use books and materials. Materials are including Authentic materials and created materials. I also get familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of usin
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Modal auxiliary verbs are; can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to, need to, needn't and ought to. They are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main ve
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Electric City
6. With the 6th unit four past tenses were revised: past simple (completed past action at a definite time), past continuous (past action in progress, interrupted past action), past perfect (action hap
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I have wanted this unit. Until now I have done my lesson plans in my own way. I have used grade level, Objective, study, activities, materials, and time. A vary basic simplified way in word. The ESA
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Production is always what is focused on in evaluating what students can do with their language ability. It always ends up being a struggle, both on the spoken and the written portions. This section we
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During the lesson students should be mtivated, be exposed to the language and have an opprtunity to use it. The most effective technique that combines all this aspects is ESA (engage, study, activate)
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In unit 5, I learned about classroom management. Using the appropriate eye contact, hand gestures, and tone of voice can help students stay engaged. There are positives and negatives that must be cons
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This unit describes receptive and productive skills and their equal importance in language acquisition. Receptive skills can be broken into two main components: reading and listening. These can be fur
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This unit on Managing Classes was particularly interesting in how it considered the importance of something as basic as classroom structure. The teacher is responsible to determine how their body lang
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In this unit, I have learned about the areas of stress, rhythm, intonation, as well as the International Phonetic Alphabet. In intonation, it is the variation of volume and pitch in a whole sentence,w
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Confidence is often lacking in foreign teachers to teach pronunciation methodically, and English teachers sometimes also lack the training and confidence to tackle this area. Phonology is the study, s
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This unit covered the past tense. The explanations in this unit seemed so much more thorough, detailing not just how the tenses can be used but also why they are used this way. It was an extremely eng
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Testing and evaluation in Unit 15 describes methods used to help students to progress by pointing out strengths and weaknesses in their use of the English language. It is a valuable tool in helping t
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Federal Way
In this unit I have learned how to further categorize the present tense into four parts -- present simple, present continuous, present perfect, present perfect continuous. Within these categories, I h
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An overview of how to effectively plan a lesson. Using Engage/Study/Activate technique, form a lesson plan, and form it around factors, such as student objectives, student level, and what a teachers g
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This unit helped me to see that a good English teacher will take personal responsibility for the material covered in any given lesson, even when teaching from a course book. It could be that a teacher
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This was a very dense lesson compared to the rest of the lessons because while these are grammar points, they don't really relate to each other but there are a lot of them. I had a hard time focusing
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Managing class room is very important, having experience Demo teaching. I have learned there are many different factors in managing a good class. Being on time, appearance, and engaging students at b
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The future tense is made up of 7 different categories, the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, be going plus infinitive, the present simple and the
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Teaching pronunciation and phonology are quite difficult for Thai learners because there is a big different way of stress, rhythm and intonation between English and Thai. Thai learners are often confu
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This unit is about teaching receptive skills which are reading and listening. There are four basic skills in language and they are divided into two groups;receptive skills-reading and listening and pr
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Front Royal
This unit shows how to select appropriate vocabulary according to the learners’ level, how to build a vocabulary lesson using methods in different stages during the classwork. The other important th
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Gate City
Management of a class is a very important base for successful learning. An effective teacher must know their class and must be able to use the knowledge of class management to their advantage. If us
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This lesson overviews the importance of creating a lesson plan. It does so, connecting to previous parts of the book by showing the ESA form of creating a lesson plan. To an experienced teacher, much
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Gig Harbor
The aim of unit 18 has been to explain modal and phrasal verbs, relative clauses and the passive voice. The beginning of the unit focused on the modal auxiliary verbs, what they are, how they are used
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Glade Spring
The teacher can use a variety of teaching aids. It can be authentic materials like magazines or films or created materials like crosswords or flash cards especially design to fit the needs of a class.
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In this unit I have learnt the two productive skills , their importance in English language and how to bring out the productive skills in students. The techniques to teaching productive skills really
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Glen Lyn
This unit covers course materials and the type of resources you can use to teach. It discusses the use of course books however, it suggests that the book can be used as a supplementive tool and does n
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Gold Bar
The Tense System can create great difficulty to students. The Present Tense as well as the Past and Future have four aspects: Simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. It is important for th
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This unit examined the differences a teacher's style of presentation and attitude can have on students' ability to learn the material. In the first video I watched, the instructor told the students th
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Unit 7 deals with grammar, vocabulary and functions in English sentences. Vocabulary items teachers learn students should be appropriate (used often and corresponding to their level), maybe close to o
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This unit covered some key components of teaching vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. It described things to take into consideration when selecting vocabulary items for a lesson, and ideas fo
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Grand Coulee
Past tenses are similar to present tenses, except it relates to things that happened before. Past simple is an -ed or -d added to the base form. It can be very tricky for learners to grasp the irreg
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From this unit, I learned how to teach puductive skills: Speaking and writing. If I wish to introduce a communicative activity to the students, I must create the need and desire, in the students, to c
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This section is describing the different aspects of the future tense. This grammatical section is a little more difficult to understand, in my opinion, because while there are similarities with the m
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Granite Falls
During this unit I have learned the importance of classroom atmosphere. It is not only curriculum material that determines effective learning, but also the area in which the learning is taking place.
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While this is pretty straight forward, I think the part of this lesson that confused me the most was the past perfect in relation to present perfect. They are so similar to each other. As a teacher, I
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