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Oak Harbor
Unit number three deals with different methods and techniques of English language teaching. The beginning of the unit focuses on various methodologies of teaching English that have been used by many t
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Right classroom management is very important for a teacher, it allows supporting discipline, organizing class activities and it helps the students to feel more relaxed. The good teacher should conside
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One aspect of teaching that I’ve tried to incorporate more into my daily lessons is student self-assessment. I want them to be accountable for their own learning, as they are the only one who can tr
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Ocean Shores
I have learned that there are four things that students need to do with new language; be exposed to it, understand how it's constructed, understand it's meaning, and be able to practice and produce it
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This lesson taught me the difference between accuracy and fluency. It's very important in the fluency stage to let the students be creative and try to not interfere unless absolutely necessary. Also
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This unit mentioned that for a student to learn English well they must be exposed to the language, understand the meaning of the language, understand the construction of the language and be able to pr
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In Unit 5 Classroom Management - it is the responsibility of the teacher to organise and manage the class using a friendly and relaxed manner while maintaining discipline. The teacher is the model fo
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There are 4 past tenses in Englih language. 1. The first one is Past Simple Form: Affirmative (the base form of the verb + ed/d) Negative (didn't/did not + the base form of the verb) Question (did +
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Unit 5 tells us about classroom management. It helps to understand how to arrange the studying process. For instance, teacher shouldn’t dominate all the time. It’s quite useful for Study stage, bu
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Pronunciation is often times neglected and needs to be added to lesson plans as a whole class, section of the class or on an as needed basis for a more effective teaching of the English language. Pho
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Grammar is so extensive that is good to review sometimes. Even though I teach grammar every day, it was nice to have some review on less common grammatical structures that I don’t teach at a middle
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I find Future tense the hardest to teach simply because it has not happened yet. Getting student to understand it can be a bit challenging. My favorite way to start with is the word Tomorrow...Not tod
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This unit is a good review of phrasal verbs, and passive voice. Some of the things covered in this unit I have not gone over in a long time so it was good to read again such as basic rules for modal a
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Unit 9: Lesson Planning, explains why it is important for teachers to plan their lessons, and it could be achieved. Planning a lesson allows teachers to know what material they want to use, the object
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This is an important lesson because as I start applying for jobs as a teacher, I will need to take into consideration the students that I will be teaching based on the job I acquire. I personally am o
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This unit taught about the present tenses. We have learned that there are three different tenses in English; the past, present and future. Each tenses has four aspects;simple,continuous,perfect and p
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Pamplin City
Unit number 16 deals with conditionals and reported speech. It explains the five main conditionals in English language (zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals). It provides different teachi
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This unit covered teaching special groups, providing some insight into what needs to be taken into account when teaching different types of classes/students. This was an interesting one because I gene
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This unit was surprisingly more difficult for me simply because of all the tenses. I, of course, know the tenses and names, but the usages of the tenses was what had me a bit confused. As a native Eng
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Speaking and writing present the productive skills. They may be developed during the performing of accuracy and fluency activities. The accuracy activities are aimed on producing correct language and
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This unit defines and explains the variety of methods used for teaching english as a foreign language. I've learned that there is tremendous variety and and endless scope to the the method that is bei
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Unit 8 gives us the information about future tenses and other tenses and constructions that can express future meaning. They include Future Simple, Future Simple Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Per
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Pennington Gap
It is interesting to see how our mouth is used to create sound and form words. Something that comes naturally to one does not come so easily to another especially in the The way the mouth moves during
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In this unit, we covered the past tense. We covered the past simple, which is a completed past action. For example, I worked 5 hours yesterday. Then we studied the past continuous which is when an act
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There are four things that students need to do with new language; be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how it's constructed and be able to practise and produce it. Vocabulary is very i
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This unit was the another that allowed me to imagine how an ideal classroom situation could be like. More specifically, it introduced the types of course materials that can be used, as well as providi
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In this unit, it teaches about the productive skills which are speaking and writing.Also it shares some games that can be used in class. Writing and speaking are both important skills.Both shows that
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Port Angeles
Unit 11 provided me with important information about teaching the two receptive skills - reading and listening. It focused on the necessary specialist skills one has to have or learn to be able to pro
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Port Orchard
In this unit I learned what not to do and what to do when teaching a class. I learned that when the teacher does not start the class with an Engage phase then the students feel a little reluctant to
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Port Royal
Although in oral speech the use of future tenses occurs naturally, its challenging to explain to the students how to identify each of the tenses: Future simple, Future continuous, Future perfect, Futu
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Port Townsend
Of all the Units thus far, I believe that Unit 9 on Planning lessons is the most valuable and applicable to have as a teacher. As an inexperienced teacher, I can see that it would be difficult to con
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One aspect of this unit I really liked is how important it is to have students be and feel comfortable in the classroom. When students have a lower affective filter, they often are able to receive mor
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In this unit, we focused on the techniques to teach a new language. First, we covered teaching new vocabulary. This includes how to select the new vocabulary and after selecting, which techniques to u
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In this unit I have learnt about English pronunciation, that I have never studied like this before, it was a good experience for me. Pronunciation is very important in each language spatially in Engli
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In unit 16, I learned about conditions and reported speech. Conditionals are used to consider about what could happen, what might have happened, and what we hope would happen. These sentences are comp
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Evaluation by the students can be very useful to ask the students to evaluate their course by means of a questionnaire or guided discussion. For example they can be asked whether they feel that they a
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In unit 9, I learned about lesson planning. A lesson plan can help the teacher identify the objective of the class, it can be used as a reference guide during the class, and it also documents what the
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Learning how to use previously learned ESA structures to guide a lesson when teaching new language. The unit touches on teaching vocabulary, selecting the correct vocabulary to teach, depending on fac
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This section focused on the different approaches between teaching vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. These language aspects are similar in that the student needs to learn the meaning and us
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This unit was quite useful to understanding how exactly to manage a classroom for English Language Learners. One of the most difficult things outlined here was exactly how much time students and teach
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Unlike the previous modules, this particular one had video material that was necessary in order to complete the unit. At first, I found myself immediately irritated by the teaching style presented in
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Last but not least. Troubleshooting was something I actually didn't think about until this very last unit. I will keep on going back to several units while I develop confidence in my new career as an
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As the final unit of the program, the content here successfully brought all the others together in full circle by simply going back to a basic rundown of how a first lesson can successful. It included
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Reading and listening are introduced in Unit eleven as receptive skills. Reading and listening are equally important to writing and speaking English. The unit begins with why reading and listening ski
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In lesson 5 I learned about classroom management and how to gain the skills of managing a classroom and student's properly so you can inspire confidence in student that's learning a language. In parti
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In unit 17, I learned about the usage of equipment and teaching aids in the classroom. There are many different tools that can be used to help students learn. It is important that teachers learn how t
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In this unit, it mainly talks about some ways of teaching vocabulary,grammar, and functions of a new language to the students. In learning a new language, the students need to be exposed with it,under
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Rich Creek
This unit confronts issues that are very common and will come up often when teaching English as a second language. It is important to plan ahead for any trouble that a teacher may face as this will al
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In unit 6, I learned about four different past tenses. Past simple is a verb tense used to describe completed actions in the past. Past continuous is a verb tense that is used to indicate an action th
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This is a unit that is great for learning pronunciation techniques for english language learners. I feel that although there is some good information in this unit, learning and using phonetics in the
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