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In this unit, it focuses on teaching special group of students. Mainly English beginners, teaching individual student, young children, Business English and mono or multi lingual classes. There are man
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Productive skills are speaking and writing. Both with the same purpose of being able to communicate. Writing usually focuses more on the accuracy of the language whereas speaking focuses more on the f
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This unit talks about EFL methodologies, theories and techniques. The later part focuses on the ESA method and its implementation in a practical environment. I found this unit very helpful and resourc
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The unit was again a good revision on the grammatical theory required for modal and passive forms as well as phrasal verbs and clauses. The ideas and advice for teaching students were welcome as usual
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Unit 11 is about teaching receptive skills, which consist in reading and listening. As the text says, the listening skills are more difficult to learn that the listening, as students cannot have a tex
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I have learnt from this unit that although it is recommended that the format of engage study and activate is the preferred choice of method for teaching students, it is possible to be flexible with th
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Becoming the best teacher is different for every individual as this depends on a balance of many factors both internal and external such as the teacher's personality, what they feel comfortable doing,
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Unit 10 is a very good lesson with two videos showing a good and a bad lesson. I really appreciate the fact that in the first video, the teacher was really showing what bad teaching and class monitori
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Falcon Heights
This unit focused on the future tense and all its aspects. It showed how the present tense can also be used to express future plans. The unit pointed out all the uses of the future tense such as pred
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UNIT 14 COURSEBOOK AND LESSON MATERIALS Course books can be rather daunting or helpful to a teacher, depending on their techniques and ways of teaching. Some unorthodox teachers would prefer to creat
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The future tense has several tenses. However,I was able to have a better understanding of the future perfect tense and the future perfect continuous tense. The future perfect tense describe the time o
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Unit 2 is about parts of speech, I found it very useful as it consists of many details, which i didn't know before. There is detailed information about how to recognize such parts of speech as nouns,
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Federal Dam
I personally have test anxiety to the max. So much so, I went to a university that does not use tests or grades! We did papers, projects, and received evaluations. I mention this because every school
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sometimes I want to enrich my students' vocabulary and I think what words or sentences I can teach them. sometimes I make a wrong choice and the words are too difficult for their pronunciation or now
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Fergus Falls
This unit looks at different ways of expressing future events, both using the different future tenses and using certain present tenses. The difficulty for me with this chapter lies in how little atten
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The unit talked about receptive skills - reading and listening it also made note that this is the other side to productive skills - speaking and writing. We could understand from this unit that recep
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Fifty Lakes
This unit focused on the receptive skills, namely reading and listening skills. These skills are equally important and should be included in the lessons as much as possible for a balanced approach in
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This unit introduces the three main aspects of a new language. The vocabulary of the language, the grammar of the language and the functions of the language. These three aspects are critical when teac
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This unit distinguishes productive and receptive skills and highlights the importance of speaking and writing. Productive skills present unique challenges since writing has many essential components,
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In this chapter I learned about assessment and evaluation of students. I began by learning the different types of tests (placement, diagnostic, progress and practice). Placement tests serve the purpos
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This unit covered the various points of sentence structure, such as nouns, verbs, articles, etc. It can be one of the hardest parts of teaching English, as there are many rules, and many exceptions to
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For inexperienced teachers could be a good idea to have a prepared lesson plan until the teacher achieve self confidence , experience and knowledge of their own class and how to react in different sit
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We use modals before a verb to add meaning to the main verb in a sentence, to express many ideas such as and obligation, a possibility, an ability, an advice or an obligations with many other ways of
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I must admit this unit was difficult because although I know how words are pronounced I never really took the time to notice where the stresses are. Another difficult area was learning the phonetic s
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Forest Lake
Watching these two videos was a welcome change of pace for this TEFL course. It was good to see a real lesson take place in practice. The contrast between the effectiveness and outcomes of the two les
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Every Language has a particular grammar, to make easier to learn and understand your own native language or even a second one, the language is divided into different parts, known as the parts of speec
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Fort Ripley
Good unit on teaching aids that you will encounter in the classroom and how to best use them. This unit taught me that there is a vast array of equipment to use to better the lesson and that students
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The chapter on teachers and learners gave lots of advice on positive and negative effects on students. The chapter taught about how to motivate students at different ages and stages of their English l
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This unit explained me that both listening and reading - receptive skills are equally important in the process of learning new language. Students need to be prepared for different types of activities
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This unit talked about teaching receptive skills, which are reading and listening. It is important to select material that will interest students and even build interest. Furthermore, it is import
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This unit teaches the parts of speech (that is, the parts of a sentence) and how to classify types of words. Understanding the different types of words is useful because then students can come to se
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Basically, all actions or state of being take place in the present, past or future. If it were only that simple I English would be much easier to learn and teach. I will be learning twelve tenses thr
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I have realized that learning tenses and their uses, past, present, and future, could be a trying experience for a person learning English as a foreign language. Not just learning the structures but a
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How do people remember all this? I am definitely making flash cards when I am done with the course. I am glad I will have these modules to refer to. I am also working on my Spanish at the same time so
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This unit discussed the present tense and its four aspects. Each aspect was laid out logically, starting with its basic form elements, examples of usage, student problems, and teaching ideas. I enjoye
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This unit focused on the different methods of evaluating and testing students. Students can be evaluated through tutorials, evaluation by the students and through tests. There are different kinds of t
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For the last two years I have been getting weekly emails from two sources. One is The Busy Teacher, and the other is Lesson Planet. These two sources have articles written by teachers talking about th
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In this unit I mastered the idea and different procedures in teaching English. The courses should be heavily entertaining to keep students focused on their experience of learning the English language.
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Teachers and students should form strong relations. The teacher should be aware of his or her surroundings in order to best inform students how they are doing and improve their English. This when noti
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Lesson planning is vital to being organised and at least prepared for the lesson and in that comes the freedom almost to know and time the lesson. Preparation is key. I think its important in that pla
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This unit looks at parts of speech and goes into detail about the many different components that can go into a given sentence. I like how special attention was given to articles and pronouns and how t
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This unit focuses on the practical aspect of lesson planning and how much the general attitude of the teacher influences the students and the lesson. This unit gives us 2 videos of the same teacher, i
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I found it very interesting the functions of writing a lesson plan taking in consideration always the following three points: it should be considered as an aid for planning such as goals and available
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Gem Lake
If I was in the position of having to learn a new language, and I am at this stage doing so, it does help to have someone correct you with pronunciation but also not to overwhelm you as then I find th
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This unit first covered the affirmative, negative and question forms of the present simple tense, the variations that happen to the verb base form in the third person singular form, followed by the us
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When using conditionals, the verb that is written on direct speech is the one that will change when reported speech. Watch out for exception rules. Some teaching ideas include split sentences, complet
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I spent the second year of University studying abroad last year. I did Fall semester in Argentina and Spring semester in Spain. I had to teach a class of high school students in Spain when I did not f
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I have learnt the qualities of a good teacher and a good learner, in this unit. I've also learnt how they are affected by various factors such as age, geographic location, culture, etc. I have learnt
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This unit did a good job in depicting a positive learning experience and a negative learning experience. The first class showed how a negative teacher attitude can actually control the atmosphere of t
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The future tense is the most complex in English language. There is 7 diffrent future tenses. 1 the future simple, is for future facts and certanties. You can promise or predict something. 2 future con
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