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This unit outlines the different parts of speech which include; nouns, adjectives, adverbs, articles, gerunds, verbs, pronouns, prepositions and conjunctures. The text gave an outline of the rules included in each part of speech by including the general guidelines and pointing out the irregular forms. The goal of this section was to give an overview of how sentences are broken down and formed properly. By examining each part of a sentence, one can better understand the rules associated with parts of speech making them better able to analyze when English is being spoken or written improperly. The basic outline given is that nouns are objects and subjects or people, places and things. Adjectives are used to specify and describe nouns. Articles are used to specify whether nouns are specific to an individual person or thing, or whether they are referring to a group. Verbs are referred to as action words, such as to swim, to run, or to read. Adverbs are used to give meaning and information to the action. Gerunds are verbs that are functioning as nouns with -ing at the end. Pronouns are used to replace or specify nouns. Prepositions represent relationships between nouns or pronouns. Lastly conjunctions create a relationship between phrases or words in a sentence.