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This unit looks at the various forms of conditionals and reported speech. While conditionals are a part of my everyday speech, I was not aware that there were different kinds of conditional speech. Si
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What I learned from this specific unit was mostly on how an actual ESA lesson flow would look like in actual and how to deal with problems such as students not participating. From my personal experien
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There are 3 stages for a lesson (engages, study, activate) where engage is only used to make an interest on students about the topic and they often start with activities that are appealing to differen
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This unit taught me about many different strategies for maintaining not only control of the classroom but also good relationships between the students and myself, as well as student to student relatio
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Making notes for a class is better than planning the whole class because it gives flexibility and the TTT is reduced. It is important to consider to take record of the classes you've given to remember
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Before reading through this unit I was not familiar with how to clearly explain the past perfect or past perfect continuous forms of verbs. If I as a native speaker can find this confusing, foreign la
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This unit covered materials that may be used in teaching English. Materials may be authentic or created by the teacher. Both authentic and created materials have advantages and disadvantages. Mat
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I have found a mistake in your test - 18th question ask me to idetify 'wich of the following is NOT an exaple of a transitive separable ( Type 2 ) phrasal verb?'. Would you like to ckeck this? I'm sur
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This unit discussed lesson planning. A lesson plan is a valuable tool that allows for teaching to be carried out in a logical manner that is both organized and flexible. Elements that should be in
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The video lesson was definitely a good idea. We had two different kinds of classes, one with the students participating greatly and one with students that were quiet. In ESL classes that’s the two m
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For me as a teacher of English topic of this unit was very important as choosing materials is a very essential thing. In this Unit I found general description regarding this like there are authentic,
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In the beginning of the lesson there is a classification of the most common teaching English methodologies. Further one of the most effective methods is described which is called ESA (Engage, Study, A
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Unit one begins by giving us a very basic overview of being a teacher. It is designed to ensure we know all the roles and functions of being a teacher, as well as what those roles require. Being aware
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I did teach a lot of one-on-one classes in Spain. However, I asked them if they wanted actual lessons or if they just wanted conversation. They were actually taking a class in English at the Universit
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This unit was enlightening as both a teacher and a student. Again, being able to highlight the formalities of each teaching aid/piece of equipment really has helped me understand the best uses for eac
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Kettle River
I believe the essence of this lesson resides in the answer to question 17 of this test. It's that a teacher's attitude will greatly affect the student's participation and overall willingness to learn
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I feel I have learn't alot once again. The test is quiet difficult because of all the new words.I still have problems mastering the TH sound, but that's ever since I'm a child. And I am convinced tha
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This section of the English language, even as a native, is daunting to break down in such detail. Starting with the basics of the sentence really helped put everything into perspective. Recapping the
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This unit is an overview of the different forms of the past tenses. It's forms are comparable to the present tense, so parallels can be drawn between the two to help students learn. This tense is used
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In this unit, I learned the difference in nouns, adjectives and verbs. All three topics have subgroups that distinguish the different usage each one of them contain. Nouns can used to describe a perso
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This section allows the student to contemplate the role of the teacher and the role of the student. Firstly, you are introduced to the qualities of a good teacher, as well as, the different roles a te
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Highlights of the current Unit are as it named - Coursebooks and lessons materials. The importance of materials, which have been chosen by the teacher, depends on his/her (teacher's) preferences. Acco
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La Crescent
First the lesson covered the factors to take into consideration when teaching vocabulary such as a learner's receptive and productive word knowledge, level of difficulty of vocabulary and how to deter
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La Prairie
This unit focuses on grammar, more specifically conditional sentences and reported speech, their use, construction, and typical mistakes and errors students make when learning about them. It goes mor
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La Salle
This unit focused on two different techniques of teaching as well as the attitude that the teacher brings in the class. Several differences could be noted, namely: First, in the first video, the teac
