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As the units on tenses; present, past and future come at an end with this one - I must admit that I have been enlightened! While having the ability to speak and write English at a university level, I
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Vocabulary, Grammar and Functions of the language. Starting with how to select vocabulary for different age learners or different level learners is always a bit of a challenge. Making sure each group
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I believe past tense is something students of English have some of the most difficulty with. The rules between past perfect and past perfect continuous are two conjugation forms well exemplified here.
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Two video lessons show how teacher's attitude, readiness, organization are important to a successful lesson. In the first video, a teacher was not interested in the lesson and students, he didn't know
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The present tenses taught in this lesson were as follows: Present Simple, Present Continuous (otherwise known as present progressive), Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous. Learning the usag
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This unit was an introduction into the different types of groups a language educator may come to work with. As the unit continued, it provided more details on what these groupings would be like, stati
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I appreciated that I must care about the student's learning experience before anything else. Also it was helpful to understand the needed qualities for a good teacher and reasons why. Last, getting
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Maple Valley
1-I have learnt from this lesson how learners and teachers think; all information had given were clear to me understand more about the aspects for teacher ,such as what are the roles of the teacher? ,
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Each lesson may include the studying of grammar, vocabulary and functions, and a teacher should know how to introduce the new item of a language. The teacher should select the vocabulary, grammar and
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This unit explained how pronunciation is a difficult and expansive subject to consider with language learners but extremely essential since leaners do want to sound as native as possible. It will be a
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Just like the section on the present tense, this section describes the four aspects of the past tense: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. The helpful aspect of t
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The science of phonology is influenced by intonation (rise/fall, fall/rise and flat), stress or more accurately the lack of stress. Teachers of the English language may be tempted to skip over the pro
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Managing class is a good chapter. In which i learned how to manage the class,giving instuctions,interact with students. Teacher talk time and student talk time. how to handle problem behaiour in stude
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Medical Lake
Unit 17 deals with equipment and teaching aids. It lists 15 types of teaching equipment used in EFL/ESL classrooms, including: the board, IWB, OHP, different kinds of visual aids, worksheets and work
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This lesson was difficult because they are all so similar. I will have to make sure to keep studying this one in order to properly teach it to my students. I am worried that there will be many mistake
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In this unit, I have learned about the types of classes an English teacher can have in his/her career. There are five types of classes; teaching beginners, teaching individual students, teaching child
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Mercer Island
In order to avoid a mundane and boring lesson, it is important to utilize different classroom tools and equipment. This will certainly help in maintaining interest of the students and increasing reten
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I have learned from this unit that we have to have lesson planning before we start our class. This is what you want the students to able to do at the end of the lesson, what you as a teacher wish to a
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A very straightforward unit, this one explains what the necessity of evaluation to determine progress and anticipate future endeavours for students learning English as a second language. It begins wit
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This unit covered equipment and teaching aids that may be used in an EFL classroom. Most of it was fairly self-explanatory, but there were some good tips on how and when to use them most effectively.