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In this unit I learnt about the future tense. I learnt about the future simple forms, its usages and some teaching ideas which I can use for my students. Future continuous tense also follows the same
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Lake Benton
In this lesson/unit I learned different methods on how to successfully run a class and deliver the best results. Being creative with classroom structure and ensuring students will remain motivated is
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Lake Bronson
UNIT 16 CONDITIONALS AND REPORTED SPEECH Grammar Conditionals - are sentences that contains the connective word 'if' or similar expressions such as 'when'. There are two main kinds of clauses of a co
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Lake City
This unit looks at teaching new vocabulary, grammar, and language functions, and it discusses the decisions that teachers have to make when considering what vocabulary to teach and how/when to teach c
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Lake Crystal
Unit 9 is the Magic unit I will say. A great lesson depends on a good lesson plan. With all the ESA methods brought out in this unit, I now see lesson planning easier and more meaningful in my teachin
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Lake Elmo
This chapter discusses English phonology and how to teach pronounciation to students. The chapter starts with the rise/fall of intonation in the English language and continues with syllable and word s
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Lake Henry
It is very enriching being able to learn about the different type of theories, methods and techniques that are out there. I found it very enlightening about certain methods such as the silent way and
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Lake Lillian
Thanks to this unit I can make the statement that ,in the 21st century, as we are surrounded by technology, it can be very useful for a teacher to use multimedia in its work. In particular , for a te
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Lake Park
Unit 3 appears to be the most important so far because The ability of the learners to learn fast and in a fun way depends on the methods a teacher uses to teach. I am intrigue with the various methods
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Lake Shore
This unit deals with the different types of students an EFL teacher can get: beginners - Young or adults, true or false beginners - business English (specific purpose) so from the same company but dif
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Lake Wilson
I thought this was a very helpful and clear demonstration between two examples of a lesson. I enjoyed the patience and how polite the student were while having to deal with a speedy and grumpy teacher
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The concept of past tense is not too different from present tense. It has the same requirements of a subject, verb and base form. Additionally, in perfect forms, there is an added ‘have’ and past
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Unit 9 deals with lesson planning. I learned that lesson planning is extremely important for new teachers as they lack experience. Despite the level of experience, lesson plans play an important role
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Lakeland Shores
Teaching aids are used to enhance lessons as students tend to be more interested as it is less dependent on the traditional textbook way. Most teaching aids are technologies such as computers, smart b
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The focus of this unit has been upon methodologies with a great focus upon a specific methodology known as ESA (Engage, Study and Activate). This method has been formed as a newer alternative to older
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The unit began by covering the future simple tense, its forms, usages, typical mistakes/errors made by students, teaching ideas and differences between words such as 'will' and 'shall'. Next the unit
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In my opinion, the teaching receptive skills it has to encouragement the use of reading and listening skills. This involves a pre-teaching structure and unknown vocabulary it could help to build a bet
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This unit is an introduction unit. The unit started by explaining what a good teacher is listing some of the most important characteristics. Then, 9 roles of a teacher is introduced and briefly explai
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I really enjoyed studying this tense, there are so many usages that It's fun to be able to master them at the the right moment in the past. And it enables a lot of creation at the time of preparing th
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This unit introduces grammar in the context of parts of speech. In this unit we deduct that a sentence which is a combination of words are categorised under one of the eight parts of speech which are;
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This unit taught me about the different parts of planning a lesson and what the most important parts of making a good lesson plan are. The unit also showed me what are some of the best reasons for why
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There are many parts of speech in English including nouns, adjectives (including comparative and superlative), articles (definite and indefinite), verbs and adverbs of various forms, gerunds, pronouns
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Le Center
This unit delivers a good overview of the future tense work. Knowing the correct use of future simple, future perfect and future continuous and more is vital if you wish to be able to properly teach m
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Le Roy
This unit focuses on classroom management to maximise learning, rapport within a class, and respect for the teacher and other student. It does this by helping teachers communicate well through voice
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Le Sueur
The conclusion of this lesson is the following: vocabulary, grammar and functions are differently understood by the learners. That is depending on the teachability of the students as well with the sim
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