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Mill Creek
Lesson planning is a great aid to the teacher as it serves as guidance in the classroom. It shouldn’t be too rigid as the teacher should be flexible enough to adapt to the class environment and chal
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Unit eighteen introduces modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. The unit begins with an overview of the grammar relating to modal auxiliary verbs and some basic rules. The unit then transitions into
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Teaching is a complex task that requires multiple tools (methods) of the teacher. The method used will depend on the students and culture. Learning requires engagement by the student with the teacher
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I've been looking forward to this lesson since I started this course. If you think about English, compared to other languages, in theory, it should be one of the easiest languages to learn. We don't h
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This unit covered the future tenses, and it certainly proved to be correct when it stated that they are particularly complex and can be quite confusing. This is because in addition to the expected (fr
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I really liked how this unit didn’t just give information about present tense verb forms, but it also gives great strategies to use in the classroom in order to help students learn and cultivate the
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In unit 11, I learned about receptive skills; reading and listening. We have different motives for when we listen or read. There are many ways in which we receive that information. How we read and lis
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This unit as absolutely fascinating and really taught me a lot about phonics, the intonations used in speech, and which parts of the mouth help in producing which sounds. I've been using bits and piec
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Speaking and writing are such important skills that students need to learn, but as mentioned in the unit, often get overlooked by reading and grammar. When a teacher is lecturing or teaching or talkin
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Moses Lake
Unit 16 develops into more complex understanding of sentences with conditional sentences and reported speech. Conditional sentences focus on the if after a statement has been made and what the consequ
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To be honest, I was anxiously anticipating this unit as I've been made aware that conditionals are quite the challenge to teach. Reaching this point, I can safely say that I have heed their warnings a
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Mount Crawford
This unit focused on the attitude a teacher has during a class and showed a practised example of how this effects the students and therefore the lesson. Show the attitude of the teach but also the app
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Mount Jackson
Unit number 15 is focused on evaluation and testing. It stresses the importance of overt, as well as formal feedback (tutorials, evaluation by the students themselves, tests). The unit also deals with
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Mount Vernon
In order to evaluate students, teachers use different tests. Placement tests are used to evaluate their English level and place the students into the correct class. Progress tests are used periodicall
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Mountlake Terrace
This unit talks about vocabulary, grammar and functions. It talks about how important it is that students, especially being at such a young age, are very motivated to learn the basics to get by in th
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In this unit I learnt a lot about grammar and parts of speech. I learned about the different types of nouns and their usages. I learned about adjectives and the order that we use them. I learned about
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This unit presented two videos demonstrating TEFL lessons, the first one an example of what *not* to do, the second an example of a well-conducted lesson. In the first lesson the instructor was not pa
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Speaking and writing in English, the productive skills are important to communicate effectively; however, this is a complex process due to the fact that communication is an ever changing affair. The b
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This unit was comprised of two separate class lessons. The two lessons were completely contrasting. In the first lesson, the teacher was both rude and did not proceed in teaching the course with a goo
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Video No.1 showed me the example of not a very good teacher. The teacher used higher level of vocabulary than the learners’ level. He didn’t give any clear explanations and examples to the learne
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New Castle
We had taken Speech with 7 sections 1-Nouns (Names-Animals-Places-Things-Qualities-States) A-Usage of Noun B-Plural Nouns c-Exceptions D-Countable Nouns & Uncountable Nouns 2-Adjectives (Describe the
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New Market
In this unit I learned that there are 7 subcategories of present tense. Future simple is used for future facts/certainties, promises/threats, predictions with out evidence, assumptions/speculations,
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This unit covered coursebooks and lesson materials, and so it was a fairly short unit. "Authentic" versus "Created" materials were described and detailed what would be good examples of them and when t
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Both Conditionals and reported speech are in the top list of the most confusing English grammar for Thai learners. It’s not only difficult to understand but also hard to find good activities for lea
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I learned that depending on the age of the students, their culture, their knowledge of English, and other factors, the roles and responsibility of the teacher and his/her teacher style will change. I
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This unit covered teaching the productive skills speaking and writing. It was explained that writing is often focused on less heavily than speaking by language teachers because of the quiet time requi
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I was really excited about this unit because it is something we don’t come across in our teaching credential program. I don’t think I’ve studied phonics since 2nd grade, so this was a really int
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Normandy Park
In this unit I have learnt how to organize the learning process in the class. A lot of indicators are appeared when you want to establish effective time of studying in the classroom. It is important t
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North Bend
The teacher should be ready to overcome problem situations that will occur. For the first lesson the focus should be in establish rapport between the students and also between the teacher and the clas
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North Bonneville
As far as the content of this unit is concerned, it dealt with different roles, responsibilities, as well as virtues of teachers and learners. Since there are various roles a teacher has to be able to
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